Okay, so in this story House and Cameron have a daughter, and we get to watch her grow up! Every chapter is a new year, starting when she is five.

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Today was Amanda House's first day of kindergarten. She had her curly light brown hair pulled back, so it wouldn't cover up her stunning blue eyes. Everyone had told her again and again that she had looked so much like her father, and she very much agreed. Her and her father looked a great deal alike. They also acted alike too. They were both very sarcastic. From age 3 when Amanda had said some comment about the way Cuddy was dressed, House knew it was going to be very fun watching Amanda grow up.

'Ready for school?" House had said as enthusiastically as he could.

"Nope" Amanda said nonchalantly, while eating her Frosted Flakes. House silently laughed at this.

"Come on! Don't you remember how much fun pre-school was?" Allison said in the hopes of exciting her daughter.

Amanda had to think before she answered this. She had liked pre-school, well the people anyways. Especially a certain boy named Jesse. "I guess it was okay," she stated while emptying the whole box of cereal in the hopes of finding the prize. Victory, she had found it. Though, it wasn't that great, but it would do. House watched her do this and couldn't help but to laugh.

"Allison, would you clean that up? I have got to bring Amanda to school, wouldn't want her to be late, would we?" he said mockingly, while picking up a Frosted Flake that had fallen in front of him.

"Sure." His wife replied, rolling her eyes. She quickly stood up to hug her daughter. 'Have a good day sweetie." She said. She quickly kissed House (ignoring the 5 year old looking quite disgusted) and sent them on their way.

Outside of the house, House had begun to inform his daughter of all the stuff he thought she should know. "What I am about to tell you is completely confidential, and can be repeated to no one," House had told his daughter as they got in the car.

"Not even mommy?" Amanda asked.

"Especially not mommy"

"Oh boy! That means what you have to tell me is fun!" Amanda said, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Yep. Very fun. Okay, so if anyone does anything to upset you, don't hold back. Yell at them"

"Uh huh!" Amanda said, nodding her head.

"Next, give me your lunch box"

"Kay" She quickly got out her pink sparkly lunchbox and handed it to her daddy. House opened it.

"Just what I had expected. Your mom has given you no sugar. Just all that healthy stuff." As he said healthy Amanda quickly let out an "Eww!" "But don't worry, I have got something that will make it better. Out of his pocket, he pulled out a chocolate chip cookie, and a chocolate bar.

"yay!" Amanda yelped causing House to go through a stop sign.

"Finally, be as sarcastic as you would like." House said, while pulling over at the school.

"But mommy said to be completely nice. No sarcasm" Amanda said.

"What mommy doesn't know won't hurt her, will it?"

"No!" Amanda said while walking ahead of her dad. House walked as quick as he could with his cane.

After about 5 minutes of listening to the principal speak, House said he had to get to his job. So, he quickly left. In truth, he didn't have to be at work for another hour, but he figured being a little early for work was much better then having to listen to someone ramble on about how important school was.


House had arrived at work only 5 minutes early (he had stopped at Happy Donuts on the way there) He quickly went to his office hoping to find only his wife. He did find Allison, but to his disappointment he also found Foreman and Chase.

"Get out." House said.

"What?" Foreman and chase asked.

"You heard me. Go away. Get out."

"And do what" Foreman said.

"Well, I think my next door neighbor just got a new TV, so you can go steal that" House said, and you" he said, while pointing to Chase "You can go and find me a kangaroo" Foreman rolled his eyes. Typical House. So, him and Chase quietly left Cameron and House alone.

House shut the door and let down the blinds. He walked over to his wife. Alone time was very rare now days.

"Hi" he whispered, leaning in making his face inches from hers

"Hi" she whispered, closing the gap. There lips met. Suddenly everything was forgotten. He quickly wrapped his arms around her slender figure and inhaled her sweet scent. Her hands were roaming his chest, picking at one of the buttons of his shirt. She swiftly undid them. And felt his bare chest. It felt good.


"So, what do you think they are doing in there?" Foreman asked Chase.

" 10 dollars says having sex" Chase said.

"You think Cameron would do that in the hospital?" Foreman asked.

"Only one way to find out" Chase replied, and quickly paged Cuddy to go to House's office. Then, both Chase and Foreman quickly went to the floor on which House had his office on.

After about 5 minutes they heard a scream followed by a 'get the hell out!" and a slam of a door.

Foreman handed Chase 10 dollars. And quickly hid from Cuddy.


It was 12:00, when House got a call from Amanda's school saying that Amanda was misbehaving and that she needed to be picked up. House sighed and went to his daughters school. When he arrived at the office he saw Amanda sitting there. "What did you do?" House asked.

'I hit this boy who told me I threw like a girl"

"Amanda, you are a girl."

"I know, but he didn't have to say it so loudly!" she told her father sternly.

House sighed. "Okay, just don't tell mommy"

"Okay daddy!" House signed his daughter out of school and went home.


When Allison arrived home, she asked her daughter how school was. Amanda followed he dads instructions and lied. "It was great!" she said. Then she quickly glanced at her father who gave her a wink.

'That's good"


After Amanda had gone to sleep and House and Allison were in bed, Allison said "I know you gave Amanda a cookie, so don't even THINK you are getting any tonight. House grinned. For the first time, he was slightly happy with his life.

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