A/N- The words in italics are foreign curses!

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Flight 176, Gone

"Flight 176 is now boarding, please have your tickets ready, I repeat…"

"That's our flight!" The girl quickly stood at the announcement. She had her black bag slung lazily on her shoulder, while she gathered a pink baby bag and a sleeping baby in her arms. Checking if every thing was in place and fine, she failed to notice the long line at the boarding area until she got there.

"Conchole!" She whispered regretfully. She was behind a girl that was decked out in purple with platinum blonde hair in a high pony tail, and she seemed to be talking on a cell phone in another language.

"Tu es fou?" she almost yelled. "Send me ze appraisal, I'll check and sign it once I get zhere. If you want sings(things) done, you must do zhem yourself!" she flipped close the small phone and tucked it away in a small purple purse that had a small red, white, and blue flag on it. "Con cul…" she muttered. She remembered the flag and the strong accent. She was French.

The baby in her arms began to awaken and yawn softly. "Como estas Hanabi?" she cooed softly to the baby in her arms. Small white eyes opened and stared sleepily at the woman. Her identical ones stared happily down at the baby, but her eyes glanced back up when she heard some commotion a few people in front of her.

"What do you mean 'You can't take all that food onto the plane'!"

"Mr. Maes, sir, you can't bring so much instant ramen onto a plane. It's against the rules!" an employee said, trying to calm down the man in line.

"Do you know who I am!" He shouted, his face twisted in a scowl.


"I'm Naruto Huey Maes! The Naruto Huey Maes! I'm the lead singer of the #1 band in North and South America, Australia, the Caribbean and Europe! Just let me keep some, will you?"

"I don't care if you're the #1 band where the sun don't shine, you can't bring all those electrical devices onto the plane!"

Hinata looked at a cute looking blonde pouting while dumping some instant noodle cups into a plastic bag that a security guard was holding open.

"How troublesome…" A voice behind her said. She looked back, and a boy, no younger than she, was staring lazily toward the scene. His ear was pierced and his hands were in his pockets. His dark hair tied up, and tanned skin with a tattoo of hieroglyphics on his neck signaled he was somewhat Arabic. He looked at her quizzing but she turned away with a blush on her face. She hadn't realized she was staring.

"Can I keep like…ten?" He asked, his eyes begging the security guard. He nodded with a smile.

"Mon dieu! Will you hurry ze hell up!" Cried the blonde woman in front of Hinata.

The blonde man ahead just zipped up his bag and gave his ticket to the airport personnel and boarded the plane.

After a few minutes, it was Hinata's turn to give them the ticket. She shyly gave them what they needed and walked thru the corridor to a junction where there was the door of the plane. Entering the large plane, she looked around briefly. Since she was in first-class, it didn't take long to find her seat. She sat next to a window and gently sat the baby on her lap.

Her bag was seated on the seat next to her, while she buckled her self in. After she got comfortable, she glanced around the first class area. The blonde French woman was seated in front of her, with a laptop on her lap, typing furiously. To her side and across the aisle was the Arabic dude, staring thru his window, up at the sky. The loud blonde with the instant noodles was two seats in front of him, apparently sleeping.

"Mama!" said a gurgling baby. She looked back down at the baby with white eyes. The baby giggled with no teeth, and reached chubby fingers out to Hinata's hoop earrings. She tugged on them roughly, earning a yelp from Hinata. Hinata pulled away to rub her now bleeding ear. Her bottom lips trembled slightly as the baby laughed. The baby began to reach out for the other earring, but Hinata popped her hand away. "No! Eso es moy mala! Mala!" she scolded. The baby painfully retracted her arm and pouted. Hinata looked up again when she saw a guy enter the plane. He had on a large coat that covered up most of his face and shades that hid his eyes. He glanced at her but quickly took his seat behind her. Next was a woman with dark hair tied in the back that made it look like a fan. As she waddled down the aisle, Hinata realized she was pregnant. She took a seat beside the blonde haired American and sighed. Hinata guessed that the weight of the woman's belly was taken of her swollen looking ankles when she sat down. Another person walked in, this time it was a girl with pink hair and green eyes. She had on almost all red and a red backpack on her back. Her head was held tall and she strolled down the aisle to her seat, which was next to the French girl. She took her seat rather rudely, pissing the French girl off.

"ExCUSE mua!" she yelled. "You almost dropped my laptop!"

The pink haired girl scoffed "You should have moved the bloody thing!"

The French girl growled "I, Ino LeBeau, do not move anysing for anybody like you!" she shot.

"Oh, shut up you French bitch! Your voice sounds like your strangling a poodle!" she shot back.

Ino growled, but then smiled and flipped her hair. "I do not have ze time to waste with…how you say…ze slut. Ah, yes. That is what you are: ze fat whore." She faced her laptop and began typing again with a new found confidence. The pink haired girl growled as deep as her high pitched voice would allow, and then she turned and faced her window without another word. Her face twisted up with a scowl.

Hinata covered the baby's ears so that she wouldn't take after the two arguing women before her. A sharp pain emitted her lower belly. She gasped slightly, but held back a bit. She stood up and set the baby down on the seat she was in. "Tu, secethan aki, ok?" The baby nodded.

Hinata almost ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. "I knew drinking all that alcohol last night and not even using the restroom before I left was a big mistake!"


She flushed the toilet in the small bathroom, washed her hands, and walked out. Going thru the small aisle, she noticed a dark spiky head by her seat. She quickened her pace, only to trip a few times, but she just ignored it.

There was a man.

In her seat.

Holding baby Hanabi.

All she was thinking was…WTF?

Her white eyes shined with killer instinct. She tapped the man on the shoulder, holding her self back from assaulting the man. His head spun around, black clashed with white. His stare was a bit intimidating, considering his facial expression was…without an expression.

"W-What are you doing with my b-baby, s-sir?" She stuttered with both fear and anger.

"She was by the front of the airplane so, I guess I couldn't bring myself to leave your baby there…" he said, handing her the baby. She took her with care and sat down by the man. Apparently, they share the same row.

"D-Do you want to s-sit next to the window?" She asked, trying to be nice. He simply shook his head no. Her fingers began to play with the baby's dress out of nervousness. "U-Umm…Th-Th-Thank…y-you…" her pale face began to blush.

"No problem." He stated. He looked at her, amused that he made her so nervous. He decided to be nice, to make the long flight bearable for the both of them. "I'm Sasuke…"

She looked at him and smiled "I-I'm Hinata Blanca de Santiago." Her blush grew darker and she looked back down at the baby.

"Aren't you the heiress to Presidente Dominican imported Beer?" He asked. She nodded. 'I hope he's not going to tell me how much he hates my fathers' company…' she thought, frowning slightly. "I love that brand. It's my favorite." She turned back to him with wide eyes, but almost recoiled when she realized his nose was barely touching hers. Her face turned red, and his lips curved into a smirk. "Damn, I didn't know that you got pregnant." He whispered huskily. His smirk only grew when she gulped loudly. "Ehehe…" she laughed nervously "Sh-She's not mine…she's my little s-sister…" He pulled back and folded his arms. "Good."

"Does any one have ze…pen?" called Ino. She spun in her seat and looked back. A smirk grew on her face. "Oh, wewe, I sink I am in Le Heaven! What is your name, my sweet?" She said, sizing Sasuke.

"Turn around…" He muttered. He looked away from her with pure disgust. The pink haired girl turned around also and had hearts in her eyes "SASUKE SUERO? OMG IT"S REALLY YOU! I'M SAKURA CROFT, YOUR BIGGEST FAN!"

"Jesus Christ…I wanted to go on vacation to get AWAY from fan girls…" He rolled his eyes.

Sakura looked at Hinata "Do you want to trade seats with me?" She asked with hope in her eyes. Sasuke reacted quickly "HELL NO. She is not moving ANYWHERE." He turned to her, his face was stern but his eyes pleaded her softly.

She made her decision quickly, and put on a nasty scowl. "Why on earth would I trade spaces so that you can sit next to my boyfriend?" Sasuke smirked. Ino dropped back down to her seat with great disappointment. Sakura's eyes were slits "Sasuke Rodrigo Suero doesn't have any girlfriends."

"Yes I do."

"Prove it!"

Hinata's eyes grew wide. "What?"

"Fine." He grabbed Hinata's sweater and pulled her to him. "Wait wait wa-" His lips crushed on her own. He silently urged her to play along, and she did…a little too well…

"Damn it…" Sakura hissed and plopped back down in her seat.

Sasuke pulled away from her with a smirk, but he almost gasped when Hinata grabbed his head and kissed him again, with eagerness this time. The baby sat still on her auntie's lap, watching with great curiosity. Hinata suddenly realized that she was forcefully kissing a soccer super star and broke away with a red face.

"I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-so s-s-s-sorry!" She blurted out. She covered her face with her hands in an effort to hide her embarrassment. Sasuke on the other hand, sat back with wide eyes. His hair was a bit messed up now, but his cheeks were pink. NEVER in his life had he kissed or been kissed like THAT. There was a very awkward silence between the two of them and it was mind numbing. The baby just lost interest and dug her tiny fingers into her nose.

An announcement came on mentioning something about the plane getting ready to take off and being seated with seat belts. It wasn't until after about the fifteen minutes, the plane began to momentum forward and off the runway. The pressure was building and soon they were in the air…


Three hours into the flight and it was dark outside and still as silent as ever. The Arab kid was still looking out his window staring at the passing clouds. The ramen kid was still sleeping and so was the pregnant woman, the dude in the back is creeping the hell out of the people awake because it was like he wasn't even there. The bickering females in front of her were still fighting over something as silly as which brand of lip gloss was better. Sasuke still hadn't said a thing to Hinata, and Hinata was the same as Sasuke. The baby was asleep in her arms and Hinata was reading a magazine in Spanish. The only noise came from the occasional snore from Mr. Ramen and the pregnant woman, or the busy foot steps of flight attendants. Sasuke just sat and focused on the silly design on the seat in front of him. Usually, thinking would pass his time, but with a pretty beer heiress sitting next to him, what was he to do? Think about her of course!

'How can she be from the Caribbean and she's so pale…I don't know why I'm even talking, I'm from Brazil and I'm as pale as ever. But that doesn't count because my family is of Portuguese decent. But still…you would expect something a tad bit less different. Maybe she's just albino or something.'

His train of thoughts were interrupted when something exploded at the side of the plane, making the entire plane shake. Screams from people in the plane echoed into Sasuke ears.

"What the hell is going on!" Screamed an already awake Naruto. The blonde looked around with wide eyes. Flight attendants scurried up and down the aisle, trying to calm the passengers down.

The Arabian sat still, almost looking as if he was calculating something in his head because of the way he eyed each and every person in the first class section. The girls in front of Sasuke screamed and held onto each other as if their lives depended on it. Sasuke looked back at the weird dude with the shades and jacket. He looked almost unfazed. "Freak…" Sasuke muttered. He turned back to Hinata who was obviously scared because she held the now crying baby close to her and had her own tears in her eyes. She looked at Sasuke as if saying 'What's going on? I'm scared!'.

A flight attendant was about to assure that everything was fine to Hinata and Sasuke when another explosion erupted from the other side of the plane. She tripped and fell but stood back up and ran toward the front of the plane.


"Diablo, so is the one on this side! Oh no! We're going to crash!" Hinata cried. She began doing a silent prayer in hopes of survival.

"We're all going to die! Why me? WHY ME!" Ino cried as she shook Sakura.

"I'm too beautiful to die!" Sakura cried also.

A silver headed man with a bandana over half of his face came out of the captain's room. "All right, we are landing this plane, but we need your support. Stay calm and every thing will be fine!" He ran back to the front of the plane.

"Like hell we are! We'll probably blow up before we even reach dry land!" Naruto wailed. Hinata only cried and prayed harder at this.

"We aren't landing on land. They're going to try and land in the water." Said the Arab.

"Shit…" Sasuke strapped his seat belt tighter. "Stop your crying and strap yourself in!" He said as he tightened Hinata's seat belt. Everyone did as they were told. The plane began to lower it's altitude a little too fast for Sasuke's taste. Hinata glanced out her window to see the body of blue come and she shut her eyes and braced herself. Sasuke, as a reflex, embraced Hinata, shielding her from anything and everything.

The landing wasn't smooth, of course it was the complete and udder opposite. Bodies flew forward but remained in their place because of the seat belts. Screams continued to be voiced as the plane slowed from the force of the water below them. Slowly, Sasuke's grip on the girl beside him loosened. He groaned. The seat belt had saved his life, but right now it was hurting like hell. He looked down and groaned again. No wonder it was hurting, it was cutting into his flesh. He slowly peeled it off and winced at the strong sting. He looked at Hinata and saw that she was awake but quite shaken up.

"Are you okay?" He asked. She nodded her head and began checking the baby in her arms. The baby was quiet but was awake. Hinata sighed, thankful that the baby was unharmed.

"Fuck, my head hurts…" muttered a usually silent man behind them. He rubbed his head in an effort to soothe the pain.

"You can say that again…" complained the Arabian kid. The silent dude stood up from his seat and walked to the seats in front of the Arab.

"The name's Shikamaru Shaquille…yours?"

The quiet man began looking over the unconscious pregnant woman "I'm…Shino Sokoll. Can one of you guys help me with this woman?" Shikamaru went over to help him, while Sasuke looked over the women in front of him. Sakura was whimpering as she nursed her head which had a fairly large gash across her forehead. Ino was one of the unconscious as well.

"Get up and help your…friend. Now." Sakura nodded her head and tried to wake Ino up. Sasuke glanced around. He padded lightly to the front of the plane and tried to open the door. It was jammed but he knocked it down with a few good pushes and kicks. He almost gagged when he saw all the blood in the room. It seemed none of the captains survived…

"Uggh…what…happened…?" a voice murmured.

"Hey, you okay?" Sasuke called, searching for the source of the voice.

"Y-Yeah…" The man pushed off the dead body of a fellow employee.

"It's you."

"Hehe…yeah. And I said everything was going to be okay, huh? My name is Kakashi." He stood, a little wobbly at first, but he was fine aside from the few bloody rips in his clothes. "So, I take it there are survivors?" he asked.

"Yeah there are-" Sasuke was cut off by a scream. "Shit!" Both men dashed off toward the scream. They slowed when they're feet splashed in water.

"What the-"

"Sasuke, the plane is filling up with water!" cried Hinata.

"I'll take this idiot." Said Shikamaru carrying an unconscious Naruto.

"I'll take the blonde girl." Said Shino as he walked over to her.

"Since I'm obviously the strongest, I'll take the big girl." Stated Kakashi, gently lifting the pregnant woman. "C'mon, there are obviously no other survivors. There should be an unharmed life raft on the side of the plane." They all nodded and followed Kakashi. Hinata was at the end of the line while they followed Kakashi.

"Mommy!" she heard very faintly. She stopped. "Mommy help me!" She gasped and ran back. The others went on with out her, not knowing she left the group.

"H-Hello?" she called out. She unconsciously tightened her hold on baby Hanabi.

"Mommy! Someone please help my Mom!" a childish voice shouted.

Hinata ran through the wreckage, jumping over dead bodies and sliding past debris. There, a little boy with black spiky hair. "L-l-lady, please help my Mommy!"

She looked at what he was talking about, and almost lost her lunch. The impact had caused the seatbelt to cut into her stomach and almost cut her in half. She apparently wasn't alive. She gazed at the little boy with tears in her eyes. "What's your name little guy?" She asked happily, trying to make the situation better.

"K-Konohamaru…a-are you going to help my Mom?" blood trickled down his stuffed-from-crying nose. He had luckily made it out with out getting hurt, which was a miracle.

"My name is Hinata, and this is my baby sister Hanabi. We're going to go to a safer place, and then we'll help your mother. Okay?" He nodded slightly and took hold of one of her free hands. She gladly lead him back from were she separated from the others. She found them by one of the emergency escape doors. They haven't even noticed that she left…

"Dang, that lady is FAT!" Konohamaru gawked. Suddenly, the pregnant woman began to stir.

"Fat? Who said that! You little Maggot!"


End of Chapter One.

Wow, this is going to be a strange story. Sorry if you don't like it that much, the idea just popped into my head like a week ago.

If you are confused, I'll clear it up.

Hinata- An albino Dominican that is the heiress to the imported beer Presidente.

Sasuke- A famous soccer player from Brazil. Full name- Sasuke Rodrigo Suero

Shikamaru- From Egypt. Full name- Shikamaru Zevi Shaquille

Naruto- From the United States. Is the lead singer of a famous band. Full name- Naruto Huey Maes.

Shino- A famous owner of museums, mainly insects, around the world. From Russia. Full name- Shino Orlov Sokoll

Ino- A rich and famous Model from France.

Sakura- From England, is a famous(aren't they all) fashion designer.

Kakashi- I'm not sure from where right now. Give me suggestions! He is a famous actor and was accompanying his friends on a flight to Australia. His friends were the captains.

Anko- If you don't already know by the part where she says 'Maggot!' the pregnant woman is actually Anko. She is/was an Olympic champion. The reason why she is pregnant will be revealed soon! Also don't know where to make her from…

Hanabi and Konohamaru- Don't you dare send me a review about the big ass age difference, okay? I thought it would be more interesting the way I put it.