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Chapter One

Run away

On a very common street where very common things occurred, resides a very common house. Inside the house there were three very common people sleeping in their common beds. Mean while, one very uncommon boy sat awake. He however, had no bed of his own. He lived inside a cupboard under the stairs. He had dark matted hair and bright green eyes. His eyes shone with an intelligence and power not common for one so young. His name is Harry Potter. Harry sat hunched over inside his 'room' pondering the fate of the world. At six years old that was an amazing exploit. Although, his inner monologue had a fairly small vocabulary, and his understanding of the world limited; it was an accomplishment none the less. Of course, he had no idea that his musings could lead to the deaths of many or the salvation of even more. No, it could not have possibly occurred to him just how important the questions he was asking himself were.

"Bloody, stupid Uncle. It's not my fault I got stuck on that roof. If 'Dudders' wasn't chasing me I wouldn't of… popped up there." Of course this was a very strange thing; it was not uncommon for strange things to occur around him. He gave a childish giggle as he thought of how furious his uncle was when they had to call the fire department to get him down.

"He's certainly the biggest 'cat' we've had to rescue." One of the firefighters said with a laugh. Harry sobered as he recalled his uncle's later reaction when they were alone. He winced as he reached back to touch his shredded back.

"There's no such thing as magic!" His uncle would yell before a lashing. Harry would never repeat the saying, which only enraged his uncle more. "Say it."

"No!" Harry shouted back before another blow landed on the sensitive skin of his back. He held in a cry of pain by biting into his lip. When his uncle was finally tired he gave into his wife Petunia's pleading's and left the boy alone. His aunt, although quite the bitch, didn't like to see him beaten. For that he was grateful.

Harry knew he couldn't stand much more of their treatment. He was slowly losing the will to fight, and despite his size, he was a fighter. 'I have to leave.' Harry thought determinedly. 'But, where will I go?' He asked himself. 'Anywhere away from here.' He decided. 'I'll leave tonight.' Mind made up Harry got ready to go.

"All I have to do now is figure out how to get out from under here." Harry mumbled having forgotten he was locked in. carefully he pressed his injured back against the door while wedging his feet against the wall. He slowly began to push with his legs. After several minutes the wounds on his back reopened and blood trickled down his spine. He persisted in his task, however. Finally the door gave off a little whine before the hinge broke spilling him out onto the hallway floor.

"Yes!" He whispered happily. He was free. "Owe!" Freedom was a bitch. His back felt like razors were being dragged across it. Ignoring the pain he went into the kitchen swiftly. He pulled a chair over to the refrigerator to stand on. He carefully reached on top of the frig searching for-

"Ahah!" Harry cried triumphantly. He took down a small coffee jar and jumped down off the chair quietly. He put it gently down on the table and reverently opened the lid. Harry's face shown with relief, inside there must have been over three thousand pounds in assorted bills. 'Sorry Aunt Petunia.' He thought with a smile and absolutely no remorse. His aunt asked for just a little more money than needed each week, and then kept the leftovers in a coffee jar over the fridge. Harry was the only one who knew and didn't dare rat out the only person in the house who didn't take pleasure in his torture. He of course left thirty pounds behind for her. 'Suck on that.' He thought as he replaced the jar minus the bulk of the money. Harry froze as he thought of the very American saying he just used. It reminded him of the girl just about his age who lived across the street for one summer. Summers, Buffy Summers, the only friend he ever had. 'Well, at least human friend.' He corrected. He had also befriended a garden snake named Jack. He probably would stay and accept what ever beatings his uncle had for him in the coming years if Buffy hadn't moved back to America. He sighed. 'Time to go.' He walked out of the kitchen and smirked at the cupboard door on the floor. 'Uncle's going to have a fit.' He smiled as he stepped over it. As he reached for the door he froze, and looked around the hallway. For a second he felt the desire to stay, once his gaze landed on the blood stained door however, he resolved that if he ever came back it would be for revenge. With a steely gaze he swung open the door letting it hit the wall with a bang and made his way out into the world…

Harry panted two blocks away from Private Drive. It wasn't a very long walk, but after his tiring day of starvation and beatings it felt like miles. 'Why didn't I get something to eat before leaving?' He wondered. He started walking again after a moment; the bus stop was only another block away. When he finally reached it he collapsed gratefully onto a public bench. After regaining his breath he looked up towards the bus schedule. 'Good, there should be one in only a few minutes.' Harry sighed in relief. He was actually going to escape. He felt like looking around for an invisible dragon just like in that movie he was able to watch through the cat flap in the cupboard door. 'Peter and the Magic Dragon, was that the name?' He didn't remember for sure, but the parallels between their lives were astounding. Harry looked at his watch. It read 3:47, but it was half broken. After Dudley threw it away Harry fished it out of the trash. The only problem he found was that it always read 4 hours and 33 minutes fast. So after some quick math Harry knew it was 11:14. Harry glared up at the bus schedule. 'It's almost an hour late now!' He thought. He suddenly grew pale and began to breathe raggedly. 'What if they aren't coming? He'd be found and dragged back. He was just ready to have a full blown panic attack when the loud screeching breaks alerted him to the bus' presence. 'Thank gods." He thought. He quickly scurried up inside and was about to put the correct change inside when a man with a receding hairline, slightly yellow teeth and a blue uniform shirt interrupted the process.

"Oi!" The bus driver said. "Where your parents." Harry casually placed the required funds in the machine before answering in the same manner.

"Oh they'll be meeting me when I get off." He said while handing the bus driver a hundred pound tip. The bus driver snatched the bill while replying.

"Of course they will. It looks like I was notified 'ere someone would be gettin' on about your size. Take 'er seat, please." Harry smiled and sat down gratefully. 'Can't believe that worked.' As the bus began to roll into motion, Harry placed his head on the cold glass window before drifting off to sleep.

"Last stop! Last stop! Oi, boy, do you 'ear me?" Harry awoke with a start. The bus driver had an angry look on his face. "I'd been try'n ta get ya attention for some time, lad." Harry just stared blankly back at the man too tired to think clearly. "Well," The bus driver said, "Aff with ya!" Harry started.

"Sorry." He said as he made his way off. He barely had his feet on the ground before the bus driver sped off. 'What's his hurry.' Harry wondered. It didn't take long for him to develop an accurate guess. He wasn't sure where he was, but he knew it wasn't a place for scared bus drivers and doubly so for six year old boys with a wad of cash in their pocket. Harry stared in shock at the run down stores, trash littered side walks and the motley crew of prostitutes, pimps, and bums. Each store had a vice of its own if only one. Liquor store, liquor store, XXX erotica, The 800 club, gun store. Harry gulped while looking around nervously. 'Better get walking. I stay too long and I'll stand out even more.' He thought. Schooling his features into one of a hardened young man he made his way up the street in search of a hotel. He past prostitutes that would look more appropriate in some back water town in Vietnam then the royal country. They made crude comments about little boys that made Harry shiver internally. The pimps watched amused while some loner drug addicts and bums looked at him like a meal ticket. He hurried his pace. In retrospect, probably a bad idea. Three loners, 'Drug addicts' Harry thought, began to follow him. They all had pale faces. The leader of the group wore a black leather coat with no shirt; his hair was spiked up in odd directions. His eyes had a red glint in them that Harry guessed were from drugs. He finally gave up the act and tore down the nearly empty street. 'When did it get so empty?' Harry thought desperately. Turning a corner rapidly hoping to lose them Harry was dismayed to see he had come to a dead end.

"Not good!" Harry panted frantically.

"Not good at all, love." Drawled a cold voice. Harry turned to see the three drug addicts behind him. Their appearance suddenly became more menacing as their teeth elongated into sharp fangs. Long claws grew out of their finger tips, and their eyes became mere slits while holding only a red tint now.

"Not good at all." Harry agreed. They smirked.

"I like your spunk kid. If I was the fatherly type I'd odopt ya." The leader said. "Seein' as I'm not… my friend here," he gesture over his left shoulder, "Has a thing for kids. Ain't that so kitten?" He asked the prostitute Harry saw earlier.

"They are so innocent." She purred erotically. Harry blanched.

"I like my innocence where it is thanks." Harry said sarcastically. They all laughed.

"We don't!" Kitten hissed out as she dashed for Harry. Not thinking Harry dropped to the ground just before she got too close and swung his leg hard. Luckily it connected with her knee cap sending her to the ground with a screech of pain. She landed on a broken bottle that cut deeply into her throat. Blood sprayed across Harry's face, and he was surprised to see the woman was still alive although unable to get up. Harry began to stand again, but was back handed hard by the leader. Harry was knocked off his feet and into a pile of trash. The third, who seemed content to watch, decided to join in and headed towards Harry with an unmistakable gleam of hatred in his eyes. Harry frantically searched for something to defend himself with ay the predator stalked closer. Harry's hand finally found a cold hard metal object that gave him a safe feeling. Pulling it out of the rubbish he swung hard at the charging demon. It gave off a gurgle of surprise before its head slid off its body. As the body fell it turned into ash, which lifted a great deal of the guilt Harry had for killing. Harry looked down at the object that had saved him and was surprised to see an expensive looking sword. It had jewels incrusted in the hilt that gleamed in the moon light. A sardonic clapping filled the empty ally as Harry looked away from the treasure.

"Like I said kid you got spunk." The now lone wolf said. Harry smirked feeling slightly cocky. He assumed a defensive position he's seen on the telly with the sword raised over his head.

"I'll make sure that gets on your epitaph." A new voice joined in. Harry swung around with the blade assuming the new figure was one of them. Harry was, however, shocked when he merely caught his blade bare handed. Apparently so was the lone wolf.

"Day walker!" He hissed. The day walker smirked.

"Surprise." He said monotonously. The lone wolf charged the day walker who let go of Harry's sword so forcefully he fell away from the fight. The lone wolf threw a punch that was skillfully dodged, and returned with a round house kick to the wolf's knee. Harry could here a 'POP' as the wolf fell to the ground with a scream of pain. Just as the wolf was preparing for a second go the day walker spun around while pulling out his own sword, which was strapped to his back. As he came through the turn he used his momentum to decapitate the demon. Who also turned to ash. Harry watched in morbid fascination as he stalked over to the twitching body of Harry's first victim. With a flick of his arm almost too fast for Harry to see the blade decapitated the last of them. The Day walker came back over to Harry who relaxed when he saw the man put away his sword. Harry finally got a look at the man as he stepped into the flickering light of the dieing street lamp. He looked outfitted for war. He had a thick armored vest with a long leather coat. Harry could see guns and knives poking out from different spots on his belt coat and boots. He wore dark sun glasses despite the lack of light and had a hair cut fit for the army. He roughly pulled Harry up.

"Were you bitten?" He asked as he inspected Harry's neck. 'Bitten?" Harry wondered. What the hell were they?

"N-no." He stuttered.

"Then why are you bleeding." He asked.

"Bleeding?" Harry wondered aloud.

"It's how you attracted them. They could smell your blood." He said. Harry tried to remember if he cut himself when the sharp pain in his back reminded him almost thoughtfully of why he was bleeding.

"My back." Harry said. "I got uh- cut earlier." He said.

"Where are your parents?" He asked

"Dead." Harry answered.

"Where's your guardian." He asked.

"I'm not going back." When the day walker began to argue Harry turned and showed his wound. "My uncle did this." He explained. This gave the warrior pause.

"Then you come with me, and bring the sword."

"First tell me what the hell those things were and who you are?" Harry demanded.

"Blade… the name is Blade."

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