Author's Note: I'm so, so, so, so sorry for the long wait, my mind went blank for a while then I just started my new job so that right there took a lot of my writing hours away from me. So instead of giving you the whole second chapter, I'm only giving you half which mean you're only getting five mini chapters instead of ten like the last part. I also change the title to morning instead of Afternoon like I'd originally planned.


Part Two



Hey God, I really don't know what you mean.
seems like salvation comes only in our dreams.
I feel my hatred grow all the more extreme.
Hey God, can this world really be as sad as it seems
-Nine Inch Nails: Terrible Lie

Even in his dreams, her mother was still there to hurt him in both emotional and physical ways. Oh, he thought a peaceful slumber full of high hopes and dreams of one day being free would take some of the misery away from his life. But no . . .

There she was.

Standing there in the pitch darkness, empty space of his nightmare with him just a few feet away.

Such Evil.

Such Sinful, Evil.

She grinned at him and held something in her hand. Jake didn't have to guess what she was holding in her hand. The blood-coated razor that was pitched between two of her fingers. The sharp edges pierced through her skin causing the tips of her fingers to bleed. The blood made Jake's cuts to pulse and he could feel the warm blood running down to his finger tips.

He stood very still, wondering what she was going to do with that razor. The first thought was maybe she was here to kill herself. Oh, how great of a dream would that be to him.

"So, you like to cut yourself, huh" She asked.

The sound of rain drops started to echo in his black world and he looked down and realize he was bleeding from his self-flicked cuts. His long sleeves were drenched in the warm, red liquid and he could still feel more pulsing out of his veins.

"ANSWER ME" She snapped, "you like to cut yourself, don't you, DON'T YOU"

Jake shook his head even though the truth was leaking out of his wrist. The little white lie made his mother grin even more as she slowly lifted the razor up to her face and glide it down her right cheek. A thin red line appeared with a drop of blood running down to her chin.

She didn't flinch or hiss from the stingy pain; it just made her grin even wider. "You haven't answer me, boy. Why must you lie to you own mother."

His heart was pounding and he felt like someone was squeezing his throat because it was getting harder and harder to breathe. His mother moves the red-coated razor to her other cheek and did the same thing expect she literally dug the razor blade so deep in her flesh Jake couldn't see it any more.

She quickly yank it out causing a small squirt of blood to fly out of her cheek.

Jake still didn't say anything as he watches the blood from her cheeks rolled down her face and soak into her shirt on her shoulder. He blinks but that was another time for a hand to clasp onto his pale neck. He started to gag when he felt his windpipe crushing from the tight grip with nails digging into his flesh.

He was force to open his eyes and stare in the dark brown eyes of his mother. The woman of terror that brought pain to him the minute he was born. Oh, the horror of dark memories begins to fill his mind as his throat crushed even more.

"So, you think just killing yourself will take those sins away, huh" She asked, "to get away from me, right"

He felt like his lungs crushing from the lack of air as he let out a raspy, low, "no"

"LIAR!!!" She said and roughly pushed him away and smacked him across the face.

He took a few steps back and stared at her with wide eyes. He didn't move, not even his lips were trembling as something warm and wet rolled down his cheek. His fingers gently touch his cheek bone and hiss from a stingy sensation he knew very well.

His mother had smacked him with the razor.

"Sinful boy, sinful boy, SINFUL BOY" His mother shouted at him and charge toward him with the bloodstained razor.

The black void of his nightmare form a wall where he couldn't escape from his mother's insane punishment.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST KILL YOURSELF AND NOT RECEIVE YOUR PUNISHMENT FOR YOUR SINS." She shouted and swung her fist that made contact with Jake's jaw.

He fell on his butt hearing the low thump echo in the black backward. Before he could shake his head and try to put his jaw pop back into place, he was hit again and again. The stinging sensation stuck him as thin red slashes appeared all over his face and neck. He held up his hands to defend himself from the beating.

"MOMMY, MOMMY, STOP, STOP, PLEASE, STOP!!!" he cried out in pain as his hands were getting cut up by the razor. Drops of blood stared to drip off his hands and onto his cheeks.

The bloody razor was dropped to the fell next to him and he was compelled to look at his mother. With cuts all over him and blood spilling on the darkness floor of his nightmare, he faced his mother only to find an insane look in her eyes. She raised her bloody hands and cupped his cheeks.

"Wake up, Jake"

She started to shake him violently.

"Wake up, Jake"

His eyes widened and had a bad feeling she might break his neck.


"Mommy, you're hurting me again" Jake said, feeling her nails digging into his tender flesh.


Jake tried to pull away from his grip but couldn't. "STOP IT, MOM, WHY MUST YOU HURT ME!"



His dark dream suddenly disappeared in a blink of an eye when someone slapped him across the face.


He was smacked across the face one more time til his pale green eyes opened up to see his mother, of all people, looking at him. The taste of blood touched his tongue from his new cut at the corner of his mouth.

His mother smacked him again and stood her ground, "I said, wake up, boy"

Jake stared at the bed that had small blotches of blood here and there from his cut up arms as he sat up. He was suddenly grabbed at the arm by his mother and was pulled roughly out of his bed. He fell to the floor, feeling a little dizzy from the sudden awaken and the hellish nightmare, only to be pull again by his mother.

"Get up, you sinful boy, get up this minute." She said, pulling on his arm.

Jake looked up at her when he realizes there was no harsh tone in her voice. It was rather quiet, compose and . . . a little cheerful. What freak him out more was the tiny sane smile on her face and the not so blank eyes.

"I said get up" she said, without rasing her voice.

The twelve-year-old hisses in pain when her hand pressed the cloth of his long sleeve shirt against his fresh slashes for another attempt to pull him up from the floor. After tripping and dragging for a couple of feet, he finally got up onto his feet and was compelled to walk out of his room.

His mother said nothing as she slowly walked down the small hallway to the stairs. Jake started to get an uneasy feeling in his stomach when he thought he heard screaming, police sirens and other source of commotion from outside.

(What's going on) he thought to himself.

They past one of the bedrooms that Andy and his older brother, Benjamin (always goes by the name Benny) shared. The door was wide open revealing the two brothers in a deep, peaceful sleep. From the looks of it, they've been up pretty late and seem to have snuck in one of Grandpa's bottles of Tequila. Benny, who just turned eighteen, had his head buried underneath his pillow and was snoring and flinching in his sleep. The sixteen-year-old Andy held the empty bottle close to his chest like a doll as he slept on the floor next to bags of chips and popcorn and his Mp3 Player.

Jake could hear his Mp3 player playing with the volume up full blast while wondering why Andy hasn't gotten deaf yet. He could hear the song "Get Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed playing; he could hear it loud in clear in his head. He always felt sick and mentally insane every time he hears just one line lyric from the song because it reminded him of his life, his miserable, abusive, life. His heart started to beat rapidly

It started to bring back horrible memories.

Andy and Benny with their cruel sense of humor would often play the song whenever he was over to visit so they can watch him cruel up in a ball and cry. He would cover his ears, shut his eyes and try to think of a pleasant lullaby to block out the music and the laugher of his cousins.

He hisses in pain again when his mother tightens her grip on his arm as they slowly walked down the stairs. It was very quiet, Jake didn't even know what time it was but it must've been early since he didn't see anyone else awake. He felt like his windpipe clogging up and his heart beating faster and faster by the second. He started to hum the song's chorus but stopped after a few seconds.

Oh great, now the song was stuck in my head he thought as his bare feet touch the tile floor and waited for his mother's next move. He spotted a small mirror hanging on the wall next to him and stared at his reflection. He was so pale. So fragile. So depressed. So different from what he normally sees. The pale boy in the mirror started to grin and gave him an evil wink.

(Am I losing it) he thought, looking at the mirror. The person in the mirror winked at him again. It grinned when a thin red cut started to appear on his cheek with a single drop of blood running down the side of his face.

His mother started to pray and Jake lost his words when his mother opened the front door and letting it hit the wall with a low thump. She slowly turned her head to him and gave him a creepy, joyful smile.

"Today is a very special day, My little Jakey" His mother said, in a low, expressionless voice.

If Jake was drinking soda, he would've spit it out from the sheet shock from what his mother said. Never in his twelve years of his life did his mother called him by his name. She didn't call him 'Sin', 'Curse" or a Bastard like before it was just plain Jakey.

"It's a day I prayed for so long" she said but Jake's attention went to all the strange noises from the outside. He could hear the police, the sound of screeching tires, people screaming, and helicopters. The noises were loud but it didn't sound like they were on his street but maybe just a block away . . . but getting closer by the second. She pulled on his arm to follow her through the door and into the outside world. Jake didn't even bother asking his mother if he could get dress or even put on a decent pair of shoes since she wouldn't listen to him anyway. The morning was warm, bright . . . with black oily smoke seeping into the bright sky mixed with orange and a hint of blue. Jake was right there were helicopters in the air circling around the town but this doesn't seem to bother his mother as they walked down the driveway and down the sidewalk.

"Mommy, what's going on" Jake asked, taking deep breath from the undeniable fear he had.

His mother didn't say anything but by the way her head moves it looked like she was looking for something in particular. Jake looked back at the house and bit his lip a little bit. He forgot to close the front door. He turned back to his mother as they continue walking down the sidewalk and over to the end of the street. The minute they stop at the corner, a police car screeched by, missing the two by just a few inches, made a sharp turn causing it to flip over a couple of times before coming to a complete stop. The car burst into flames and Jake nearly swallow his tongue when he heard to policemen screaming.

The doors were jammed and Jake could hear the men banging on the windows to get themselves out. He looks away only to open his pale green eyes and scream when a woman ran up to them with blood squirting out of her neck. The woman fell to her knees and crawled over to his mother who stood very still the whole time.

"Help . . . help . . . " the woman said, grabbing hold of his mother's white grown she was wearing, leaving dark blood hands prints. "They're . . . they're . . . com . . . com . . . coming"

His mother didn't move not even flinch from the gruesome site of the woman with a large piece of flesh torn away from her neck with blood gushing out. Finally his mother calmly pushed the dying woman away from her and smile. Blood poured out of her mouth as she fell to the floor and stopped moving.

Jake screamed.

"I WANT TO GO HOME, MOMMY, I WANT TO GO HOME!!!'' shouted with tears running down his pale cheeks. He tries to pull himself away from his mother's grip but she held onto his arm tighter and tighter til the point her nails pierce through his flesh.


His mother suddenly started to twirl him around the street causing him to step into the dead woman's blood. It was warm and slippery. The sheared joy on his mother's face scared him and felt himself urinating in his jeans as if she doesn't see the dead woman or hear the screams of the policemen burning to death in the trapped car.

He suddenly heard a loud, raspy growl and looked down the street where the police car came from to see three people rushing to the middle of the street and looked around for something. Their clothes were stain with blood, and one of them was missing an arm where another had his intestines and part of his liver hanging out with blood pouring onto the street. The third one was a young teenager that was missing the side of his face. His cheek bone and back teeth were showing and his ear looked like it was torn off. The gory horror of seeing the three people distracted Jake from hearing another police car driving up to the scene.

The loud sirens of the police car cause the three people to sharply turn to where they were at. One of them growl as all three ran over to them with their bloody hands out front.

With his jean being stain with his own pee, Jake tries to get away again from his mother but she stood her ground and pulled him in for a tight hug then turn him around so he could see the three blood coated people coming closer by the second.

"Oh, glory day after so many years this curse will be taken away from me" His mother said.


His mother started to hum and swing him back and forth.

"ARE YOU MAD, WOMAN, GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE THEY GET YOU" One of the police men shouted.

Jake looked at the corner of his eyes as the two cops rushed over in front of them and started shooting at the three people. They shot them in the chest, arms, and leg but they still came after them at full speed.

"Fuck, why won't they die" one of the cops shouted while looking over at his partner.

"Joe, look out" the other cop shouted.

The one name Joe was tackle to the floor by one of the Dead and was bitten right in the neck. Joe scream as the young teenager with half his face missing grabbed hold of his arm and tore off a piece of flesh wit his blood coated teeth.

"Fuckin, ugly bastard" the cop shouted and was about to shoot the two dead people again when the third one grabbed hold of him from the back and bit him hard in the shoulder. The cop screamed and fell to his knees as the dead person bit him in the neck and tore a piece of flesh off. A mist of blood sprayed into Jake's face as he watches in horror of the two cops being eaten alive.

"Isn't it beautiful, Jakey" His mother said, "Oh, what glory of this day that has finally come"

"What day, what are you talking about, momma" Jake asked with tears still running down his cheek.

She spun his around to face who and hissed, "Judgement Day" with a widen, insane grin.

The little twelve year old's eyes widened as he was force to look at the brutal site of the three dead people eating the two cops' body organs. The stench of fresh blood filled his nose as his mother hugs him one more time.

"Don't you see, Jake, don't you see? Judgement Day has come and in order to be saved I must let "God's senders" eat you."

She hugs him again, "oh you little bastard, once you are dead and gone, I will be saved and will be sent up to Heaven"

The woman, who died just a few minutes ago, started to twitch and slowly raise her head out of the pool of her own blood. The screams of the cops being eaten alive had finally subsided and caught the site of the mother and boy with their eyes. They were just staring at them as they slowly place the bloody flesh into their mouths.

His mother's grip loosens and Jake took this one and only chance to escape. He only took two steps before his mother grabbed him by the arm.

"NO, NO, I DON'T WANT TO BE EATEN!!" Jake shouted as he tries to get away from his mother and the horrible site.

More of those Dead things (God's Senders) started to appear with the same condition like the ones that were just staring at him. They were cover in blood and sniffing out the living like dogs. People were coming out of their house to see the commotion and the black smoke of the burning cop car only to scream when the dead chased after them. Although, they slammed the doors, the dead would just use their bodies to ram the door down to get to their living meals.

Jake struggled to get away, "NO, NO, I DON'T WANT TO DIE"

"Jake, you must, if you love your mother you will let God's sender eat you so I can be saved and go to heaven" His mother shouted.

"NO, NOW LET ME GO" Jake shouted.



She slapped him across the face causing spit to fly out of his mouth.

"How dare you mock God, you little bastard, how dare you" His mother said, shaking from fear and anger.

It happened in less then a minute, flashes of past memories of Jake's appeared before his eyes causing him to twitch. All the beatings, yelling, religion, pranks being pulled on him at school, the laugher, oh, the laugher of his peers and his own family, hearing himself screaming and crying for the pain to stop.




SIN, SIN, SIN . . . YOU ARE A SIN, . . . SIN, SIN, SIN . . . YOU ARE A SIN, . . . SIN, SIN, SIN . . . YOU ARE SIN.

He opened his eyes to see his mother rasing her hand to hit him again follow by the Dead getting up from the floor and dropping the scrapped clean bones of the cops to the street. He dug into his pocket and pulled out the thing that was supposed to kill him on his thirteen birthday.

"SINFUL BOY" His mother said, bringing her hand down for the hit.

Then it struck her in one quick, painful move. Jake struck her in the face with the razor blade strap between two of his fingers. Her lips tremble as her eyes widened from shear shock. A thin red line appeared on her cheek with a drop of blood running down to her chin.

It was just like his dream and what he saw in the mirror expect it was her not him to get the cut on the cheek.

The slashes on his wounds started to pulse again.

To pairs of bloody hands grabbed her by each shoulder. She looked down as her one and only son who had tears in his pale eyes while holding on to the tainted razor blade. With great fear he muttered only two words to his mother, "No more" before pushing her away from him and deeper into the arms of the dead. His mother didn't say a word as she continues to stare deep into his eyes.

"You'll pay for your sins, Jakey, one way or another, you will pay" she said.

His mother didn't struggle or move as the dead bit her in the neck, shoulders, and arms. She didn't scream and refuse to let a whimper escape her lips as flesh started to tear off her body with blood gushing out of the deep wounds. The blood splash on the street next to Jake's feet but he was too scare to move. Her gown was split around the stomach area so the Dead's bloody fingers could pierce a hole in her skin to get to the body organs. Though out her painful death, she never took her eyes off of Jake. Jake stared back making his mother grin with blood pouring out of her mouth. Oh, that grin, the grin she always uses when she goes to one of her insane episodes. Jake finally snaps out of his daze when he heard more growls of the Dead near by.

He looked around as spotted a few coming out of the houses from across the street and growled at him. The woman with the neck wound finally got up on her own tow feet and with her head just dangling by a piece of flesh and what was left of her spine turn her attention to him. He took one last look at his mother who had her arms torn out from her sockets before taking a few steps away from her knowing very well this was going to haunt him.

With the razor blade as his only weapon of defense . . .

Jake fled.


Kevin's older sister, Sara, held little Delight's hand as they walked down stairs to get Delight a glass of water. Sara was a little annoyed to be woken up this early in the morning since she stayed up most of the night chatting with her friends and updating her Myspace profile.

"Sister, I hear noises from outside" the nine-year-old little girl said.

Sara rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and noticed the front door was slightly open, "that's strange why is the door open" she asked herself.

"Maybe mommy wanted to check up on us and went back next door" Delight said.

"No, she would've made sure the door was close." Sara said, taking a foot step over to the front door when all of a sudden she heard a low growl.

Her hand barley touches the door when a man covered in blood came out of no where and tackled Sara to the floor. Delight screamed when the attacker tries to bite Sara but she managed to hold him back as they struggled on the floor.

"SARA!!" Delight shouted and tried help by grabbing the attacker's hair and pulling it with all her might.

Blood from the attacker's neck wound squirted all over Delight's "My Little Pony" t-shirt causing her to scream even more. She was suddenly grabbed by the dead attacker by the arm and was pulled in toward his mouth. She screamed in pain for a split second when the attacker lightly bit her before being pushed away by Sara.

"RUN, DELIGHT, GO GET HELP!!" Sara shouted.

A red shallow bite mark started to appear on Delight's arm as she quickly crawled away and ran up the stairs to her older brother's room. Sara was now all alone to defend herself from the attacker. Her skin and clothes were getting scratched up by the guy's bloody nails as he tries so hard to bit her. Blood dripped from his mouth and landed on Sara's cheek and getting it smeared when the guy scratched her on her face.

She finally kicked him hard in the stomach to get him off of her so she could escape. She turned around and was about to crawl away from the guy jump on her again and bit her hard on the waist. She let out a blood-curling scream when flesh was torn off and continues to scream as a pool of blood started to spread all over the floor.

The attacker was about to take another bite when he heard someone from behind him. He was the only one when Sara heard her dad calling out to them from the outside. At the corner of her eye she saw her dad at the front door. No doubt he heard the screams from next door and went to go check on them.

"SARA!!" he called out.

"Dad . . . run" Sara said, before choking up her own blood.

Her father didn't had a chance to flinch or speak when the attacker abandon Sara's body and attacks her father. The sound of her father screaming was the last thing as she closed her eyes and died.

A second later, Delight ran down the stairs while holding on to Kevin's hand and their Grandfather from behind them with tears pouring down her eyes, "a bad man is attacking Sara" she cried.

Her face was suddenly grabbed by Kevin and was pulled close to his stomach so Kevin wouldn't let her see the site of their sister in a pool of blood.

"Oh god, Sara!!" Kevin shouted as their grandfather ran down the rest of the stairs to check on his grandchild. He kneels down beside her and touch her shoulder when he noticed the door being wide open and people running around in some sort of panic outside.

"Is she alright" Kevin asked, he wanted to go down there but he didn't want Delight to see the blood.

"Kevin, call 911 and wake up the others" his grandfather said, getting up from the floor, "I'm going to get something to stop the bleeding"

Kevin nodded, but his eyes widened when he noticed Sara moving and picking herself up off of the floor. His grandfather didn't notice since his back was turn from him fast pacing through the living room to head toward the kitchen. Sara's head was low with her hair covering her face which made it hard for Kevin to see if she was alright or not.

"Sara, are you o-"

Sara screamed causing Kevin to flinch, Delight to jump and held onto her brother even tighter and for their Grandfather to turn around only to attack by his own grandchild. Kevin didn't move as he heard them crashing into the kitchen, his grandfather screaming and yelling to Kevin to get the others and go to a safe place.

"Shit" Kevin shouted, picked up Delight and ran upstairs before anything else could happen. He first ran into Sara's room where she was sharing with Anna and banged on the door even though it was wide open.

"ANNA, WAKE UP, WAKE UP NOW" He shouted.

Anna nearly jumped out of her bed from the sudden awaken, "what is it, Kevin, what's wrong"

"No time to explain, something bad is going on around here so I need you to take Delight and head up to the attic"



Anna quickly got out of bed and ran over to Kevin who placed Delight down. Delight clings onto Anna, smearing blood from her bite mark all over Anna's shirt. "I'm so scare, Anna, a bad man bit me and attack Sara"

Kevin pushed them out of the room and into the small hallway and headed to the door that lead up to the attic. "Kevin, can you please tell me what's going on"

"I'll tell you later, just get into the attic while I get the others" Kevin shouted, as he opened the door and pulled on the string to bring down the staircases that lead to the attic. Anna helped Delight climbs up the stairs as Kevin ran to the next room to get Jake.

He ran into the room and shouted, "JAKE" only to realize Jake was gone and there was blood on the sheets. Of course Kevin didn't know the blood came from Jake cutting himself since only Andy knows the terrible secret so he thought another person attack him while he was sleeping.

"Jake!!" He shouted and opened the closet to see if maybe the little red head was hiding in there. He slammed the closet door and ran back into the hall, "Jake, Jake, where are you" he shouted.

He growled when he didn't get a response, "dammit, of all the days for him to be stupid"

"What's with all the nosie?"

Kevin turned his head to see Benny leaning against the door while rubbing his head from the massive hangover.

"Benny, listen, I need you to wake up Andy and head for the attic" Kevin said.

"Why, Andy was just telling me that people are literally attacking other people outside and things are just blowing up and-"

"Dammit, Benny, my sister is dead and all of a sudden she woke up and started attacking Grandpa" Kevin shouted, "they're in the house and no doubt will be going after us if we don't hide!!"

"Ok, ok, you don't have to shout" he said, then calmly turned his head and shouted, "Andy, get away from the window and come on, we need to get up to the attic"

"But I want to watch the people get beat up" Andy said, slurring his words. It was obvious he was still a little drunk.

"Now Andy" Benny said.

Kevin shook his head and ran back to his room to get something to defend themselves in case more of those things decided to invade their house. The only thing he had was his metal, sliver, baseball bat but that was better than nothing he thought. He exits the room and rushed over to the attic where Benny and Andy were climbing up the stairs.

"Oh please, take your sweet time why don't you" Kevin said.

"Hey, where's the little dick wad" Andy asked, referring to Jake.

"I couldn't find him" Kevin said.

"Well, that's his lost then" Andy said.


As if the Dead were letting him have a five second start, Jake ran as fast as he can back to his Grandfather's house before hearing the low thumping of footsteps of the Dead chasing after him. The rough street was unbearable for his feet, feeling the little rocks and sharp small objects pressing against the skin and piercing through. But he couldn't let that slow him down as he races down the street only to see people running out of their housing screaming with the Dead following them.

One of his neighbors only made it to her lawn when her kids, all of them cover in blood and missing a few pieces of flesh, tackle her to the ground and started to tear her apart. The screams were loud and horrible to Jake's ears. He stopped dead in his tracks when car from another house back out from his driveway and nearly ran him over.

"Get out of the way, you stupid boy" he screamed out the car widowed.

He places the car in to drive and head out of the neighborhood while running over as many of the dead as possible.

"Please, don't leave me" Jake shouted but the car didn't stop for him.

Jake watches as the car drove to the end of the street where his mother was being devour only to have another car crash into him. There was a huge explosion but Jake ignores it when he heard the roar and turn around to see one just a few feet away from him. Jake screamed and fell to the street causing the dead to trip over him before crashing to the floor. There was a loud crack as Jake crawled away as fast as he could til he finally got back on his two cut up feet. He looked back that the zombie to see her head twisted only to crack it back in place before turning around and went after him again.

Jake stumbles across his Grandfather's lawn and over to the wide-open door ignoring or not noticing the blood smeared hand print on the door. He slammed the door behind him and locked it only to back away quickly when the zombie started banging her bloody fist on the door.


He was about to run upstairs when he steps in a pool of blood and heard footsteps coming from the dining room. He turned his head to the left to see one of Kevin's older sister slowly walking out of the dining room. His eyes widened when he noticed that she too was one of those eating things. Her hair was hiding her face thanks to her lower head. She was still in her pajamas which included a white tank top with white comfortable pants that had little flowers all over it. There was a large chunk of meat missing from her waist with blood soaking up almost all of her tank top and pants.

He bit his lip hard, choke a little bit on is his own spit before saying, "Sara" to his older cousin.

Sara lifted her head making her hair slide down her face to reveal her thick coated bloody mouth. From the looks of it she was eating something when she growled showing small pieces of flesh stuck between her teeth and blood dripping down her chin. She was blocking the stairs so Jake ran through the living room with his cousin chasing him. He tripped on his own two feet, banged his leg against the living room coffee table before gaining his balance and head to the kitchen.

He only took one step into the kitchen when he slips on a large puddle of blood and slid across to the other side and crash into the kitchen sink counter. He fell to his knees and tried to get up by grabbing the handle to one of the kitchen counter. Sadly, he just pulled the whole drawer out and dropped it to the floor. The sound of knives hitting the floor echo in his head and cause him to cringe from the sound, sharp, noise.

He felt sick.

He looked back to see what he slipped on only to find his Grandfather lying dead on the kitchen floor with most of his guts torn out of his body. Blood covered most of the kitchen's floor and now there was a smear mark thanks to Jake, himself. The dark blank eyes of the old man stared into his frighten green ones as the reality of what happen finally sank into Jake's mind.

It didn't take him long to realize Sara, his own cousin, did this to their grandfather and . . . oh god, he was practically lying in his grandfather's blood. The warm red liquor started to soak into his jeans . . . such horror such gruesome, ugly horror!!!

Sara popped into the kitchen growling and showing off her red teeth before running over to Jake at full speed. Without taking his eyes off of her, Jake grabbed the nearest utensil that fell out of the drawer. Sara slipped on the blood and was about to crash into Jake when the boy looked away and lifted the utensil he had in his hand in front of his face. The growling stop as Jake's arms gave away from the unexpected weight he felt from holding followed by a sense of warmness forming on his shirt. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his cousin lying face down on his stomach. He quickly pushes her off only to see that he had stabbed her in the head with a knife.

With blood oozing out of the freshly made wound from Sara, the taste of vomit filled his mouth. He coughs a little, letting bits of the watery throw up fly out of his mouth and down to his shirt.

(Great and as if peeing on yourself wasn't bad enough) he thought as he lean back against the counter and swallow the rest of the stuff. A second later he lean over to the left and started to vomit all over the floor.

The stench of it mixing with the blood made him wanted to puke even more but he tried, even harder this time, to hold it back.

Again it didn't work.

He started to cry a little and star at his dead cousin then at his grandfather then back at his cousin.

"God, . . . I'm so sorry . . . Sara" He said.

The blood from Sara's wound was spreading all over the floor and touch the tips of Jake's fingers. He quickly pulled them off the floor and started to shake them. Small drops of blood splattered all over the counter wall.

He froze when he noticed at the corner of his eyes he saw his grandfather twitching. He slowly turned his head to see his grandfather rolling onto his open stomach and slowly lifting himself off the blood floor.

"Grandpa" Jake trembled, "how-how-how can you still be alive"

His grandfather sharply turned his head and stared at Jake before growling at the top of his lungs. Jake's eyes widened but he felt like he was stuck to the floor or his suicidal mind wanted him to die again either way he couldn't move from his very spot.

He close his eyes and prepared himself for the horrible death like the one he witness just a few minutes ago thanks to his mother but even his eyes wouldn't shut. It was like he has to look at his killer as it crawled over to him in great speed.

He was about to let out an ear bleeding scream when all of a sudden his Grandfather's head busted open with blood flying everywhere including his face and clothes.


(Am I in hell) Jake asked himself then stared at the blood all over him . . .

(Boy, that's a stupid question . . . but yes . . . I am in hell)

(Oh, why can't I just die and burn for all eternity instead of living through this)

"Jake" a voice called out to him.

(There's something wrong here when you're saying that at the age of twelve)


(Shut up you stupid voice I already there's something wrong with me)

"JAKE, for god's sake, answer me!!"

Jake snapped out of his thoughts and looked up to see Kevin with blood splatter all over his face and clothes as well with a bloody metal bat in his hand. Jake just stared at him for a little bit, hearing the sound of more explosions and cops from the outside hell.

"Earth to Jake, HELLO, JAKE WILL YOU SAY SOMETHING" Kevin shouted.

" I in hell" Jake asked in a blank tone of voice.

Kevin rolled his eyes "quit acting so strange and get up off the floor. For bloody sake, you're sitting in vomit and blood"

Jake wanted to talk back but he was afraid Kevin would hit him like his mother, Andy or Benny would do so with his head hanging low he picked himself off the floor and waited for Kevin to give him another order.

"Good god, did you pee in your pants" Kevin in disgusted.

"I saw something that terrified me" Jake said, in a whisper tone.

The seventeen-year-old Kevin let out a loud sighed, "other than that, are you ok" he asked.

"Yes" Jake said, still staring at the blood-covered floor.

They suddenly flinch when they heard someone smashing through the door in the living room follow by the growling of the dead.

"Shit," Kevin said, grabbing Jake by the arm, "come on, we got to get upstairs"

Jake didn't have time to ask him why as Kevin pulled him to move causing him to slip in the blood again, but this time manage to regain his balance. He stumbles the rest of the way out of the kitchen and into the living room. He forgot how strong Kevin was at his age, he wasn't one of those skinny ass teens, hell no, Kevin's favorite past time was to lift weights everyday day of the week. Jake didn't have time to flinch or scream when he saw the same dead person ramming her head through the wooden door. She spotted them and hiss as she tried to push herself through the door.

Kevin didn't pay attention to it as he made a sharp turn to run up the stairs. Jake fell to his knees again as he stumbled up the stairs.

"Jake, stop tripping over your own two feet and get up" Kevin shouted over the dead person's roar.

"I could if you didn't pull me so hard" Jake said, slightly annoyed.

The zombie was half way into the house when Kevin literally dragged Jake the rest of the way to the second floor.

"Kevin, where is everybody" Jake asked.

"Shut up and keep up with me" Kevin shouted before hearing the final snapping of the door follow by the low thumping of footsteps of the zombie searching for her feast.

Kevin stopped by next to a door where Jake thought it was a closet full of things only to be wrong when Kevin opened it. It was a closet but there was nothing in it but a thick rope dangling in the air.

They could hear the zombie running up the stairs while snarling and growling.

"Kevin!" Jake shouted, "its coming"

"Shut up" Kevin said, pulling on the rope.

The rope suddenly opened a door on the ceiling with a small case of stairs landing on the floor. Before Jake could ask question Kevin shoved him into the stairs, "climb, you idiot, climb" Kevin shouted.

Jake hit his knee on one of the stairs as he crawled up to the hole in the ceiling. He was literally pushed the rest of the way by Kevin and landed flatly in the dark place only to be pushed again so Kevin had some room to get in as well. Jake turned around to see Kevin pulling up the stairs before hearing a low thud from him closing the ceiling door. It was a little dark with a little fade of light coming from a small widow which made Jake realize he was in the attic of the house. He laid there flatly on his stomach watching Kevin pulling up the rope so the Zombies wouldn't grab it with a sad and tire look in his eyes.

There was a moment of silence for Kevin to catch his breath and try to collect his thoughts.

"Kevin, is that you" Jake heard Anna calling out.

Jake lifted his head off the wooden floor and looked over at the small window that was block by his cousin, Anna.

"Yeah, it's me and Jake is here too" Kevin said, "can you please turn on the light"

Jake's eyes were blinded all of a sudden by a light being turn on and closed them for a minute. When he opened them he saw Anna in her long pink shirt with smeared blood stained hand prints around her shoulder area and waist.

Her eyes widened when she saw the condition Jake was in. "Jake, oh my god, are you alright" She asked, kneeling next to him and helped him up. She flinches a bit from the foul stench of blood, vomit, and pee that were coming off of the little twelve-year-old.

"No," Jake said, trying to hold back the tears, "what in the world is going on" he asked, "I find myself waking up to my mother and . . . and . . . and . . . she took me outside . . . force me to see people . . . eating . . . oh god, . . . other people . . . then . . . then . . . my mom . . . she . . . she . . . "

Jake bursted into tears and sobs as the fourteen-year-old Anna held him for comfort. Her stomach felt like it was tying into a knot from the foul stench.

"Jake, it's ok, Jake, you're safe now" Anna said.

"It was horrible, all I could hear was the screaming and I watched those dead things eat my mom" He said.

"Will you tell that big baby to shut up" A voice in the attic.

Kevin, Anna and Jake looked at the window to see Benny crawling, "we can hear him crying all the outside and literally drowning out the screams and the explosions"

"Leave him alone, Benny, he had a rough morning, we all did" Anna said.

"You don't have to say nothing to him, Anna, Benny just suffering from his first HANGOVER" Kevin shouted in Benny's ears.

The eighteen-year-old Benny screamed and covered his sensitive ears while Kevin laughed his head off. Benny punched Kevin in the stomach, "That's not funny!!!" Benny shouted.

Kevin coughed a little bit, "CAN'T YOU EVER TAKE A JOKE"


"Why are you guys fighting over jokes" Anna shouted.

"where's Andy and Delight" Jake asked.

"Delight wasn't feeling well so we made her a bed in the corner" Anna said, pointing at the far left corner of the attic. Delight was laying on an old pillow with a blanket tightly wrapped around her body. She was shivering and sweating in her sleep as she sifted her little body til she was facing the wall. "Andy is outside on the room, puking his guts out from drinking too much"

"Some influence you are, Benny, giving your little brother Tequila" Kevin said.

"Hey, it's not my fault he wanted to try it" Benny said, "if I didn't let him he would've told on me"

"What happened to her" Jake asked, finally gaining his composer as he pointed at Delight.

"Same thing that's been going on all morning, dumbass, she was attacked by those . . . people" Kevin.

"Call them dead people or zombies like in the movies" Andy said, crawling into the attic and just laid there on the floor groaning and chuckling from his hangover and upset stomach. "My head's . . . pounding and those screams and explosions from outside is not helping"

The others ignored Andy, "We should thank Delight, if it wasn't for her running to my room about some monster eating . . . (gulped a little bit) Sara, we would all have been dead by now" Kevin said, frowning a bit from the lost of his older sister . . . not to mention most of his family.

"I'm just glad she didn't get hurt that bad" Anna said.

"That bad" Jake asked.

"just a few cuts and a shallow bite mark on her arm" Kevin said.

"What I don't get is why she looks so sick" Anna asked.

"She just a little traumatize from the whole event" Kevin said.

Benny chuckles, "I can tell Jake was, something tells me that's not water he spilled all over his jeans"

Jake stood up boldly, "alright, I peed all over myself, you would too if you were dancing in blood and held up as a sacrifice by your own mother because she thought this things were "God Senders"!!!" Jake shouted, literally spitting his Benny's face.

Benny shoved him away causing him to fall back to the floor, "So our crazy Aunt is dead . . . "

"As well as everybody else" Anna said.

"So we're all that is left" Jake asked, lowering his head.

"Just us and my mom and Aunt Emily (Anna's mother)"

"It got so bad out there they couldn't make it over here" Anna said, "they're on the roof next door"

"Speaking of that, I need to tell them at we're all alright" Benny said, walking over to the small window and crawl out of it to the roof. The rest of them expect for Jake follows him to the roof til Jake, himself, got up and follow them so he wouldn't be alone. His hand hang low as he steps onto the roof because he didn't want to see the horror of this terrible morning.

"Kevin, my dear, is everyone alright" Jake could hear his Aunt shouting from the house next door.

"Yes, just a few injuries here and there, but we're all cool" Kevin said.

"Speak for yourself" Benny said.

"A hangover isn't an injury" Kevin said.

"How's little Delight" Kevin's mom asked.

"She's doing ok, all she has is a little bite mark, no big deal" Kevin shouted.

"Is my mommy doing ok" Anna asked, since it was only her Aunt out there on the roof.

"Yes, she's just a little shook up about all this" Kevin's mom said, "She'll be fine after a little rest"

"Oh man, look at that guy, he got his head tore off just like it was nothing" Benny shouted in excitement as he was the mess on the streets where people are being chased by the dead.

While Kevin and Anna exchange conversation with their moms, Benny watching the horror unfold and Andy just sitting at the edge of the roof with his head down from the terrible hangover, no one noticed Jake walking back into the attic.

He turns off the light in the attic because the brightness was hurting his eyes and he felt like he needed to be in darkness for a while. He sat in the opposite corner where Delight was resting and pushes his knees up to his chest and started to shake.

He bit his lip hard til he tasted blood; digging his nails into his stained jeans and started to rock himself back and forth. He felt sick and delusional as images of his mother dying flash over and over and over in his mind. He started to shake and just wanted to scream but held it back so he wouldn't get picked on by his older cousins.

For a minute he felt like he couldn't breathe as his depression and bad thoughts started to sink back into his messed up head.

He needed to escape and there's only one way to do that.

He reached into his pockets anxiety to find his "addictive drug" but stopped when the realization clicked inside his head.

He pulled his legs closer to his chest and place his head down and started to weep bitterly.

Jake lost his razor blade . . .


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Next Chapter: Part III: Afternoon: Stuck on the roof with no food or water causing everyone to turn against each other. Two secrets are told that pushes Jake to the edge. Is he really a Nothing like everyone thinks he is or is he destined to prove them wrong . . . even if it means killing one of them.