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I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness. Elyse had come in not too long ago and stuck a needle in my arm. I was too tired to struggle, the stress and fear taking an enormous toll on my body and mind. My eyes were closing, and I was barely able to make out the dim figure advancing toward me, a knife and bowl in hand. The last thing I saw were two, familiar blue eyes staring into mine.

A sharp pain was enveloping my wrist, keeping me from falling into the sleep the drug from Elyse had intended. I tried to squirm away but my limbs were sluggish and yielded no result. The pain dulled and then disappeared as the drug finally took hold.

Ethan's POV

I waited a few minutes after Elyse had given Bella the sedative, just like it had been planned. I could see an internal struggle in Bella's eyes as she tried to fight the drug. Time was of the essence, so I quickly moved towards her body, sprawled on the cold cement floor. I pulled a knife out and slit her wrist, quickly placing the bowl beneath it. As the blood started to pool into the bowl, I fought back the instinct to drain her, knowing that Elyse was counting on me. Everything had to go as planned. I took the bowl and quickly ran to the entrance of the forest, and carefully made a trail. I sensed other vampires in the area and ran faster than I thought I could.

It didn't seem to be fast enough. I dodged behind the trees in the clearing the trail was supposed to end. I threw the bowl to the opposite side of the clearing, hoping it would give me some sort of protection. The vampires were too close for me to escape, and Elyse's voice in my head forced me to stay, despite my urge to run.

I carefully turned to see Alice and Edward in the clearing. They were looking everywhere. The fog helped to keep me hidden from them. "You have to make a distraction. I have the girl nearby, but leave her here with me. Go off and try to sound like the girl in pain, it's sure to pull a few heartstrings of Edward here." Elyse's commanding voice rang through my head. I ran swiftly and silently towards where they had come into the clearing, and made a quick girlish scream. With that I started running, not knowing who it was that was coming after me. I didn't want to have to face either of them or their fury.

I was fairly doomed, I realized, since several drops of Bella's blood clung to my pale, icy skin, and the rapid footsteps that echoed behind me.


My fury and rage were building;, my senses all on edge and prepared for whatever was to come. Finally, an overconfident Elyse swaggered from behind the shadows of the trees. "Well Edward, fancy seeing you here? Let me guess, you have come back begging for my forgiveness and to take me back into those strong arms of yours?" Her laugh was sickening in my ears. I was tense, but figured I could mess with her mind, make her angry enough to attack and let her guard down.

"Elyse, I don't think anyone would be brainless enough to want to be with you. You are a cold, vile person. It's a pity Elyse that your own unhappiness prevents you from letting others be happy. You really must be desperate, having to stoop to this level."

My plan seemed to be working. Elyse too, was now crouched in a fighting stance, anger apparent on her face. She stepped closer to me growling and almost begging for me to attack. "You've been a bad boy, Edward. If you're not careful you may not be the only one who will be punished. I'm being very generous considering the circumstances. It breaks my heart to go through all this trouble to help you see how much you need me, and yet you are still so thick headed. That human is nothing compared to me. Surely you must see that."

With that she lunged at me and tackled me to the ground. She had my arms pinned down and she bent down to kiss me. Again I felt that almost tugging sensation in my head, telling me to just give in to Elyse. She wasn't that bad, was she? But I thought of Bella, knowing how much I love her. I growled and shoved her off me, knocking several trees over in the collision.

I searched frantically for Alice's thoughts, but I heard nothing. Elyse got up quickly. Her eyes were full of fury. "That was a mistake, Edward Cullen. And now Bella is going to pay," Elyse said, eerily calm but with a furious undertone. "Oh Ethan, bring Bella here."

I knew that if Bella was harmed nothing would stop me from attacking Elyse. Ethan carried Bella in, and at first glance she looked dead. Blood had dried around her wrist, obviously where they had cut her to make the sadistic trail that led me here. I could hear her gentle, yet frighteningly slow heartbeat.

"What have you done to her?" I snarled. Again that hideous chuckle of Elyse's sounded, filling the silence in the forest. Ethan laid Bella on the ground and crouched in front of her, preventing me from snatching her away from their wretched hands.

"Edward, this would be so much easier if you would just let her go and come with me. But, you had to be a bad boy. I'm sure Ethan told you that as long as you agreed to come with me, nothing would happen to Bella. I'm afraid you had to do things the hard way." Suddenly Ethan pulled out a syringe and injected a pale green liquid into Bella's neck. Her frail body started to tremble, as the poison made its way through her blood stream.

I lunged at Ethan pulling him away from Bella. I scratched and clawed his skin, causing him to shriek and howl with pain. I could now hear Alice's frantic thoughts and her feet running towards the commotion.


The smell of fear filling my senses as Ethan ran away from the clearing. I followed the scent deeper into the forest away from Edward, until suddenly, it disappeared all together. Was that possible? I stopped and circled the area. Someone pounced from behind me, and I felt several punches to my head before I fell unconscious.

I woke a while later and stood carefully as the pain quickly faded. I grasped onto a tree as a vision filled my head.

Edward holding Bella close to him, sobbing as the mangled, burning remnants of Ethan laid to the side. Elyse watched, calculating across the clearing as she stared at Bella. Suddenly, Elyse attacked Edward throwing punches and scratching his face. Bella laid on the ground, with tears streaming from her unopened eyes, her face as mask of pain. When Elyse had beaten Edward enough to keep him from attacking her, she picked up Bella and took off running. Silence filled the night; no one came to the clearing. Edward sat up and looked frantically around. Upon discovering Bella missing, he let out a growl of anguish and rage. He took his hands in his head and sobbed, his body shaking out of pain.

I took off running back to the clearing following the faint trail of Ethan's smell. I saw Edward attack Ethan, pulling and tearing at his skin. Elyse watched the whole thing, sickly enjoying the fight before her eyes. Finally Ethan's limbs littered the ground, and the rage and determination in Edward's eyes were as bright as ever He pulled out matches and dropped it onto the grisly pile of Ethan's flesh and limbs. I stayed to the edges of the clearing, out of either of their sights, though I knew Edward was able to read my mind. "I'm going to attack her from behind, you get Bella. What ever you do, keep Elyse from getting her."

"Elyse, this sadistic game of yours is over. I never loved you." Edward yelled boldly at a determined Elyse. Her arms were crossed as one hip jutted out to one side.

"I always hoped your naivety would fade; pity it didn't. Since when do you think you make the rules? In this whole scheme, do you think your words make a difference? I'm the one in control." She paused, looking decisively over Edward's body. "I've had my eyes on you Edward, and I'm the type of woman that gets what she wants." Elyse slowly sauntered forward, swaying her hips and batting her eyelashes, though her eyes were intense and extremely focused.

Edward stayed still, seeming to come under a trance. I could see him trying to fight whatever force Elyse unleashed on him. His fist and jaw clenched simultaneously, as he tried to take a step backward. Elyse came closer still and gently placed a hand on his cheek. "There Edward, that wasn't so hard." She cackled and startled to wrap her other arm around his neck pulling his face closer to her own.

I watched, feeling completely unsure of what to do. I focused on Edward's eyes, hoping he was able to resist and fight her mental hold. Suddenly his eyes flashed the darkest shade of black I had ever seen.


My head felt a sudden pressure, as Elyse moved determinedly closer. The anger within me continued to build under the oddly calm voice of Elyse's that infiltrated my mind and ears. "I've had my eyes on you Edward, and I'm the type of woman that gets what she wants." I tried to fight the need to succumb to Elyse and tried to take a step back away from her. Her arms wrapped around my neck pulling me closer to her as I continued to fight the mental assault.

"No. No. I can't do this! Bella! I LOVE Bella. Not Elyse. I never loved her. Never!" I combated every slimy thought that Elyse pushed into my mind, as anger consumed me. I forced my arms to move and pushed her away from me using all my strength. My ability to resist Elyse shocked her and made her concentration falter. I shoved her into the arms of a snarling and vicious looking Alice.

Elyse was pinned down, her face forced into the dry dirt as she struggled fiercely. Bella whimpered, and sobbed quietly, though my ears were so sensitive to the noise that I heard over everything else. The rasping breath and snarls echoing from Elyse's mouth weren't the least bit important in comparison to the safety and health of Bella. I kneeled over her, holding her frail body to me, and cupped her face gently. Bella coughed several times, wracking and shaking her body; her skin was paler than was even close to healthy.

I could barely hear Alice's warning thoughts as they flashed frantically through my head, my focus solely on Bella. "Edward!" Alice yelled at me. I turned quickly to see Elyse holding tiny Alice against an immense tree, one hand around Alice's throat and the other snapping one of Alice's arms at a sickening angle. The cracking of bones echoed through the clear along with the whimpering cries of Alice.

My anger again rebuilt and was seething through ever part of me. How could one person become such a problem? Why couldn't she understand that I never loved her, and that I never could, and just move on? It was one thing for Elyse to be angry at me, but an entirely different matter to take it out those I love. I clenched my fists and laid Bella's body carefully back on the ground. I kissed her pale cheek, dangerously cold to the touch and then stood up again. Elyse's complete focus was on making Alice suffer, to hurt me as well as release the anger building up inside her. "I've worked too hard for some human and her little vampire friends to take it all away from me!" She screeched within her mind and simultaneously tightened her grasp around Alice's neck.

In a flash I was throwing myself at Elyse and pinning her to ground. I kicked and tore at Elyse's body trying to cause her as much pain as she had caused Bella, my family, myself. Elyse seemed dazed and weak now, her drive temporarily slackened and overcome by the surprise of my attack. I continued to rip away pieces of her flesh and felt successful as Elyse's screams pierced the otherwise silent forest. Her body twitched as she tried to move and fight back, but it was futile as my anger drove me to finish my actions.

I wanted Elyse dead. I no longer felt content tearing away the stony flesh and grasped one of her arms in both of mine and ripped it clear off. I didn't relent until the screams died on her lips and her body finally ceased moving. Alive stood above Bella, trying to keep her from lapsing into unconsciousness. One hand was curved around Bella's cheek, the other gripped tightly around her silver cell phone speaking urgently into the phone to a worried Carlisle. I slipped out the small pack of matches deep inside my pants pocket and moved the flesh and limbs of what used to be Elyse, and lit the pieces on fire. Momentarily I was entranced as each bit caught fire, and the heavy smoke that curled into the air and up into the night sky.

Two hands gently touched my shoulders and turned me around. Alice stood before me, her face taught with not only physical pain but worry. She had managed to bend her arm back into position and it was already starting to heal back into place. Bella was still on the ground, taking in the shallowest of breaths. "Edward, we have to get her to Carlisle as soon as possible. She's not going to make it if we don't wait much longer..." Alice whispered, hesitant to speak as fear laced her voice.

I knelt and carefully pulled Bella into my arms. After one final look at Alice I took off into the chilled night, forgoing my Volvo in the parking lot and heading in a direct path to Forks. "I'll call Carlisle and tell him we are coming to the house, and I will drive you car back. Run Edward, you have to make it" Alice told me. I pushed myself harder than ever before racing through the dense forests back to Forks.

CPOV (Carlisle)

Edward sprinted in a blur of color up the driveway and into the house. Esme was clutching herself with her arms trying to keep herself together, while Jasper tried to keep everyone else calm. He was concerned not only for Bella, but especially for Alice. Edward laid Bella down on the makeshift bed I had pulled together on a table. Her clothes were tattered and coated in dirt and blood, scarcely hanging onto her frail body. The cut on Bella's wrist was the most evident, a gaping wound that was somewhat clotted and sealed, thought it too was encrusted in dirt. Edward took his place across from the table and looked up at me.

Hope and fear blazed his eyes. "Carlisle, we have to help her... her pulse has been getting weaker. I can't lose her. I just... I can't. Not when I just got her back." He pleaded with me. I nodded, feeling determined not to see Edward pulled back into his dark emotionless shell.

I bent down to check Bella's pulse, which was indeed very weak. Her breathing was shallow and almost non existent. The pinky finger on her left hand twitched slightly, and her chest rose a fraction with each breath, but besides that her body didn't move at all. "Edward, we need the AED. We have to get her heart working otherwise we will lose her." In a flash Edward was back with the paddles in his hands and charging. I took them from him, noticing that his hands trembled slightly. Jasper gasped behind me as Alice came into the house and instantly into his arms. Simultaneously, Bella's body shuddered and settled again though her breathing became labored and painful sounding.

"She's going into shock." I stated fearfully. Determination filled me and I slipped into my doctor mentality. "Clear," I said, making sure Edward removed his hand from Bella's. Placed on her chest, I released the charge and watched as her body again jumped and twitched from the shock. Everyone was silent, waiting to hear the pulse of her heart. It was faint, with beats far too long apart. Again I charged the paddles, it seeming to take forever. "Clear," I called again. Her frail body trembled and jumped again. We watched, and listened, and waited.


I ached all over, unable to move on my own accord. I tried to open just one eye, hoping to reduce the pain that swarmed the most intense in my head. I was propped up on top of Edward's leather couch with pillows below and around me, blankets covering me like a cocoon. Edward sat on the floor by my feet, his bronze head wrapped in his pale fingers. I could hear him talking to himself in fierce whispers, though my mind was too muddled to hear exactly what he was saying.

Looking around the rest of his room, I spotted my letter from what seemed to be long ago lying on this desk. The edges were crinkled in the form of a handprint, most likely from where his fist had clenched it. His closet door was open with clothes and such spewing out of it in an uncontrolled fashion. A picture of the two of us sat on the table beside the couch, only a foot or so away from my head. The two of us were wrapped in each other's arms with our faces smiling softly towards the camera. I thought back to only a couple weeks ago when we had been that happy. I was the one to blame for all the discord and pain that had happened since then, and I couldn't contain the despair that was filling so quickly within me. The tears pooled in my lower eye lids before slipping over the edges and down my cheek.

My small sniffle caught Edward's attention, and he turned his head slowly in my direction. I watched him, this time opening both my eyes. He cautiously moved over towards me, kneeling on the floor beside me. Edward's cold fingers carefully found my hand and encircled it with both of his. His cool lips kissed my knuckles tenderly, with his eyes locking with my watery ones. I tried to hold back the tears and be strong for once, but it was a useless effort. Continuing to sniffle as tears fell, the two of us stayed like this for several minutes. Slowly, Edward lifted his hand to my cheek and swept away the stray tears. He looked deep into my eyes, all the while silent, before leaning forward and lightly kissing my lips. I closed my eyes and hoped that he would stay there a moment or two, and savored the feeling of him being close to me.

"Edward...," I started, my voice raspy and barely a whisper. He held is finger up to my lips, "Bella, it's okay, you don't have to talk. You've been through so much this past week, just rest." he said. I closed my eyes and nodded my head a tiny bit. I felt his hand cup my cheek, and his lips meet mine slowly and carefully again. Edward pulled back and looked back into my eyes, searching for something.

"I love you Edward. Thank you for loving me, thank you for saving me, thank you for coming after me." I told him, trying to keep my voice steady and audible. Despite the steady increase of pain as I moved, I turned my head and kissed his hand, nuzzling my head into his hand again. My eyes felt heavy and I was unable to fight the blanket of exhaustion began to cover me. I was content knowing Edward and me were okay. As long as he was with me, nothing would go wrong. Clinging to that thought, I stopping trying to fight the fatigue and slipped away into unconsciousness.

"I love you Bella, thank you for loving me, thank you for saving me, thank you for bringing light into my life."

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