I was glaring at the book. So far, it hadn't helped at all. The flowers, the chocolate, and how was it supposed to help? Oh yes; now I was 15 bucks short and decidedly grumpy. And since we had nothing else to do, I was glaring at the book.

"Hey Rai- why are you glaring at that book?" Came a voice. I half-cringed. Kimiko. She was standing at my doorway, looking decidedly confused and concerned.

"Um, n-no, of course not." I stuttered, and threw in a laugh for a good measure. "Why would I be doing that? Tch. That'd be weird, an…and I'm…uh… not weird."

"I see." She replied, her eyebrows raised. Crud. She probably thinks I am weird.

"Anyways," Kimiko continued, "I just heard from Omi about the chocolates." Double-crud. I pursed my lips, trying to think up another excuse.

"And I thought it was really sweet!" I stopped and confusion filled my mind.

"Wait, wha-?"

"Yeah! I mean, chocolates? And Omi told me they were so expensive, too! I mean, it's the sweetest thing anyone could ever ask for!" I grinned.

"Well, you know…" I began.

"Yeah and what amazes me," she said, "Is the fact that you bought them just for Omi!" My jaw dropped.

"O-omi?" I stuttered, laughing weakly. She thought the chocolates were for Omi!? God, why can't I do anything right?

"Yeah, but anyways, I just thought it was really nice." She said. And then, she leaned in and kissed me! I kid you not. I, Raimundo Pedrosa, had succeeded! Maybe Kimiko did like me! Once she left, I hurried up and grabbed the blue book, opened to the third chapter, and started reading…