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Chapter Four: Tour.

"Come on, Sasuke-kun! I'll show you around!"

The dark-haired Uchiha merely raised one brow at the cheerful blonde, "Ino, I used to live here, remember?"

She just grinned at him, "Yeah, I know!"

"Then what's the point? I already know all around Konoha.."

"…Don't be so sure 'bout that"

Ino's voice reached his ears carrying with it an enigmatic hint which irked Sasuke's curiosity, and the ex-avenger opened his onyx eyes and gave her a questioning look only to find her smiling at him, her blue eyes gleaming with an unnamed emotion that he couldn't quite place.

"There's a place you have never seen…"

"And that is...?" He inquired, his disbelief showing up in his arched eyebrow.

Ino though remained unfazed by his clear challenge, merely smiling at him and reaching out to take his hand between hers, meeting his eyes as she answered; deliberately slowly, and loud enough only for the two of them to hear..

"…My room"

- -

I'll let the rest to your imaginations. Nedless to say, it's safe to assume Sasuke probably didn't have much time to acknowledge the purple paiting of the walls in Ino's room.