Summary: Vlad x Danny, ONESHOT SLASH.

Disclaimer: Don't own DP, BH does. I do own writing. Get used to it X.x.
The 'hero' was what they called him. Oh, what he would give to be someone else.

He slid the metal blade across his wrist. He called it his punisment for his sins. The blood pooled out from the cut and he sighed.

The hero was nothing more than a boy who was scared and lonely depending on the steel of this razor to get him through his life. No one knew about his 'problem' or so he thought. But there was someone watching over him.

An angel in a demon's body. His guardian of sorts. A man he thought he hated and a man he thought returned his hatred, but in the end he turned out to be the only one who cared.

The hero's eyes slipped closed as he held his bleeding wrist far away from his body. Maybe today he would finally be put out of his misery, but no...he was not that fortunate. His tired eyes clamped shut and his small body shivered.

"Daniel," a cool, smooth, voice whispered, "What have you done?" Daniel's hand was lifted and pressure was applied to his bleeding wrist.

His savior from Hell, a demon and an Angel and both his.

Daniel's body shivered as he tossed an turned, but the pressure on his wrist remained constant.

The hero, fallen from grace. A bandage was applied to a young boy's wrist, softly, as if it was a gift. His savior sat on the side of his bed.

A hero, fallen from grace; an Angel fallen from heaven.

The man stroaked the boy's face lovingly.

"A hero," the man said, leaning forward and kissing the boy's pale pink lips. The boy's body shook violently as he shivered beneath the older man's touch.

Then escaping from his lips was a name, the man's nickname. The young boy recieved a smile in return and then a kiss from his saviors sweet, but cold, lips.

"That's right," he said, brushing the black hair from the boy's face, "I care Daniel."

The boy's eyes fluttered open and then closed as he pulled himself towards the older man, laying his head in his lap. Surprised the older man's hand fell against the younger boy's head, brushing his hair with his fingers.

An act of love he would never be able to repay.