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"Daddy Daddy! Guess what!" Amanda yelled at her father, while coming home.


"My class is doing a play and GUESS who got the main part?"

"Um, that Cindy girl?" House guesses, knowing perfectly well it was Amanda.

"No" Amanda said, a smile forming.

"Um, Erin?" House guessed.

"No daddy! It was me! I got the main role!!!" Amanda said, jumping up and down.

"OH" House said, "I don't know why I just didn't guess you in the first place"

"Silly daddy. Anyways, I want EVERYONE there at my debut" Amanda stated.

'Debut?' House thought, 'oh boy'

"Uncle Wilson, Cuddy, the black dude and" Amanda looked as if she was thinking really hard when suddenly "Oh I remember! The wombat!" Amanda said, with a smile.

'The black dude and the wombat' House thought 'What a great example I have been'

"Sure, they can be there. Whatever you want"

"Cool!!" Amanda said while going to her room. Just then Cameron came in.

"Did you hear about her 'debut'?" she asked, while sitting down at the counter.

"Oh yeah. She wants 'the black dude', and 'the wombat' there to witness it" House said, while sitting down beside his wife.

"The black dude and Wombat?" Cameron said, questionably.


"She has got to stop hanging around with you"

"Don't I know it" House said, with a smile.


"DADDY!" Amanda screamed from her bedroom.

"What?" House said, popping two pills, and then heading toward her room.

"I have to practice my lines," she said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Okay then. Let's practice" House said, pretending to be thrilled.

"Kay, here are you lines" Amanda said, giving her dad a piece of paper titled "The Rag Princess"

Amanda started her lines as House followed along.


About 30 minutes later, Amanda was asleep on her bed. She had fallen asleep while practicing.


"Hey, Wilson. Amanda wants you at her play" House said, entering the hospital.

"Oh. When is it?" Wilson asked.

"Next Saturday" House said, on the way to his office.

"Okay, I'll be there" Wilson said, proudly.

"Oh, don't be to proud. She wants the Wombat, and the Black Dude there too"

"Wombat and Black Dude?" Wilson asked.


"She has got to stop hanging around you"

"Yeah yeah yeah" House said, heading off to the dreadful clinic.


"DAD!!!!!!!!" Amanda screamed from downstairs.

"What?" House yelled from upstairs.

"We GOT TO go. My debut is almost here!" she said, annoyed.

"Dude, this play isn't till 7:00, have you glanced at a clock lately?" House asked coming down the stairs.

"Yeah" Amanda said.

"And what time is it?"

"5:30" Amanda said.

"Yep. And besides, we have to wait for Mommy before we can go"

"Okay" Amanda said, heading off to her room to practice some more.


House, Cameron, and Amanda met up with Wilson, Cuddy, Foreman and Chase at the play.

"Oh Amanda, you look very pretty" Cuddy said, sweetly.

"Thanks. Mommy made my costume"

"And what a great job she did"

House whispered to his wife "Didn't you buy that?"

"What Amanda doesn't know, won't hurt her" Cameron whispered back.

"And they say I lie"


They play had been going on for about 10 minutes, and Amanda was doing quite well. However, there was one kid, who was not doing so well.

"Dude, that redheaded kid sucks" House said to Wilson.

"House! You can't say that" Wilson whispered back.

"Why not? He does" House said.

"He's 7!"

"So is Amanda"

"His parent could be sitting in back of us!"

"Correction. His parent IS sitting in back of you," said an unfamiliar voice.

"Oh, you've done it now" Wilson whispered.


It turns out the redheaded kids dad wasn't very reasonable. And he ended up punching House... while the play was still going on. This upset Amanda. The fact that some moron had the nerve to punch her dad RIGHT before her big part caused Amanda to do something that no one would have expected. Amanda jumped off the stage, and bit the guy who punched House.

"Oh boy..." Cameron said, getting up to get Amanda.

"Amanda! Get of this man!" House exclaimed.

"But DAD, he interrupted the play! And my BIG part was next" Amanda said.

"I know. But still, we don't bite. Haven't you learned that yet?" House asked.

"Yeah. But..." House cut her off.

" Amanda. You know we don't bite" Cameron said sternly.

"But punching is okay?" Amanda asked.

"No. Punching is not okay," Cameron said, glancing at the redheaded kids father.

"Hey! He" he said, pointing to House," said my kid sucked" Mr. Smith (red headed kids dad) said.

"Dude. These are 7 year olds. Why would I say they sucked?" House said innocently.

"How should I know!" Mr. Smith yelled.

"Dude, you're hearing things" House said, then limped away. There was no way the play was going to continue after this.


That night, after Amanda had been put to bed Cameron asked, "Did you really say that red headed kid sucked?"

"Umm..." House said, smirking.

Cameron sighed. "Jeez..." she said, getting up to walk away. House pulled her back down. "Oh come on, you know lying is sexy" House said. Cameron grinned. She kissed House on the cheek and said, "I need sleep. It's been a long day"


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