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Genin of The Leaf

"Ok, congratulations all of you who have passed the test, you are now Genin of the Hidden Leaf. You will all meet here tomorrow to receive your team assignments. Those of you who failed will have a short break and then resume your schooling and try again next year. You are all dismissed"

So went Iruka's end of the year speech. After the attack on the Hidden Leaf Village Iruka and the other teachers had been sent on missions and the school was closed down. This had only been the second group of students to graduate in three years.

Hmm thought Iruka as he looked over the list of students Only eight students passed, and one of them is a year younger than the others in her class. I will have to speak to the Hokage to determine what to do about the teams Iruka thought as he walked toward the Hokage's tower. Iruka looked at the top of her file as he walked, even though he knew them all already.

Hyuga, Hanabi Age: 10

second daughter of Hiashi Hyuga and possible heir apparent of the Hyuga Clan.

While Hanabi was not the youngest person to graduate early they were still rare cases. Even Neji, the Hyuga families greatest prodigy did not graduate early. But he was entered late in the normal custom of the Branch families. Hanabi was also very arrogant as is common in many of the noble houses.

Just like Sasuke thought Iruka darkly. He knew that no Hyuga would betray the leaf and that Sasuke was a special case and hurried on to the tower.

As Iruka walked towards the tower he saw Naruto walking back in to the town from one of the training fields. His arms were hanging around Kakashi and Yamato half walking half being carried. He decided to see what had happened this time and went to talk to his former pupil.

"Naruto what did you do this time" Iruka said as he approached the young boy. His cloths were ripped and he looked as if he had been thrown around.

"Hi Iruka-sensei" said Naruto cheerful even though he was as exhausted as he looked. "I've been training with Kakashi-sensei and Captain Yamato so I could create a new jutsu. I haven't finished it yet but when it's done its gunna be a super rank S jutsu. Awesome huh."

A jutsu that powerful thought Iruka would be amazing but Naruto would never have the patience to complete it. "What kind of training have you been doing. You look like you've thrown around all day."

"I was learning to manipulate my chakra's nature." answered Naruto, If he had one flaw(which he truly had many) it was that Naruto would tell you anything without a second thought. "I've already finished that part though and I'm trying to add the nature to my Rasengan."

Kakashi now spoke up in his usual calm and emotionless voice "Naruto the point of developing jutsu is not to tell others about it. You will just take away from it's effectiveness in battle if others already know about it."

"Aww but its only Iruka-sensei" complained Naruto as Kakashi and Yamato dragged Naruto on towards his small house.

When Iruka came to the Hokage's Tower the office was not very busy and he was admitted to the Hokage's office soon after arrival. As he entered he saw that the Hokage's desk were she sat was covered in papers. As he came closer the young women who appeared to be in her twenties let out a moan followed by a curse after which saying "I can't believe I lost again." Apparently Tsunade was gambling again and hadn't seen him enter. When he made a small cough she looked up and greeted Iruka with a guilty smile.

"Welcome Iruka, what is this about, I'm very busy today."

"I have the list of new Genin Hokage-sama. Unfortunately there has been a slight problem. Only eight students graduated this year leaving one team short one member."

Tsunade took the profiles from him and looked throught them. After reading each file she put them down and looked at Iruka. "What do you believe should be done about this. We obviesly cannot send two students back to the acadomy when they have already passed and we definitely cannot let a student pass you has not earned it."

Iruka thought back on his day in the classroom giving the final test. None who failed would be able to pass the test for a little while yet. Then a thought came to him.

"Hokage-sama, it is to my understanding that Naruto Uzumaki is still a Genin and that hi team has all either become chunnin or left. Would it not be appropriate to place him on a Genin team so that he can take the chunnin exams."

"It would solve our problem as well as satisfy the elders since he would be doing low rank missions" said Tsunade "but I am reluctant to do so. It would prevent him from looking for Sasuke. Also I would have to assigne Captain Yamato as the group leader. But it must be done I guess."

Iruka did understand that he would be upset but thought that Naruto would like to become a chunnin. Some thing else bothered him now however. "Hokage-sama I did not know that the elders had a problem with Naruto."

"Yes," she responded "They are the reason that Captain Yamato had been taken off active duty as a ANBU. He is, whether Naruto relises it or not a bodyguard to help protect him. But enough of this I shall arrange the rest due to your data. If there is nothing more you are dissmised Iruka, please ask Sakura and Shizune to come into my office."

As Iruka left Tsunade looked down at the files spread over her lottery tickets. She would have to spread them into groups and assigne them to the Jounin who were avalible and figure who would have to deal with Naruto. But who can I hate that much to do that to she thought evily. Perhapes she could find some way to pass it off.

When her two apprentices entered she bid them close the door and explained to them what was to happen. When she had finished Sakura finaly said "But Tsunade-Sensei then Naruto won't be able to help us look for Sas-."

"Enough Sakura" said Tsunade cutting her off "I know how much it means to both you and Naruto to search for Sasuke, but you know how the elders have been. If I do this it will satisfy them for the time being. Besides its not like you will never see Naruto and eventually the new group that he will be with will be able to help with missions and finding Sasuke. I have no doubt that Naruto would be able to turn them to his cause. Now Sakura go find Captain Yamato and Naruto and tell them to come to my office."

When Sakura left Shizune finily broke her quiet as well "I believe you are doing the right thing Tsunade. We cannot let Naruto be placed in danger."

"I hope you are right." She anwered Go and inform the Elders of my decision and come back to me to pick out which of the Jounin will lead the other two teams of Genin."

"Could you not place Kakashi in charge of one of the groups now that team seven is no more?" asked the apprentice.

"No team seven is to function without Naruto in order to gather information on Sasuke and Orochimaru. But let us save this for later."

After Shizune left Tsunade looked at the last of her tckets on the desk. It was a winning Number.