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Genin of the Leaf

Two days, two days went by before the exam proctors and all the shinobi and lords had come to their decisions. Two days for all of the hopefuls for the position of chuunin to get better so they could attend the ceremony that would be on the third that would honor all who had fought and competed, awarding those who would be named chuunin.

For Naruto this was a time for him to get to know the girl named Lyn, a fellow Jinchuuriki. He learned what he could about her demon and about her Bloodline Limit. He spent hours in the younger girls room, talking about what things that would only be known to them and the occasional Hinata or Sakura.

For Lyn it was a time to cope with the true malevolence of the demon within her and the fact that she would have to wear a seal, similar to the one Jiraiya had developed, all the time, her defenses against the demon having been weakened by her letting it in so fully so often. But her fate was unsure as of yet, for she would need to strengthen that defense somehow without being lost to it… somehow.

On the second afternoon while Naruto and Sakura were visiting her she froze for a while and stared off into nothing. Naruto looked at her, pulling out a seal from his pouch like the one on Naruto's forehead, thinking that her seal had stopped working. He had needed to use one of the seals anytime he was near her or else the nine-tails would start to bang against its cage, using its all at those times for some reason. Then he put it away and both he and Sakura gave her a hug, tears streaming down her still frozen face, "I want to talk to her so much, I want her to tell me it was all a lie and… and at the same time I know that it wouldn't be true if she would have told me that at all. Naruto… I NEED her." They hugged her a little while longer and let go, Naruto telling her that it wasn't true, that the five tails needed HER.


For the kage's it was a most troubling time and on the second day they had to start from the beginning, sitting down together and going over everything that they had told each other, most of the information coming from the Mizukage. That afternoon they sat at the Hokage's desk, the three of them huddled together, looking at papers.

"First off," said Tsunade, "we have the fact that the girl, Lyn, is a Jinchuuriki from a foreign land. In addition to this we have learned from Naruto Uzumaki, another Jinchuuriki, that her demon has weakened her defenses and made it hard for her to resist its power, allowing it to control her. Now we had had two of the best in the Leaf Village, Captain Yamato and Jiraiya, work on a armband that will allow her to stop the chakra should she fell it coming into her. YOU," she emphasized by pointing two slender fingers at the Mizukage, "wish to know why Naruto, the holder of the nine-tails, does not also have one. I will answer that for you right now: we have tried them on him in the past and it does not work. The seal the Fourth put on him does not allow for other such seals to be used with it, all except the temporary ones that Jiraiya had made for him, it makes it near impossible for him to control his chakra properly, one time it nearly stopped his chakra from completely. We tried doing these seal experiments before the chuunin exams had even been a thought."

She looked around and the other two were nodding their heads in agreement, the Mizukage's brow pushed together as he thought about Tsunade's answer to him, "Now I also have a proposition to give you, let the girl stay here, let her be surrounded by a fellow Jinchuuriki as well as two men who have experience with suppressing the chakra of a demon. In addition she will be as safe from Akatsuki as if she were in the heart of the Mist Village. As well both of you will be saved the danger facing her on a long trip back to the Mist Village. If you take her with you I cannot stop you, but I would rather that you not. The girl has made herself know to the people during her fights and work will spread quickly to those who would seek her out. Please I ask you to do this for me."

The Mizukage had known defeat before this day and he knew it now. Giving a sigh, lowering his head ever so slightly, he consented, feeling very old and foolish for thinking that the girl of his had managed to control the demon.

Garra went on now, looking at both Tsunade and the Mizukage from time to time, "In addition to this you have told us that you have started a group of Bloodline Limit users that originated from the Mist Country. They have sworn to do as you say, as long as you promise to help them, though you claim most refuse to do missions outside of the Mist country due to prejudice in other countries against them for being Mist nin and holders of Bloodline Limits, and understandable fear. You have also told us that thy have been approached by others, members of the Villages Hidden in the," he pulled open an envelope and red off the three names, "Fist, Rose, and Mind. Lord Mizukage, are telling us that there are three new villages that none of us have ever heard of."

The Mizukage met his stare, equaled it, "Yes, lord Garra. I have tried to find out as much as I could, by they have been keeping a guard. All of the three teams I sent, one to each village have been intercepted while trying to sneak into the villages and the Mist Village is blacklisted from entering it."

"And when you say blacklisted?" asked Tsunade, her stare unflinching.

"I mean that they are recruiting people, letting those that live up to their standards into the villages to share in their combined knowledge. From the report of the three team captains that headed the three teams, they were not some weaklings who are pretending to be a real village, they fought Jounin level shinobi who were in control of four man teams of chuunin and Genin. In addition they may have a spy in my village as well as either of yours, because in addition to the three teams being stopped there have been a number of Genin and chuunin disappearing in the past year or so and one of these chuunin was recognized as a member of the Hidden Rose Village."

"It is the village of Rose, not a hidden village, lord Mizukage," said Garra, "and if what you say is true, that they are strong enough to do all this then why hasn't anyone noticed it yet?"

"Perhaps they have." answered Tsunade, looking down at her papers, "From your information the villages are located in the Rock, Cloud, and Wave counties. The Rock and the Cloud may have made an agreement with the villages of Mind and Fist, a way to keep their men and women from leaving and using the villages as a source of additional money and men. The village of Rose however would not have been nearly as welcome, being a village of kunoichi, and would have been able to make a deal with the Wave in order to bring protection, trade, and an actual fighting force for the developing country in exchange for land for the village as well as drafting any women into the village that they see fit. The Wave I cannot blame for doing that, indeed it may be good for them in the long run, another strong ally, but I cannot trust the other two."


"No, the Cloud will never forgive the Leaf or its allies while the Raikage is still there to remember what happened during the Hyuga incident." Said the Mizukage, "The Rock on the other hand is simply too full of pride to ever forgive the Leaf for the war between you two and you allies. No I would hold them at arms length at best and as your dearest at worst, they must not be allowed to grow too strong or else our enemies may have enough allies to make them land hungry."

All was silent then, the Mizukage looked at Tsunade for a while then asked the questions he wanted to know, about Akatsuki, Sasuke Uchiha, Orochimaru, and anyone else that they must be wary of. In the shadows of the next room sat Danzou, his hands forming a seal, a ANBU member dead at his knees and another one standing behind him, "Where do we start with all this? Where to begin? So many possibilities and so much to do. Any suggestions Forsu?" he said this last part with a grin, the ANBU's shoulders moving with what could have been silent laughter or crying.


Hiashi Hyuga sat beside his daughter, still knocked out from the lightning strike, treatment, and medicines she had received. He looked down, forgetting everything that had happened between him and both his daughters, just praying that she would be ok. Hinata was going to be stopping by soon, worried about her sister, even if the younger of the two wouldn't do the same for her. When Hiashi heard a knock on the door he assumed it was his daughter and called, "Come in, the door is open." Yet the one to walk in was not Hinata but one of the elders of the Hyuga clan.

Hiashi looked at the man, a representative of the clan with just as much power as himself when he had the backing of the rest of the clan elders. "Hiashi," said the man quietly, but Hiashi spoke before he could go on.

"The elders of the clan have spoken?"


"And they have decided that my time is up, that I must either pick an heir or have the choice made for me." He said this as if it were a fact.

But the man shook his head, "Hiashi, we have given you a week to decide, it should have been enough time to make a choice, you only have two daughters, unlike the first lord of the Hyuga to face such a decision, Horanish, who had thirteen children to choose an heir from at the time, and he made the choice in three days. No you no longer have a say in the matter. Should Hanabi fail to become a chuunin then Hinata will be named heir, but if she does then we shall settle this matter as the law of Lord Hyuga, the first of our line, has dictated."

"The Law of Hyuga!?" he said, his eyes wide, "That is preposterous, the Law of Lord Hyuga hasn't been used since the time of the First Hokage and even then it had been generations since it was used. What would prompt you to make such a choice?"

"The newest of the Elders of the clan, Forsu, has put it forward, to help return the clan to the ways of old that have kept us strong for generations upon generations. The clan Will be strong Hiashi, we Must be strong to help keep Konoha strong. Your foolish will end Hiashi, or it may be time for a new family member of the family to head the clan."

Hiashi sat there after the man had left and done something he had not done in a long time, he cried. He had known defeat today, as it became clear that he had been unable to change the clan in order to protect his daughters. He had failed to protect them from the laws that had ensnared his brother in the end, the laws that he knew would ensnare his daughters.


Yargon held his right arm up, looking at his hand, tears came down his face as he moved his fingers, making a fist. Mashimi sat next to him and smiled while looking at his fist then she leaned over… and hit him it the head, "You idiot, men don't cry, save that for some soft peasant woman!" she yelled at him.

He turned back to her and started to yell back, "Hey I WaSN"T crying," his voice cracking when he tried to yell, "the lights in here are just bright. You better watch out, now that I have my hand back I can hit you." But she just smiled and leaned over and grabbed his other hand and squeezed it. The cut had been treated with normal medications and was still there, and it hurt like hell when she put pressure on it, "OW, YOU BITCH!" and with that the two got back to normal. Ignoring Garik who had bruises on every inch of his body and found it hurt move and agonizing to laugh at the two.


Albito sat on a tree covered hill, a waterfall coming out of nowhere, with the two male members of his team on either side of him, "Here take a few swigs of this and we'll be getting back to training."

"Sensei, should we be drinking alcohol?" asked Konho.

"Who cares," replied the man, taking the bottle back from Arron, "You guys need to be men if you want to survive through the training I have in wait for you two. Now lets get back to work." While they all managed to stand up Arron didn't make it two steps forward before falling face forward and landed on the wood bridge going across the waterfall. Konho didn't land on the bridge, but did fall into the water and was soon swept off the hill into the water that waited below. "Eh? Guess that stuff is stronger than I though. Well so much for being manly… Arron… Konho? DAMN!"


Jakon woke up on the third day, around midnight, and felt like he didn't need to sleep another wink for the rest of his life. He sat up in bed, fighting past the pain that he would always feel, no amount of healing could stop that, and he looked around, seeing his grandfather fitting in a chair staring at him, his mother sitting on the floor next to him, leaning against his side while fast asleep, a blanket strewn across her body. Jakaron stared at him, catching his eye and placed a finger in front on his lips. He quietly got up and walked out the door, holding it open for Jakon to come through.

As the two walked through the halls they did not talk until Jakon asked, "So I guess I'm not going to become a chuunin?"

Jakaron stopped and looked at the boy, "You're a fool, a person could lose their first fight and still become a chuunin. In fact I think one boy did just that a few years back, but you are more likely to become a chuunin than Hanabi because of the fact that you had more fights."

"He, well I'm just worried I guess. Do you know how she's doing?" said the boy, remembering how he had last seen her, twitching do to his attack.

Jakaron nodded, "Yes, she is fine, but the attack you used had been strong enough to kill her if it had not been for the Kaiten, she had muscle spasms, and she had been having trouble controlling her chakra flow until her father cleared them with their families bloodline abilities. She woke up around nine this evening, she may even be awake still, well then, I guess I shall be leaving, your room is 323 B, go back down when your done." And he left, leaving Jakon to stare at the man's back

It was only then did he look around, he was in front of a door, on a little chart next the frame it read, Patient: Hanabi Hyuga, Doctor: Sakura Haruno, followed by a bunch of stuff that he didn't understand. Quietly Jakon opened the door and looked in, seeing just and empty bed. Pushing the door open the rest of the way he now saw her, sitting on the window ledge, staring at him, her eyes like two moons in the dark of the room.

"What do you want Jakon?" she asked coldly, her white eyes glaring daggers at the boy, "I have made a full recovery so there is no need for you to check in on me."

Jakon, who had begun to walk towards her with one of his hands reaching out for her, stopped in the middle of the room, "What are you talking about? Hanabi you got mad at me when we fought because I was going to throw the match, but I didn't, so-"

"Shut up!" she whispered intensely between he teeth, "I have every right to be mad at you, you piece of trash. Never once did I think twice about giving my all in our fight, I would have never insulted you like that, but go as far as to nearly throw the fight and then you lead me on, make me think that I can win, that you had done the same for me as I was doing for you, but you didn't, did you!?" she gritted her teeth now, trying to remember that she had said that she loved him once, "Then you do put your all forth and showed me that you had lied, you didn't show what you could do until you where done playing with me!"

"Hanabi, I didn-" he tried but was cut off.

"Shut up!"

"Hanabi! I-"

I said SHUT UP!" she shrieked, "You did this to me and if you did it on accident then that makes it worse. You're an idiot, and idiot with power, but and idiot non the less! You know," she said much calmer than she had been before, "its sad for me to admit it, but Naruto was right, we weren't in love, we just thought we were for some strange reason I will never be able to guess at. I'll see you tomorrow at the awards, but until then I would like it if you would just leave me alone. We are a team and we need to function as a team, but I would rather not be around you for a little while ok?"

Jakon just stared at her for a while, "Yeah," and he turned around and walked to the door, standing there a little while, "Yeah, what could we possibly have been thinking. Oh," he said turning his head to look at her, "I just want to let you know that I didn't show my true strength, I'm just bad a controlling the power of the sword, I was trying to keep it as low as I could, its an amplifier after all." And with that he left, leaving the room before Hanabi could say anything or throw anything in reach.

In the morning Jakon went home with his mother, remaining silent the whole way. When he got home he walked to his bedroom, his mother yelling to him that the ceremony would start at four thirty and threatened him if he was late. In his room stood Jakaron, waiting for the boy of course, a yellowing scroll in his hand, the staff in the other as usual. Jakon barely registered the man, not caring what he wanted, and went to lay on the bed. Though Jakaron did not activate the seal Jakon did feel a great deal of pain when the old man brought his staff across the boys back, "Get up you wretch of a heir, your wasting my time, now get up I have something for you."

When Jakon got out of the bed he made a bow to his grandfather and asked him, "What do you have for me grandfather? Nothing that will kill my I hope?"

The man barked out a laugh and handed the boy the scroll, "I am convinced that you are ready to have this, if not to use it quite yet. It is the third of our ancient artifacts, a scroll that has been handed down from clan head to clan head, each person keeping its secretes and sometimes adding to it. This is the scroll that contains the jutsu for the curse seal on your back as well as all its predecessors. Use that thing wisely, it can be a dangerous thing, though I believe its usefulness my soon be gone for me anyway. I just give you one warning, 'if you activate my seal I will kill you!' I won't care if I leave an heir or not. Now I must be off to meet the Hokage, I will see you at the ceremony, don't be late!"

And he left, leaving Jakon wondering why he only gained things at a price, why his grandfather would threaten him at every turn, and why he would never be able to activate his grandfathers seal even once, 'Life isn't fair now is it?' he thought while thinking of the night before.


Hanabi sat in her room, looking down at different tools, scrolls, and weapons that the Hyuga clan owned: scythes, kunai, shuriken, swords, daggers, knives, chains, blunt weapons, and many other strange and wicked looking objects. She looked over them, wondering what more she needed, how could she make herself stronger.

"Naruto has his wind, Jakon has his lightning, but what do I have?" she said to herself, "I don't even know what my element is, let alone how to use it. I have the Byakugan to counter taijutsu, the Gentle Fist it the strongest Taijutsu in the Leaf, I can counter most nin and taijutsu with the Kaiten." She would never forget the fight with Jakon, "I need better ninjutsu though… and genjutsu. I should be able to learn how to cancel out my chakra eventually and I can practice using them with someone. But my ninjutsu… I need something MORE!" she yelled this last word, punching at the air to the right of her, accidentally hitting a stack of scrolls.

Looking down at what she had knocked down she sighed and began to pick them up, glancing at each one briefly before putting it down. There were several here that caught her eye however and it was soon time for the ceremony that would, unbeknownst to her, help decide her fate.


Sakura and Hinata walked on either side of Lyn while talking to her, not as guards, but as older sisters who had adopted the girl. In the two days that Naruto had taken the two to meet Lyn they had all grown close. Up ahead sat Naruto, dressed in a black shirt and black pants, the same as Shikamaru wore under his Chuunin vest, Lyn also wearing the same thing. He had his forehead protector on his head, another around his arm, this one with a scratch through it.

As the three girl came closer the two men stood up, Hinata taking the arm Naruto offered her hesitantly, though they had started to become closer this would be the closest they had ever been, they had never even held hands before. Shikamaru looked a little disappointed, though he did smile when he saw Naruto and the awkward Hinata, "I was hoping Temari might be with you, you women seem to stick together in flocks usually." He wasn't able to get another word out as Temari came behind him and hit him with her fan.

"You idiot, we're females, not birds!" said the proud kunoichi, strapping the large fan on her back again. "Besides, why would you be hoping to for me?" she said, loving to make the lazy genius feel as awkward as Hinata, to which she just laughed, grabbing him by the arm and dragged him into the heart of the party, Hinata, Naruto, Sakura, and Lyn all laughing at the scene, following them, as much excited to see more of the strange couple as they were for the party itself.

The ceremony took place in the largest square in Konoha this year, decorated with lights that would be lit come evening and long colorful streamers everywhere. There were children running around, shooting off confetti, while others walked and talked. Men sat as bars while they drank together talking of everything from the fights days earlier and what they thought should be done concerning different problems to farming and news from near and far. Women gathered around, looking after their children or siblings, gossiping about who was prettiest, which of the men they would have most liked to marry, and of different household things. In the middle of the square was a large platform, one edge a short set of stairs that were as wide as the entire side, that would be used to present the rank of Chuunin and hold dignitaries during the actual ceremony part of the festivities for the day, though right now there was dancing on it, music being played from a group on a much smaller yet higher platform.

As the group of four walked around they looked in on different shops, talked to different people, and saw things that would be gossiped about for weeks on end, such as Tenten kissing Neji or the first time that it had been announced that Kurenai was pregnant, and going to have twins, in three months. The father of them was not said, though many in the village knew, even if they did not say it out loud.

To those who did not know the truth it was seen as a scandal. The only people who seemed immune to this stigma were the members of the Hyuga clan, they had never married those who they loved, ready to be married off as a political advantage if it was ever necessary. But Kurenai was no Hyuga, and she received dirty looks, comments, or was simply ignored. But all in all it was a grand day for the people there.

At midnight, after the children had been sent to their beds, babysitters lining their pockets with money, the ceremony started. All the lights went off in the square, all except for a group of five dim lights that put a dark red glow on the stage. A puff of smoke, there were now six people on the stage, their identities hidden in the dim lighting. The stood on the side with stairs on it, looking down at a group of eleven shinobi, their bodies hidden in black cloths, and their face disguised with black masks left only their eyes visible.

A powerful voice boomed out, coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once, "Jakon Orashi!" and the figure on the far left stepped forward, still hidden from the view of the crowd as a whole, who were too far to see who it was.

One of the figures in front of the platform walked forward, climbing halfway up to the person and looked up, seeing the proctor from the third exam, Shikamaru, looking down at him, "I thus place upon you the rank of Chuunin, for you have shown skills beyond that of a Genin, along with the practicality to use them to good order and take advantage of the element of surprise." As a set of drums played in the background the light above Shikamaru turned a dark blue, keeping the identity of the others well hidden, though Shikamaru whispered to the boy, "I still want to know how you did some of those things, I hate being out of the loop."

The voice boomed out again, "Hanabi Hyuga!" the figure on the far right stepped forward, once again still to far for the crowd to see.

Hanabi walked up and bowed as they had been told to if they were called. She looked up and saw the women who had proctored the first exam, "I thus place upon you the rank of Chuunin, for you have shown skills beyond that of a Genin, along with the ability to break from the conventional.. and to show women can fight on equal footing with any man." Anko added this last part with a small smile, looking at the fierce girl. The light above her turned blue as the drums rolled on.

"Lyn Frodis!" came the voice and the figure next to Shikamaru stepped forward.

The girl bowed as the other two were doing still, they would stay bowed down until all of them who would be named Chuunin were called. She looked up and saw the person who was like a father to her, the Mizukage, "I thus place upon you the rank of Chuunin, for you have shown skills beyond that of a Genin and have displayed power over your abilities and righteousness far beyond the ken of any Genin." He looked at her with a sad smile and whispered ever so gently to her, you shall stay here for a time, to help you with your… ability." The light changed, the drums rolled, and the next name was called.

"Mashimi of the Sand!" and the figure next to Anko stepped forward.

Mashimi walked up and bowed before the figure, looking up she saw it to be the Kazekage, "I thus place upon you the rank of Chuunin, for you have shown skills beyond that of a Genin and have shown us that you have right state of mind to adapt to your opponent and make quick decisions as well as know when you cannot win a fight." He smiled at her and whispered, "You have grown up so much Mashimi."

"Thank you cousin." was all she replayed, her faith in the Kazekage simply growing stronger. As the drums rolled and the fourth light turned blue.

"Naruto Uzumaki!" and the final figure stepped forward, amazingly still cloaked in only red.

Naruto bowed down and looked up, there stood the Hokage that he had helped put into office, "I thus place upon you the rank of Chuunin, for you have shown skills far beyond that of a Genin and have demonstrated the abilities to read out a situation before acting, to dispose an opponent without drawing a drop of blood, to help your allies, in the most subtle of ways, to stay alert, even when curiosity has grabbed you by the wrist, and the ability to be aware of the cost of an action before you make it. May the gods have mercy on our souls, I name you a Chuunin Naruto Uzumaki." The light turned blue above her head and she made a gesture with her hand, sending the remaining Genin away from the ceremony, back to the quarters provided to them.

The she placed her hand on his head then, grabbing the mask, as did the other four, and they pulled them off. The new chuunin raised and turned to the crowd while the men and women behind them strapped on the vest of a chuunin. And with that the crowd went wild, the festivities going on again, with more fervor than before, now that there were no Genin to be had around them, and it did not stop until four in the morning when the Hokage had left, signaling the end of the festivities (Which had been much shorter during the time of the third).

During the night Hiashi was visited by three of the Elders, The Law of Lord Hyuga would be implemented on the night of the next full moon, a mere fifteen days away. Soon he left, planning to save his daughters in anyway he could…

Before Naruto or the other two could be off to sleep however they were told to go to the Hokage's tower. There they went into Tsunade's office where she stood behind her desk, not entirely sober, seeing as Sakura's medical jutsu could only remove so much of the alcohol from her blood at one time. She looked at the three. Jakon, Naruto, and Hanabi. 'He, I remember choosing this team. Naruto because he had the chakra to execute any plan Hanabi might come up with, Hanabi because she could use the Byakugan to gather information and make plans, and one of the Orashi because he would have been fast enough to balance out the slower yet more powerful Naruto in finishing plans… I doubt that they have ever followed that formula.' She set her eyes on Naruto.

"You have all advanced to the next level. With this there will be more dangerous missions and as well you will not always be working in a three man cell together under Yamato. You are no longer simple Genin who follow the lead of others. You are captains who will be at the forefront of every war we may have, as of today it is known what you are: Chuunin of the Leaf!

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