Crossover: SG1/HL/BtVS (soon to be SPN)

Characters: O'Neill, Methos

For Prompt: 049 Club

Summary: Methos wants revenge and finds a little extra.

"What are you doing?"

Methos didn't even look up.

"Research," he said with a self-satisfied smile.

Jack hesitated. Methos had been with the team for months now and he was starting to understand how underhand the ancient Immortal could be.

"Research huh? 'I'm a historian thrilled by dust' kind of research or, 'General Hammond can never find out I'm doing this' kind of reseach?"

Methos' smile grew wider and Jack felt he had his answer.

"Hey! I'm the one whose going to get it in the neck if you get caught! The least you could do is tell me what's so interesting."

"No…the least I could do is nothing and that's exactly what I'm planning on."

Jack made no move to leave. Sooner or later Methos was going to have to understand that superior age did not mean superior rank.

Methos glanced up, looked unimpressed. Glanced up again and looked mildly annoyed. Glanced up once more and looked on the verge of exasperation.

"Fine! I'm hacking in to the NIDs files."


Jack hurried over, leaning over his team-mate to get a look at the screen, but all it was showing was some long dry end-of-project evaluation report. He couldn't even tell whether it was a mission he was familiar with as they only referred to it as "the Initiative".

"How the hell did you get into the NIDs files? Not even Carter could do that."

"So the SGC has tried then. I did wonder." Methos smirked in an irritatingly smug way. "It was difficult, but then I felt it was fair pay-back after all the trouble they went to to get our reports-"

"They have legitimate access to our mission reports."

"Pay-back for the abduction then. Either way they make some very interesting reading."

Jack found that unlikely. What the NID was up to was almost invariably interesting, but interesting reading? He'd read mission reports before, probably hundreds of the things by now, and he had never found a single one an interesting read. It's why nowadays he just got Daniel or Carter to give him the highlights – it saved a lot of pain on both sides. His, because he didn't have to read it, and them, because they didn't have to listen to him complain about reading it.

"What have you got?" He asked his supposedly subordinate.

"They've been investigating the occult."

Jack stood back from the screen, tired of squinting at it under the base's fluorescent lights.


Methos nodded, peeling himself away from the screen to face Jack.

"And in proper NID fashion they waded in without knowing anything and managed to make an already delicate situation almost apocalyptic. Lost almost a whole base of men too, down in California."

Jack wasn't sure what to think. Oh he could believe that the NID would end up screwing up any mission they had, it was just…the occult?

"So what, they got beaten to death by some angry hippies with ouija boards?"

Methos sighed. "'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio'…for one thing you're having this discussion with an Immortal and fight aliens for a living."

"Hey there's all kinds of…" Jack waved his hands vaguely, "science that explain aliens. Carter's got books of the stuff! I don't see proof of vampires and magic anywhere." Jack caught Methos's impatient look and quickly gave it up. "Fine, I give in! Everything the Sci Fi Channel has been trying to tell us is true!"

Methos shrugged. "Not everything, but most of it. The important thing is that the NID have no idea what they found."

Jack knew he was being baited, but he couldn't help it. "What did they find?"

Methos grinned. "Our last best hope…"


A/N: continued in my story Yellow! An HL/SPN(/BtVS) crossover