Title: If only you knew

Summary: She was in love with him. He was clueless, so she'd pretend. Yeah. Pretend that he was just her best friend. He was in love with another girl, so she'd listen. Listen to him break her heart over and over again. AU Fic InuxKag

Disclaimer: Ha, if I owned the goddamn show, Kagome and Inuyasha would be screaming out their love for each other.





There went another alarm clock. 'Great, now Mom's really gonna murder me this time.' Kagome thought as she sleepily woke up and lazily walked to the bathroom to get ready.

"Kagome! Time for breakfast!" Kagome's mother yelled up the stairs. She then sighed, and thought, "3… 2… 1…"

"MOM! Souta's been messing with my stuff again!" Kagome's mother just sighed again. 'Everyday…'

"Souta… what did you do this time?" She drawled lazily.

"Oh nothing, I just threw all of Kagome's pants onto the tree near her window again."

"Okay. Well I'm off to work, don't do it again." She said quickly as she hurried off to work. Just then Kagome came down the stairs. "Where's mom?"

"She left already… and I see you've found your pants." Souta smiled cheekily while Kagome just screamed angrily and ran out the door.

Kagome checked her watch. "Phew, still 10 minutes early, that's got to be a new record."

"Feh, I'm surprised myself." Said a voice from behind. Kagome jumped.

It was Inuyasha, her best friend. He had long, shimmering silver-blue hair and little dog-ears poking out from the mess. They had known each other since they were little babies. Their mothers were close, making them even closer. Although they'd argue a lot, Kagome soon fell in love with him around 5th grade, but hasn't admitted it to anyone. Unfortunately, Inuyasha is quite dense, even after being with her for 16 years.

"Inuyasha! You scared the hell outta me. Quit doing that!" Inuyasha just gave her a hug. She blushed furiously, but soon calmed back down before rising up again into her anger.

"Do you think a hug is going to help? What if I suddenly had a heart attack or something?"

"C'mon. It was just a harmless joke! Please forgive me?" Inuyasha asked with his oh so natural puppy dog pout.

"Oh I guess it's alright, but do I get another hug?" Kagome asked innocently.

"Fine…" Inuyasha said, but stopped. Kagome looked up confused (A/N: Inuyasha's supposed to be pretty tall in this story and she has to look up to him.). Then he began to drool.

"Inuyasha… don't create a flood now." She said trying to snap him out of his trance, which she did successfully.

"Wha…? Oh! Sorry, Kagome, I promise to give you your hug later!" He shouted after running off.

'What's his problem..?' Kagome thought, but she had a slight idea of what it was. She turned around, and sure enough, Inuyasha was smiling at a girl. "Who is she…?"

"She's the new girl, Kikyou. She just got here from the States. She's supposed to be real rich too." Another voice said from behind her causing her to jump again.

"Why is everyone doing that to me?" Kagome said holding her heart. Sure enough, it was her other best friends, Sango and Miroku. Like Inuyasha, Sango was oblivious to Miroku's feelings along with hers. Kagome could tell they were meant to be together but didn't want to impose on their relationship, knowing they'd be together someday soon.

"We were just answering your question, geez." Sango said.

"Sorry, Inuyasha just scared me the same way a little while ago."

"Oh really, then where'd he go?" Sango asked. Kagome just pointed her finger to the new girl.

"Ah, what a fair haired beauty, but of course, not as lovely as my dear Sango here." Miroku proclaimed.


"HENTAI!" Sango screeched. Only Kikyou looked at them strangely. Being the new girl, she thought that that something had actually happened.

"Anyway," Sango continued, "I don't really see why Inuyasha's interested in her, she looks like a slut to me."

"Sango! We shouldn't judge so quickly!" Kagome said. 'Besides, if she managed to catch Inuyasha's eye, she must be something special, definitely unlike me.' She thought sadly.


The bell rang and everyone headed off to their first class. Sango and Miroku had first period together, while Kagome, Kikyou, and Inuyasha had it together too.

"Class, this is Takama Kikyou. Please introduce yourself."

"Ohayou, my name is Kikyou, and I hope we can all be friends." She said, looking at Inuyasha mostly.

"Okay, you may sit down next to Inuyasha. Inuyasha, please raise your hand." Kaede-san said.

'No! Now I won't even be able to talk to him since he'll be so entranced with Kikyou' Kagome thought sadly, and that's exactly what happened.

Lunchtime wasn't much better. Usually, it'd just be Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha, Kagome, Ayame, and Kouga at the table, but take a guess at whom Inuyasha brought along.

"Guys, meet Kikyou, she just transferred here from the States, isn't that amazing?" Inuyasha said excitedly.

"Uh yeah sure." Everyone responded plainly. Inuyasha didn't notice their lack of enthusiasm and continued to chat with Kikyou.

"Kagome, you are going to become my woman today!" Kouga stated proudly.

"Kouga, this is really kind of starting to get old. I'm not your woman, and I doubt I ever will be." Kagome recited for the thousandth time. Then she looked over at Inuyasha. 'He hasn't even noticed Kouga hitting on me. Usually he'd get into an argument over this.' Kagome thought miserably.

"I have an idea!" Kouga exclaimed. 'Well that's a first.' Kagome thought.

"I'll stop calling you my woman, if you go on a date with me!" Kouga proposed.

"Hmm…" She looked over at Inuyasha. He still did not move an inch.

"Sure, why not." Kagome said boredly. Kouga ran out of the cafeteria to scream to the whole world he was going on a date with Kagome.

Sango and Miroku just stared at her.


"You just said 'yes' to Kouga…" Sango said.

"Yeah, it's just a date. No big deal. Besides, he said he'd stop calling me his woman." Kagome said plainly.

"And you believed him? You do realize that you going on a date with him will just make it worse." Sango said.

"Too late to fix it now." Kagome said as she got up and left, noticing Inuyasha and Kikyou moving closer to each other.

At the end of the day, she went over to Inuyasha to say good-bye when she saw him hug her tightly. Tears filled Kagome's eyes. 'Those are my bear hugs!' she thought miserably.

Kagome ran all the way home and went straight to her room. When she reached her bed, she finally let it all out.

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