A very nice reviewer said I needed to be a little more descriptive. So I've updated and hope it is a little better.


"Elizabeth, I've got something here." Dr. Rodney McKay said triumphantly running up the stairs into the control room a grin lighting his usually austere face. He flipped open his laptop when he reached the top and typed in a few commands.

"What is it Rodney?" Dr. Elizabeth Weir finished speaking to the technician who was running a diagnostic on the control room computers and went over to stand next to him curious as to what had made Rodney happy enough to make his mask of indifference slip. LTC John Sheppard, who had been discussing patrol schedules with Major Lorne in the conference room, walked up behind her angling to read the scrolling text over McKay's shoulder not because he could read Ancient, but because he knew how irritating McKay found it.

"Do you mind?" McKay snapped, glaring at Sheppard. "You can't even read it so why are you breathing down my neck?" He glared until Sheppard stepped back with a smirk – mission accomplished. "It's a very vague reference to Tapeca and a gate address, Elizabeth." McKay's eyes darted back and forth as he read the rapidly scrolling text. "Hmmm…"

"I thought you said that there was no cross references to further identify where Tapeca is located." Sheppard drawled mock accusingly as he leaned against the wall.

McKay hit the Pause button and glanced up at him in annoyance. "Exactly. We searched for days after coming across the information about a storage facility at Tapeca, but no further information came up. In fact, I was researching something totally unrelated when I stumbled across this little gem." He had been very irate about the whole Tapeca matter. Neither he nor Radek had been able to coax the system into giving them any cross reference. Very late one night or early one morning depending on your perspective he had actually woke Sheppard up to put his ATA endowed hand on the computer and ask Atlantis to please tell them where Tapeca was, but Atlantis had remained stubbornly silent on the matter.

"Perhaps we should check 'the gem' out Elizabeth. After all," Sheppard drawled, "I doubt the Ancients stored furniture and photo albums in a secret location off world."

Dr. Weir looked thoughtful. "I think you're right, John, but your team already has a mission. I think I'll have AR-4 go take a look."

"AR-4!" Sheppard and McKay both spluttered indignantly glaring at her. AR-4 was renown for twisting ankles, falling down cliffs and into rivers, annoying natives almost as much as Sheppard's team, and most importantly for dropping and/or breaking technology when they did find it. There was a running bet on which team made Dr. Beckett go completely gray first.

"Elizabeth," McKay said with exaggerated patience and a wave of a hand. "If this is an Ancient storage facility there needs to be someone to identify and catalog, not destroy or accidentally turn on, the technology."

"Or drop it off a cliff." Sheppard couldn't help but add.

Dr. Weir grinned and nodded slightly waiting for the slightly smug look to cross Rodney's face then she said, "I'll send Radek." And without waiting for a response she turned and disappeared into her office.

"AR-4!" Sheppard muttered as they tramped through idyllic countryside following perfectly cordial, if somewhat simple, folk to their picturesque village. "Probably broke a leg already."

"And Radek. Radek! Granted he's fairly capable, but a potentially huge discovery should be left to the experts." McKay responded in complete agreement with Sheppard's disgust. "He's much too easy on people. He'll let CPL Jones carry something!"

Teyla and Ronon glanced at each other and grinned. "And by experts you mean?" Ronon asked.

"Us! We are AR-1 for a very good reason." Sheppard and McKay both said in unison.

Occasionally, one of the villagers would drop back beside them and ask questions like: "Where are you from?" directed to the team in general or "Does your wife miss you when you are off trading?" directed at Sheppard which led McKay to glare and mumble "Kirk reincarnated – I swear he is."

"You are upset that for once we are on a mission where we don't get shot at, drugged, or imprisoned?" Teyla asked teasingly while smiling pleasantly at their guides.

"Oh, now you've done it! You will note that we haven't eaten yet so drugged is still a distinct possibility and until we are back in Atlantis shot and imprisoned is too." McKay hissed looking around suspiciously for an ambush, but their guides kept their friendly demeanor.

"Perhaps you shouldn't eat just in case." Ronon rumbled teasing the paranoid scientist.

"Hmmm….poisoned or hypoglycemic shock what a choice!" McKay snapped back knowing that Ronon was teasing, but determined to give as good as he got, especially from the caveman.

"McKay! They aren't going to poison us." Sheppard snapped as they turned a corner in the path they were following. "And can we please stop putting ideas in the nice people's heads."

"But drugged and imprison are still options?" McKay asked softly so their guides couldn't hear. He had given up counting how many times they had been drugged (sometimes for nefarious reasons, sometimes to ease inhibitions), imprisoned, shot at, chased, etc.

"Always." Sheppard, Teyla, and Ronon all replied as they followed the path around a small hillock and the village came into view.