Movies Banned From the Institute

The Crow

Boondock Saints

The Princess Bride

The Labyrinth

The Dark Crystal


Finding Nemo

Lost Boys

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Songs Banned From the Institute

The Time Warp

I Wanna RocknRoll

Boom Boom Boom Boom


Babys on Fire

Flesh Mechanic

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Numa Numa song

Misc. Things Banned From the Institute

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the book or the movie

Rubix Cubes

Large quantities of glitter

Poker chips

Pirate or Ninja costumes unless specifically for Halloween

Any Terry Pratchett books

The Chicken Dance

The Badger Badger flash cartoon


Sailor Moon

Concentrated amounts of sugar and/or caffeine

Amelia Notes: I would like to say I'm very sorry this took forever to get up. I thought I had already posted it. This isn't really part of the story, but just a reminder of what the kids managed to annoy Prof. X with. There will be no more updates/chapters/etc. on this story.

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