Tke: okay… just a random story I had in mind…

Axel: YES! I'm IN!

Tke: yes you are… pervert…

Axel: begins to eye twitch

Tke: what can I say about this? Well… I loved the RikuXSora coupling since I replayed Kingdom Hearts 1. (The first time I played I amazingly didn't care too much for it, gasp, I know.) But as soon as KH: Chain of Memories came out I loved Axel, and some people suggested Axel was Riku's Nobody, I knew I wanted to pair Axel up with someone. Then came KH2…

Axel: YES!

Tke: and Kingdom Hearts 2 introduced Sora's Nobody, Roxas, and I KNEW I had found Axel's boyfriend.

Axel: starts crackling madly

Tke sweatdrop anyways… I kept promising myself I would write an AkuRoku story, and I couldn't think of a plot that wasn't overused… but now I have one! YAY!


Tke: shut up, pervert.


Tke: why not? Sora calls you that everyday.

Axel: only Sora can call me that!

Tke: eyes him is that because you and Sora had a history together…?

Axel: smirk maybe…


Title: Over the Moon

Authoress: Tysonkaiexperiment

Couplings: AkuRoku, Soiku, Zexmyx, LeonCloud

Warnings: yaoi, pervert-ness, dry humor, maybe some lemons if people ask…

Summary: Axel hadn't dated anyone after he broke up with Sora; he never got around to it. That is until Sora, his now best friend, introduces him to a certain blond that just moved.

Dedication: I dedicate this to Kiraracutie (which explains why I wouldn't tell her about it) because she's always helping me with my stories, mostly during English. I love her and her artwork and her stories, and she's awesome and perfect no matter what she believes! (Don't go starting anything now Nat-chan!)



Axel growled, tucking a lock of his spiky red hair behind his ear, his green eyes darting toward his best friend.

Sora was sitting at a café, waving towards him. The brunette seemed to be busy with one hand holding a spoon covered in chocolate pudding.

Axel had to snort, Sora would do anything for sweets or chocolate, even pay that stupid $6.50 for a bowl of it. He made his way over to his best friend, "You shouldn't call things out like that."

Sora gave a smirk, "Well, you wanna be popular, don't you?"

Stupid Sora… Sora was a dammed punk for heaven's sake! Since Axel was Goth, Sora should have KNOWN how Axel was feeling about preps!

"Fucking Sora."

An innocent blink of ocean blue eyes "It'll cost you $50."

"I meant that as stupid. I don't need to fuck YOU Sora."

"Aww… it would be just like old times!"

Axel rolled his eyes, what had he been thinking when he'd dated Sora?

"Not that we need all those times, do we?" A wink.

Oh right.

The sex.

Dammit, sex with Sora was the only thing Axel missed! (And the fact that Sora was terribly cute)

"Anyways, Monday you're walking to school alone." Sora answered, taking the spoonful of pudding into his mouth.

"Why?" Axel pouted, yeah he could've driven, but Sora said Axel needed to walk. In Sora's opinion, Axel was getting fat.

"I'm getting there early because I have to show a new student around, my old best friend." Sora smirked, he was just about to eat another spoonful of pudding before Axel snatched it and ate it, "Oi—that was mine!"

Axel rolled his eyes, "What time do you need to be there?" Sora's old best friend? Sora had moved here a few years back, so it was obvious Sora had a best friend from where he was from. Yet this made Axel want to know more for some reason.

"Six thirty."

Axel jumped out of his seat, it clattered to the ground, the redhead ignored the people staring at him, "Why so EARLY?"

"Because he likes to be early."

Axel grabbed the chair, stood it up, and sat back down in it, "Sora… this isn't some excuse to meet Riku early and make out with him, is it?"

Sora smirked, standing up, "I dunno, you can ask Roxas yourself when he gets here." With that Sora pulled his bag around his neck so it lay at his side, "I've got errands to do, see ya! Oh, and thanks!"

Axel sighed as Sora walked off, he stared at the pudding, grabbing Sora's spoon he ate it. What did Sora mean by 'thanks'?

The waiter came over and placed a small piece of paper in front of Axel, "Your bill sir."

Axel's eyes widened, he grabbed the slip of paper. $130.00! HOW much pudding did Sora fucking EAT!

Choco Pudd……………………… x20

Holy FUCK!

Sora's sugar-hyped ass was going to get murdered!

Albeit, it was a nice ass…

Maybe Axel would save his ass and only that…


Later that Saturday, Axel ended up spending the day at Demyx's house.

Demyx's blonde hair was wet; it resulted in his hair flopping into his eyes.

Which resulted in an amused Axel watching Demyx trip over things he didn't see.


Axel just smirked, "Your house, you should know where everything is, got it memorized?"

Demyx pouted, "If only I had some sugar…"

Axel pouted, "No need to go THAT far."

Demyx and Sora were never a good combination together.

Especially when either or bother were on sugar high.

It usually ended up with Demyx and Sora throwing comments back and forth.

Sexual comments at that

Not that Axel would mind.

Demyx had just about been with every one of his close friends, not that he was a whore or anything; Demyx never did anything passed a kiss.

And even though Sora was his ex-boyfriend, Axel simply loved to listen to Sora's dirty mouth.

However, at this point, Sora was attached to Riku, so there went THAT fun.

Demyx began to cry, "AXEL! I'M BORED!"

Axel rolled his eyes, "Go entertain yourself."


"Well, Zexion's now got a MySpace…"

Without another word, Demyx was racing towards his computer.

Zexion had been Demyx's 'greatest discovery'. Zexion had moved here not to long ago and it seemed he knew Sora. Demyx had always bugged Sora about Zexion, but Sora kept saying Zexion was a secret. It was school-known Demyx gained the biggest crush on Zexion, but Zexion was oblivious to it, he focused on his studies and Sora if the brunette was near him.

Axel drummed his fingers on the wood counter of Demyx's kitchen.

"It says here that Zexion's cousin, Roxas, is coming here soon!" Demyx shouted. How Demyx turned his computer on, got on the Internet, and found Zexion in less than five seconds would be a complete mystery to Axel.


Where had Axel heard that name before?

"I dunno, you can ask Roxas yourself when he gets here."

That's IT!


Roxas was Sora's best friend from childhood!

"Demyx, I think I found Zexion and Sora's connection…"


Monday had came too late for Axel's liking, Sunday he'd gotten dragged around 'Zexion sighting' by Demyx. He was glad he was at school.


Axel a Goth…

Just said he was GLAD he was at school.

Damn, Demyx was really affecting him…

"Yo! Axel!"

Axel turned, seeing Sora standing by the school's front doorway with a blonde…

A very interesting blonde…

Easy on the eyes…

Okay, who was Axel kidding the guy was perfect!

His hair was a windswept blond; maybe he and Sora shared gels or something.

Of course Sora's hair was naturally spiky, so that wasn't possible.

Axel walked up the steps, his gaze meeting a piercing sapphire.

Sora stood between them, "Axel, this is my best bestest friend Roxas, Roxy, this is my ex-boyfriend/best friend Axel."

The sapphire eyes seemed to look Axel up and down.

Axel sweatdropped, Sora just seemed to be his usual happy self.

"I don't like you." With that, Roxas turned and walked into school.

Sora broke out laughing, walking after his best bestest friend.

Axel blinked.

Roxas didn't LIKE him?

After just MEETING him?

What was WRONG with that blonde?


"God I missed that." Sora answered, wiping a tear from his eye. Roxas always seemed to make him laugh so hard he cried.

"Where ever Sora goes, he gets stuck in a weird school." Roxas answered, glancing around the school.

Sora pouted, "That's not funny."

"I thought so."

"So what's up with Axel?"

Roxas rolled his eyes, leaning against Sora's locker, "Why'd you two break up?"

Sora shrugged, "We were more fuck buddies if anything."

"Uh huh…"

"Aww, Roxy is jealous!"

"And what would I be jealous of, Sora?"

"You want me all to yourself!"

Sora was obviously enjoying the attention.

"Sora, when you're actually good looking, I'll let you know."

The brunette pouted, was Roxas saying Sora was ugly!

"Are you saying I'm UGLY!"

"You're not UGLY… you're just not easy to look at."

A shocked gasp, "R-Roxy, that's so MEAN!"

Roxas rolled his eyes.

He knew what was coming next…


The hallway kids watches as Sora tackled Roxas to the floor.

This school year would be interesting…


Why was English so boring…? There was never anything fun hap—…

Sora winced quietly as a note hit his head.

Damn Roxas for throwing so hard.

Maybe Sora would get a paper cut and he'd bleed to death.

So, how's this Riku guy you told me about…?

Sora blinked before smiling.

Leave it to Roxas to run his life.

You'll meet him at lunch he's fun!

Sora chucked it across the room to where Roxas was.

Stupid Roxas and his stupid reflexes caught it easily and it vanished from sight.

A split second later a note was flung onto Sora's desk, it was a light red color.

Only one person had that kind of paper…

Sora looked up, glancing at his ex-boyfriend with a questioning gaze

Axel simply shrugged.

You guys talking about little ol' me?

Sora smirked, jotting down his answer and tossing it back.

Yes, we're talking about the size of your cock.

Axel was first to send the letter back, Roxas's came in a short while after.

Aww, you love the size of my dick, don't you Sora? (An added heart at the end)

That Axel guy looks like a stalker, how'd you fall for him?

Sora quickly waited for the teacher to pass by before writing and sending his answers back.

Sorry Axel, is it me or is your dick getting smaller? (Wink) So what do you think of Roxy?

That's hard to explain, what do you personally think of him?

The letters came back almost right after Sora threw them.

My dick is just the perfect size for your large ass, Sora. 'Roxy' looks completely fuckable.

It's hard to explain? I HATE him! He's CREEPY!

Suddenly a random thought occurred to Sora. He waited for the teacher to continue her lecture and look at the board again before tossing the notes.

He'd written no responses.

However he managed to give Roxas Axel's note and visa versa.

Sora had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing. Axel looked like a drowned rat after reading Roxas and Sora's note.

Roxas, on the other hand, glared half-heartedly at Sora before glaring fully at the back of Axel's head.

And there was an obvious stain of red crossing Roxas's cheeks.

Sora sat back, tapping his lead pencil lightly on the desk.

Things were going to get interesting this year.

Sora could feel it.


Tke: I loved the notes best. :D

Axel: h-he HATES me!

Tke: it would seem so…

Axel: breaks into sobs ROXY!

Roxas: looks over from where he and Sora are playing chess shut up.

Tke: Things such as Sora, Roxas, and Zexion's passed friendship, Axel and Sora's old relationship, why Roxas moved, and other things will be explained later, just be patient.

Sora: REVIEWERS GET ROXAS PLUSHIES! And if you pull the cord on his back, he says 'I don't like you!'

Roxas: eye twitch

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