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His Father

Written by Sapre Kench

"You had it easy, boy! Ha ha ha!" crewmen jeered at Will Turner's pain as he used the railing of the stairway to pull himself up out of the salty water of the lower deck. His whole body ached for the flogging he had received. He felt so weak. The remains of his shirt hung off the front of his body and exposed his bloody, wounded back.

"William!" Will could hear a pair of boots running down the stairs after him.

The strong hand that was laid upon his shoulder was quickly pushed away. "I don't need your help!"

Will stumbled away, How can he think I will take his help after what he did? Five long lacerations wrapping around his back put there . . . by his father.

His father! The one family member he had left. The person whom abandoned him and his mother. The man he had come to the Caribbean to find. The man who's medallion had gotten him nearly killed by undead pirates once before.

He heard his father's voice when Davy Jones told Bo'sun to whip him after he refused. Bootstrap would have preferred himself flog his son rather than someone else. It would have been five lashes either way, but Will would have taken twenty of Bo'sun's lashes to his father's five. Will believed then the pain from either would have evened out.

Wasn't a father suppose to protect you from harm? Be there for you? The man behind him had done none of those things.

Even though he could he Will's angry radiating off him, Bootstrap followed his son to where Will now stood bracing his weaken self against some rigging equipment, "The Bo'sun prides himself on cleaving flesh from bone. With every swing."

Will could feel his anger boil up inside him and overflow, "So I'm to understand what you did was an act of compassion!"

"Yes." It was almost a plea.

Will's eyes locked onto his father's. He could see them screaming for forgiveness and understanding of what he had just done to him. Will could see even though this man before him was on Jones' crew he and some soul left. Will could only forgive him . . . after all . . . the man was his father.