Chapter one: Welcome Home

'Urgh. What the hell happened last night?' 21-year-old Haruno Sakura groaned mentally. She woke up and noticed with some annoyance that this wasn't her bed. It was Naruto's. 'Naruto's? Oh dear gods what did I do?' Sakura wondered as she tried to get up. 'There're a pair of arms preventing me from moving.' She thought. "Stop moving around Sakura. I'm trying to sleep." Uchiha Sasuke groaned from her right.

'Oh gods.' Sakura thought. "Shut up damnit! It's too early in the morning!" Uzumaki Naruto groaned from the right. 'Oh GODS!' Sakura thought frantically. "W-what the hell are you two doing in bed with me?" Sakura tried to scream. She ended up whispering the question instead. "Don't you remember Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked. "No." Sakura replied.

"Well the three of us were training. We decided to call it a night but you didn't want to. So we knocked you out and brought you to the house. My room was the closest so the three of us just went to bed in here. Don't worry. You're not naked and we didn't do anything to you." Naruto explained. Sakura nodded and tried to get up again. "Would you stay still damnit?" Sasuke snarled. "I have to pee!" Sakura snarled back at the Uchiha.

Naruto laughed and lifted her up and over. Sakura went to the bathroom and did her business but came back and jumped in bed between her two teammates as soon as she finished washing her hands. She landed wrong and ended up with her face in Sasuke's lap and her legs on Naruto's stomach. "This looks so wrong." Sakura muttered as she wiggled around, trying to get adjusted. 'HELLO!' The pink haired woman screamed mentally as Sasuke's erection pressed against her cheek. "Would you stay still!" Sasuke shouted as he forcefully righted her. Sakura pouted and stuck her tongue out at him. "Maybe I'll just let Naruto-kun have all the fun and make you watch." She said haughtily. Naruto grinned and leaned in to capture Sakura's lips in his own. Sakura moved and straddled him in one quick motion.

"Mm. Why are you so aggressive Sakura-chan?" Naruto breathed. Sakura smiled wickedly and leaned down. "Because you like it." She replied. Naruto smirked and turned the tables on her, pinning her down on the bed. "I like this better." He said. Sakura giggled and pushed against him innocently. "You're mean." Naruto pouted. Sakura smiled and wiggled away from him in favor of the grumbling Uchiha. "Don't sulk all alone. Come have fun with us." She said seductively. "You woke me up." Sasuke replied. Sakura took her shirt and bra off before she grabbed his hand and pushed it against one of her breasts.

"I'll make it up to you." She purred as she grabbed Naruto's hand and pushed it against her other breast. Her short skirt was already bunched up around her hips, showing her lacy, black panties off to her teammates. Naruto smirked and pinched her nipple gently. "What do ya say Sasuke-bastard?" He asked as he pinched Sakura's nipple again. "Fine." Sasuke replied as he leaned up and pulled her other nipple into his mouth. 'With Naruto-kun pinching one nipple and Sasuke-kun sucking the other one, it's no wonder we're nearly insane with lust when it's our turn. They're the best lovers in the whole Fire Country.' Inner Sakura said. 'Oh I hear you!' Sakura moaned as Sasuke's tongue made her nipple perky and hard in his mouth. Naruto abandoned her nipple for her skirt and Sakura gasped. 'Oh hell yea!' She thought happily. Naruto expertly slid her skirt and underwear down her legs and threw them over his shoulder. 'Oh man. With Naruto-kun's tongue down bottom and Sasuke-kun's tongue up top, I'm going to lose it.' Sakura thought. 'Man we've got excellent lovers. We're so lucky!' Inner Sakura squealed.

Sakura's eyes widened and she moaned softly as Naruto thrust his tongue into her wet pussy and Sasuke switched nipples. Her breathing came out harsh and uneven as they drove her insane. Naruto's tongue, lips and teeth sucked and licked and nipped at her while Sasuke licked and sucked and nipped at her breasts, making hickeys. Sakura's fingers scrabbled for the sheets to hold on as the two took her for a ride. 'I'm not gonna give in so easily this time. I'm gonna make him work for it.' Sakura thought as shoved her breasts up into Sasuke's face. Naruto grinned against her and pulled his head up. "Wanna trade?" He asked. Sasuke grinned back and nodded.

The two switched places and Sakura whimpered. 'He bites!' She protested mentally. "No biting!" Sakura warned. "Or what?" Sasuke asked. "I'll leave you two unfulfilled and go to my own room." Sakura replied. "But then you'll be unfulfilled too." Sasuke pointed out. "I have my own ways of fulfilling myself." Sakura replied. 'Shit. I forgot about her collection of toys.' The two men thought. "Fine. I won't bite." Sasuke relented. "Thank you." Sakura replied. Naruto smirked and licked her breasts before he plunged his mouth over one of her nipples as Sasuke plunged his tongue into her dripping wet cunt. Sakura's hips came up and she clenched her fists in Naruto's spiky blond hair, yelling out as her body screamed pleasure. "How should we fuck this time?" Naruto asked. "I don't know. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh don't stop! Please don't stop!" Sakura shrieked. Naruto grinned and realized it was his turn to lie flat on his back. Last time it was Sasuke under Sakura while she rode him and he sucked Naruto's cock. 'Yeah! I get the mighty Uchiha Sasuke's cock. Mm. I'll make him roar.' He thought. 'Gods we're perverts.' Sasuke thought as he delved deeper into Sakura's wet, aching pussy.

She was shaking and close to cumming and he wanted it so bad. He needed it so he could get what he wanted. 'I hear Naruto gives excellent head. And I really want to find out if he does.' Sasuke thought. Sakura held out for a good extra ten minutes but after that, she came violent and hard, screaming as her nails dug into Naruto's scalp. Naruto bit down on her nipple from the sudden pain and Sakura clenched her legs around Sasuke's head. The three of them released the other and sat up panting. "Now it's my turn." Sasuke said finally. Naruto lay at an angle on the bed and Sakura straddled him as Naruto laid his head in Sasuke's lap, turned at an angle to so that he could give head while Sakura was riding him. Sakura slammed herself around Naruto's hard, throbbing cock and Naruto smirked as he grabbed the Uchiha's with his capable mouth. Sasuke slammed his lips onto Sakura's, as she started moving. Sasuke's fingers trailed down her sweating body to the spot where she and Naruto were connected together and played with her clit. Sakura's eyes slid shut and she threw her head back as she rode both fingers and cock, moaning. Naruto smirked and added his fingers to Sasuke's and Sakura's pace sped up. "You just concentrate on me and let me deal with Sakura-chan." Sasuke grunted.

Naruto nodded and moved his hand to play with Sasuke's balls. Sakura rode the Kyuubi vessel as hard as she could while Naruto's teeth scraped Sasuke's hard cock gently. Sakura's scream was muffled by Sasuke's mouth as she orgasmed the first time. Sasuke's fingers pinched her clit as he orgasmed in Naruto's mouth and Naruto squeezed his balls gently as he orgasmed inside Sakura. The three of them switched positions yet again as Sakura took Naruto's spot, Sasuke took hers and Naruto took his. Sakura pulled the blond's cum dripping cock into her mouth and Sasuke shoved into her while Naruto kissed him, pushing his own orgasm into his mouth so he could taste himself. Naruto's fingers were the ones pinching and playing with her clit and she was licking and sucking him hungrily. 'We haven't had each other in a long time. I'm glad we're making up for lost time.' Sakura thought as she felt another orgasm building. 'C'mon Sasuke. Take her home.' Naruto yelled mentally. Sakura clenched her legs around his hips tight as she felt Naruto's orgasm near the surface. Naruto yelled out as he orgasmed. Sakura gulped his cum down as she shared an orgasm with Sasuke. Sasuke's yells mingled with Naruto's as his orgasm combined with Sakura's. The three of them collapsed on the bed panting and tired but satisfied.

"That's making up for lost time." Sakura panted. "Yeah. I don't think I can even move." Sasuke agreed. Naruto grinned.

"You two tire too easily." He said. "Sorry we don't have the stamina you do hot stuff but we're just ninja." Sasuke replied. Sakura nudged him and Naruto grinned. "Yeah well not everyone can be as strong as me." He laughed. Sakura smirked and slapped a hand over both of their mouths. "Shut up." She said softly. Sasuke smirked back. "Suck my cock." He replied. Sakura grabbed his throbbing, wet cock and shoved it into her mouth. Naruto smirked and slammed into her pussy from behind. Sakura nearly choked on Sasuke's huge cock at first but she got used to Naruto's thrusts and went back to her activity. Sasuke's hips thrust forward, setting her pace as Sakura sucked at his cock and Naruto and Sasuke kissed each other hungrily. Sakura and Sasuke both orgasmed but Naruto wasn't there yet so he kept going. Sasuke smirked and slid into Naruto as he was pounding away at Sakura from the back. Sakura listened to her teammate's moans and groans as she added her own. The three of them cummed simultaneously and Sakura screamed into her pillow, Naruto bit down on her shoulder and Sasuke groaned until his voice gave out. They finally collapsed next to each other with Sakura in the middle and lay there sedated. "Now I can't move." Naruto said. Sasuke smirked. "Dobe." He replied.

Sakura was already asleep so the two boys bickered softly so they didn't wake the pink haired woman up. "Wanna go at it one more time? I want top this time." Naruto said. "Sure. But we have to be careful of Sakura-chan." Sasuke replied. Naruto positioned himself behind the Uchiha heir and grabbed his hips while Sasuke braced himself on his hands and knees.

Sakura felt all the rocking motion on the bed and grinned inwardly. 'Naruto-kun just won't stop until he's had Sasuke-kun. It's funny. But I love listening to them fuck.' Sakura thought. Naruto slammed into Sasuke and the Uchiha hit his head against the wall softly. He clenched Naruto's cock as tightly as he could and Naruto bit into his shoulder gently. Sakura woke up from all the movement and smiled sleepily.

Sasuke grunted as Naruto thrust in and out of him fast and hard, rocking him back and forth. Sakura watched lazily as the two got in their last fuck before they passed out from exertion. Sakura waited patiently and held her cupped hands under Sasuke's cock.

'When Naruto-kun cums in Sasuke-kun, he cums and rather than ruining perfectly good cum, I'll just catch it and lick it off my hands.' Sakura thought. Naruto smirked and reached his hands around to wrap them around Sasuke's throbbing cock and pumped him while he thrust into the Uchiha prodigy. "Harder dobe." Sasuke growled. Naruto grinned and pumped him harder and faster as his thrusts copied his hands.

The two orgasmed at the same time and Sasuke's cum spilled on Sakura's stomach and breasts while Naruto's shot inside Sasuke. Their groans made Sakura proud to be apart of team seven. Naruto and Sasuke licked her until all the cum the Uchiha prodigy spilled on her was gone into their mouths. But Sasuke was nice enough to share with her. The three of them finally fell asleep tangled together and Sakura smiled.

'I really love them. I wouldn't have it any other way.' She thought.

Me: Sorry about the lemon if you're not into that but I love pairing the loverly team seven together.

Sasuke: She doesn't own Naruto.

Me: Sadly I don't. If I did, Gaara and Neji would be my sex slaves.

Gaara: Why am I being dragged into this? I don't even live in Konoha!

Neji: Hn. I'm a Hyuuga. Hyuugas aren't sex slaves. We are sex masters.