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Last time on Stranded

"…I'm going with Kakashi. There's no way in hell that I'm staying with that crazy bitch." Shikamaru stated as he stood up and left. Shino didn't say so much as a "Good bye" when he stood a followed Shikamaru.

"I guess that means we stick with Anko…" Ino muttered. But then she realized that she was talking to herself, since Sakura lay five feet away from her…unconscious…

Ino stood and wiped off most of the eggsack guts off of her then propped Sakura on her back and began stalking her way in the direction Anko headed.

Separation, Part 2

Iruka had never, not in his 29 years of living, seen a snake so big. Sure, he's seen some 30 footers, but those are worms compared to this…thing. It was a scary thought, but he had to ask himself, what the hell fills this thing's stomach? Surely, the giant tigers on the island weren't even its main source of food.

His eyes glanced nervously at the infant who was playfully hitting the reptile's tail, completely oblivious to the awakening monster in front of her.

The golden yellow eyes of the snake gleamed in the darkness and a blood red forked tongue flicked out of its mouth, tasting prey in the air. Its head rose from the ground, and slowly turned to glare at the small baby that was bothering its rear end. The tongue flickered out again, and it tasted more of the baby's kind near by. Mmm, it could already taste the fear that hung thick in the air.

Iruka watched as a dark haired female dressed in leaves was in view. He saw that she suddenly froze with wide eyes. Kankuro shot out from his hiding spot and quickly maneuvered to get behind the frightened woman and snatch her from the snakes view. He could hear her muffled screams as Kankuro dragged her away and was worried that the snake might suddenly be alarmed and go on a rampage. The baby squealed happily when the snake opened its mouth and revealed rows of long curved teeth. He knew that this snaked didn't have any sort of venom and would just constrict its prey until it stopped breathing. At least they didn't move as fast as the smaller snakes. Or at least he thought…

Iruka took a very deep breath before he ran up to the snake, trying to take the baby before running like death was on his heels, but the snake saw him a mile away. It jerked its head toward Iruka and hissed, its teeth as big as his foot. Iruka slid to a halt and showed off a sharp and jagged dagger. The dark skinned man could've sworn he had just seen the snake flash him a smirk.

The snake reared its head back a little, getting ready to throw itself at Iruka. He saw this and moved out of the way just in time, his hand had just grazed the scaly skin. Thinking fast, he ran for the baby, and successfully gathered her in his arms and was about to run off when he felt as if several axes have been hacked into him. He felt like screaming. He really wanted to scream too, but the pain had knocked the wind right out of him. He could hardly get a grip on the baby in his arms, who was fucking…giggling…like she was on some kind of ride!

Stupid baby…

That's what he thought before he felt his arms go numb. His eyes widened as the baby slipped right out of his grasp. "No!" he choked out. The snake clamped its mouth harder around Iruka. Blood began flooding its mouth and it can feel the raspy breaths the man made as it coiled itself around him…


"Hey, Mr. Sasuke?"


"You like cheetos?"


"I said, do you like cheetos?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"I dunno. I was just curious."

"Hn." 'This kid is so damn weird…'

The two boys walked cautiously through the dark thicket of forest, hoping to find a trace of where Hinata went. They didn't have any sort of trail to follow, so they just walked in whatever direction they felt they should've gone. Right now, they had no luck in finding Hinata, and Sasuke was pretty sure that he didn't know which direction was the beach anymore.

"Mr. Sasuke?"


"I like Chinese food. I like it a lot."


Sasuke was beginning to feel as if taking Konohamaru was a bad idea.

"Mr. Sasuke?"

"What now?"




"Konohamaru, stop it. You really are bugging me…"

"But I'm tired of walking around all the time, it's boring! I want to see what happened with the old guy and the fat lady…Why did I have to come anyway?"

Sasuke flushed red. There's no way in hell he's going to tell this brat that he didn't want to go alone because he was scared of the dark…not that he was…sure, Sasuke still had a nightlight in his room…but that didn't mean anything…

"J-Just shut up and keep-" He stopped in mid-sentence when his eyes lay upon a female body sitting against a tree…

"Miss Hinata!" Konohamaru called.

"Hinata?" Sasuke called also, but there was no response.

Slowly he approached her and looked closely…

She wasn't moving…



"Damn that woman…!" growled the silver headed man as he stomped away from the scene. Pissed beyond description, he kicked sand a cursed out loud. He couldn't understand why he became so angry because of her, but all he knew was that she had pissed him off.

That was exactly why he chose to remain single. He preferred to live off one night stands, so that there were no emotional attachments. He could live his life with out any burdens or too many responsibilities, and have as many screws as he wants. Life was always easier that way…

Kakashi sighed dejectedly and was suddenly overwhelmed with fatigue. He was incredibly tired, hungry, and worst of all he was mad. He was supposed to attend a friend's wedding, and he was the best man…great. Not to mention his back is covered in bug goop…

Life was running oh so smoothly for Kakashi right about now.

And yes, that statement was simply dripping with sarcasm.


"IRUKA!!" Kankuro shouted as his comrade was attacked by the giant snake. He saw Iruka's mouth open wide, as if he was screaming his lungs out, but he made no sounds. He saw blood steadily pouring from the snake's mouth, and it scared him. He watched in horror as Iruka's grip on the baby slackened. He wanted to run over there and help, he really did…but his feet were glued to the ground. His fear was paralyzing him, and it sickened him to know that he was actually scared.

It wasn't until he saw Iruka finally let go of the infant, that Kankuro's feet finally obeyed his will and shot toward the snake. He dived to the forest floor just in time to catch the baby. Next to him, the snake began to coil its serpentine body around Iruka and Kankuro didn't know what to do next.

"Damn it!" he hissed and ran to the bushes where he knocked out the other female. But when he got there he was immediately tackled to the ground by some one.

"Who are you? What did you do to her?!" yelled a boy not much younger than him self. The glare the boy gave him would've made him think twice, but the image of the snake swallowing Iruka whole was more than enough to make him forget about it. Kankuro struggled underneath the boy until he remembered that he had an infant in his arms.

"Get off! Can't you see I have a child?!" he hissed at the boy and soon after shrugged him off.

"Hanabi!" the boy said and Kankuro looked at him.

"Oh, so this must be yours then." Kankuro said quickly and handed the still giggling baby to the boy and ran back to the snake.

Iruka suddenly screamed to the top of his lungs when the snake constricted his body. Kankuro pulled out a jagged dagger from…somewhere…and set it between his teeth. He dashed off toward the snake, fully intending to gat Iruka out of the serpent's grasp.

Sasuke stared at Kankuro, amazed at the other man's bravery as he literally jumped on the snake and repeatedly stabbed the snake's side. He could here the loud hiss the snake gave and it began to unwrap itself from another man.

"This doesn't look like this is going to end well…" Sasuke muttered to himself. He knew he should help those guys…but that was a big snake…a really big one… But Sasuke knew the limit, when bold becomes just plain stupid, but he had no choice…

Sasuke sighed, and looked back at Konohamaru, who was next to Hinata trying to wake her up. "Konohamaru," Sasuke said. Konohamaru looked up at him with big puffy eyes. "Y-Yes?"

He carefully handed Hanabi to the young boy and said in a dead serious tone, "I want you to protect these two…you understand me?"

"Mr. Sasuke-"

"Do you understand me?"

Konohamaru nodded his head slowly and watched as the older man marched off to the action.

Iruka was lying unconscious on the ground in a bloody heap, and Kankuro had just been whacked by the snake's tail and was sent flying into a near by tree. Sasuke's heart thumped loudly as he marched to the snake. He knew what he was about to do was stupid, but it was worth a shot…If he dies, he would die fighting!!!

He picked up a good sized rock and set it on the ground before him. He took a deep breath before calling out, "HEY, YOU!!"

The snake turned its head away from Kankuro and toward Sasuke, and its tongue flicked out. Blood still leaked a bit from its mouth.

Sasuke shivered. That thing is way scary.


The snake's tongue flicked out again, and its body began shifting in his direction.


And with that, Sasuke pulled his leg back, and then,


The rock hit the snake right in the eye. He watched as it let out a long and agonizing hiss of pain, and shake its head from side to side.

Sasuke mentally cheered, for he had done something incredibly heroic just now. The cheering died down though, when the snake glared at him, with a look of rage in its eyes…(or eye, which ever way works for me!)

Kankuro coughed violently before choking out "RUN!!"

Sasuke had no problem in doing just that, as he hauled ass right out of there. The snake, of course, slithered right after him. The speed difference was very noticeable, 'cause the snake caught up in no time. The snake reared its head back and snapped at Sasuke, but not a second before that, Sasuke, by sheer luck, tripped on a stone. The snake flew right over Sasuke and stumbled to a halt when it noticed that the target was gone.

Sasuke grunted when he tried to get up, but for some reason he couldn't move his foot. "The hell!" he pulled his leg, but there seemed to be a vine or root entangled on his ankle. "Shit!" he cursed, but regretted it a second later. The snake snapped its head back and glared at Sasuke.

'Oh god,' he thought, 'this is it…I'm going to die…'

The snake thrust itself forward at its immobile prey, and Sasuke watched with wide eyes as the snake lunged at him again, and it was he saw his whole life flash before his eyes.

Born into poverty, he always had to walk miles and miles to get to school at an early age, his brother usually walking with him. They used to play soccer together right after he got out, all day they would play.

When he was in his teens, his talent for soccer was became recognized, and he joined the junior league (or something…). It wasn't until he turned 18 that he finally got to try out for the Brazilian national football (soccer) team, and came out as the highest ranking. With the big knew paycheck, he took his family out of their old life style and ended up to where he was at now. Meeting all these different people, people he would've never even made eye contact with if it wasn't for what happened a few days ago. It sure is teaching him the value of food…and his life.

Sasuke closed his eyes shut and waited for the pain. He was a little pissed off though because he is at the height of his career, and now he was going to die and no one would even be able to find his body. Damn stupid over grown piece of-


A loud and thundering rip followed and echoed though out the forest.

"We got 'em!" cried a female voice. Sasuke opened his eyes and saw what he wasn't expecting to see.

There, on the ground was the snake, with a bunch of oddly dressed people on its back. Apparently, the snake crashed into a nearby tree, and tore it down completely.

The snake squirmed violently as the oddly dressed people on its back tried to restrain it.

"Kankuro!" called out Zaku, as he ran past the snake and Sasuke, right to his captain. Kankuro was unconscious against a nearly shattered tree, a large dark bruise covered his mid-section and the most of the skin on his back was scratched away from hitting the tree.

"Z…Za…ku…" Iruka choked out. He was only half awake. Zaku ran to his teammate and gently grabbed his arm.

"Iruka, wh-what- are you okay? What happened to you?" Zaku's hands shook nervously as Iruka grasped his hand in pain.

"I'm…f-fine…" Iruka said softly. He attempted to sit up, but his body was in too much pain at the moment and lay back down again.

"Don't try to get up, okay?" the young boy said to Iruka. Iruka absently nodded his head and seemed to drift into an unconscious state.

Sasuke looked on as a girl with blonde hair tied into four separate parts had reached the snakes head safely, and plunged a knife into its skull. The struggling snake stopped moving soon after, only twitching every so often. The girl grabbed the knife and wretched it out of the snake's head, then slipped off of it.

"Phew," she breathed out, "That was one big snake!" she dusted her self off and looked at the boy lying on the ground with a look of shock on his face. She stared at his clothes strangely. She had never seen anyone dressed like that before…

She opened her mouth to say something to him, but she was cut off when someone tapped her on the shoulder.

"Uh, Temari?"

Temari turned around "Yes?"

The black haired girl looked slightly concerned. "Zaku found Kankuro and Iruka…they are both in bad shape. Kabuto also found a strangely dressed and unconscious female and two young ones."

"There were eleven earlier…" she muttered to herself, but the black haired girl heard.

"So…what now?" she asked.

Temari looked back at Sasuke, who hadn't said anything yet then called out "Okay people, let's take them back to the village!!"

Sasuke sat up with some difficulty before glaring at Temari. "I know you don't expect me to go with you, just like that."

Temari glared back "We are just trying to help…unless you want to stay out here by yourselves with monsters like that," she pointed at the dead snake, "running around here. You wouldn't last a week."

Sasuke growled, but quieted when he realized that he was in no position to argue.

A silver haired boy with a low pony tail came up to Temari carrying the unconscious Hinata in his arms. A sniffling Konohamaru trailed behind, dragging Hanabi with him.

"Mr. Sasuke," Konohamaru said, "Miss Hinata won't wake up…" and his eyes began to tear up.

Sasuke frowned at this. "What-"

"She's fine," the silver haired boy said. "Kankuro just knocked her out with some poison darts is all."

"Enough said, get Dosu over here to escort this one." Temari stated and hauled Sasuke to his feet by the arm with a surprising amount of strength. The vines around Sasuke's ankle snapped. "Let's go people!"

A guy with what looked like a very furry back came to Temari's side. "You needed me?" he said in a very uncomfortably serene voice.

"Escort him back to the village, and you better not kill him, alright?"

Dosu scowled. Sasuke gulped.

"If I wanted some girl to boss me around," Dosu muttered, "I would've stayed home with my mother…"


It was beyond dark when they arrived at the village. Sasuke looked around in amazement. 'Talk about lost civilizations…'

(A.N.- The setting is something close to the Apacalypto movie village…accept bigger…

Dosu rushed Sasuke into a dark hut, and left. The silver haired boy, whom Sasuke learned was named Kabuto, came in with Hinata and laid her down on the ground.

"Where are Konohamaru and Hanabi?" Sasuke asked Kabuto.

Kabuto looked at Sasuke, "The little ones?" Sasuke nodded. "They'll be some where else…" and with that, he closed the hut door or gate…which ever one suits you…and left.

It was dead quiet for a few seconds, minus the bugs, birds, and Hinata's slow and heavy breathing.

At first it was calming, because it was so tranquil and peaceful…But it became increasingly annoying after what seemed like an hour passed by.

Sasuke looked at the Hinata and noticed her eyes were wide open, but she wasn't saying anything.

"Hinata…? You awake?" he whispered to her. He got no response.

He blank, white eyes just stared absently at the ceiling of the hut.

Sasuke was beginning to feel uncomfortable with her looking like that. She looked like she just came back from the dead or something. "Hinata…"

"Hanabi…" she said quietly, "Where is she…?"

Sasuke gulped. He wasn't sure if she was sleep talking or if she really was awake, so he didn't answer.

Her head turned slowly toward his direction, and looked him directly in the eyes. "Where is she?"

God fucking damn it, why the hell is she looking like that!? "I-uh they…took her…and Konohamaru…"

She didn't say anything after that, and just looked back up to the ceiling. He didn't say anything, afraid that she might go off again…

But after almost ten minutes of sitting in the dark, watching her, he thought that maybe she is just…unfeeling at the moment…

"I can't move my body."

He voice was lifeless and somewhat drowsy. The poison that that Kankuro guy gave her must be very strong to be in effect this long.

He heard her grunt, and through the darkness he could see her body trembling.

"W-What are you doing?" he stuttered.

"T-Trying to m-move!"


She visibly stopped struggling, looked at him and glared.

"Why the fuck do you think?" and she continued to try and over power the toxins in her system.

'Geez, she's a bitch when it comes to her sister…'

An hour passed and the only progress she made was raising her pinky finger, and she was ecstatic.

"I'm on a roll!" she giggled as she wiggled her pinky.

"Yeah, right." Sasuke said and rolled his eyes. "You know, I can help you out…"

She stopped giggling and frowned. "I…don't need your help…"

He shrugged. "If you say so."

"No wait!" she cried. "I take it back…I need your help."

He smirked. "Thought so." He stood from the ground and walked over to her. She looked so incredibly helpless just lying there, and it made him feel kinda powerful.

"Sasuke, hurry up, I can't waste anytime!" she pleaded.

His smirk grew slightly sinister as he stared down at her. "What's the magic word?"

Hinata resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Was he serious? "Sasu-"

"I'm waiting." He said in a sing-song voice. This was the only time he would get to act like this, so he might as well milk the opportunity for all it's worth. He's never been the boss before, being the youngest in his family. Now he knows why Itachi does this so much. It's fun!

Hinata sighed. "Sasuke, can you please help me?"

"I'll think about it."

She grits her teeth. "What?"

He sighed. "I'm just kidding…" 'No fun at all…' he crouched next to her and slid one arm under her back. He sat her up and he sat himself behind her. He sat her against his chest and she sighed happily.

"Thank you Sasuke, you don't know how uncomfortable the ground is…I have a small kink in my neck right now."

She looked up at him and smiled, and he quickly turned his head away. He was afraid she might notice his blush even in the dark. "Yeah…" he responded.

They sat there for a while, listening to each other's heart beats until Hinata looked up at Sasuke with an odd expression.

"Sasuke, what is that?"

He gulped. "What is…what?"

She moved her body slightly, almost unnoticeably. "That! There is something poking me!"

His face flushed in the brightest crimson. "O-Oh…that…" he laughed nervously before reaching in-between their bodies. He pulled out what ever was poking her. "It was just a stick I was holding earlier…" he held it out in front of her to see and she nodded.


"…What'd you think it was…?"

Hinata could feel her face burn up. "O-Oh…nothing…I just…nothing…"

She felt him shift behind her and there it was again. "Hey…do you have another stick or something? Because it's poking my back…"

'Yeah, if only it was a stick poking you right now…' Sasuke thought bitterly and shifted himself in a different position. "S-Sorry about that…"

"It's still poking me…" She bit her lip. "I think I just felt it twitch…"


"You can put me down now…"

Sasuke couldn't have done it faster. He slipped from behind her and let her lay back down and walked over to a corner. His face was a deep red the entire time.

Hinata was taken aback at what she swore was Sasuke being…horny… It disturbed her beyond imagination, but at the same time it made her feel very nice. It was nice to know he at least liked her in someway, since he was pretty mad when they were on the raft. Her ears burned with the thought of him feeling like that toward her. She's never had too many relationships, and she's never had too many men lust after her like that…or at least she didn't think so…so it would only be natural that she was as embarrassed as she is now.

Though she wouldn't mind if he took advantage of her right about now…

Her hand shot up to her heart, which was pounding furiously. 'I'm turning into a pervert…I'm getting aroused just thinking about him taking me while I'm- hey…I can move my arm!'

She raised her hand and waved it in the air. Yup, it works! She moved her legs, and the heavy numbness had left her body completely! She sat up and grinned. "Look, Sasu-"

She was suddenly pushed back down, and a heavy weight rested on her torso. She looked up with wide eyes.

"Sasuke- W-What are you-"

"Shut up." And she does.

He looks down at her, his dark eyes glazed with need. He hesitates at first, but he dips his head down and captures her lips. She was shocked at first, amazed at how soft and warm his lips are, then she slowly responds and closes her eyes. She could feel him smirk against her lips. His hands met with her bare sides, and he smoothed them up and down, from her ribs to her waist and hips. Her arms tentatively raise and encircle his neck, pushing his mouth harder against her own. His tongue grazed her teeth lightly and she opened with out a second thought. She moaned softly when his tongue met hers, the velvety flesh just too much for her to handle. He parted from her, and looked at her with a nothing short of adoration.

"You're so…" he whispered, panting from the kiss. "You're so…"

His hands made a trip north, slowly approaching the coconuts that shielded her breasts. Her breath hitched when his finger tips touched the bottom of the coconuts.

"Sasuke…" she breathed as she looked up at him. She was blushing so hard, she was afraid her head might explode. She has never felt so aroused before. She can feel she was very wet, and they had done nothing more than kiss each other. I mean, it's not like she didn't notice the tent in his pants…It's just, she was never one for doing things on impulse…but the need in her body was growing out of control. She needed it…she needed him…wanted him.

"You're so…"

"What?!" she exclaimed, slightly annoyed that this was the third time he said that. "What am I?! Say it already!"'

He frowned at her and growled. "You're so fucking perverted!!"


"What…" her eyes suddenly shot open. "Sasuke?"

"Finally!" he sighed, "You're awake! You've been moaning for the past ten minutes…You fucking horny sicko…"

"H-Huh?" she struggled to sit up, but her limbs were heavy and numb. She couldn't understand…was she dreaming?

"Ever since I put you down, you've been sighing and moaning…there's already enough with all the background noises."

Background noises? What background noises?

"Oh…Oh god…Nnnh…!"

"What was that…? Is someone hurt?" she asked innocently. Sasuke scoffed.

"If only…"

"A-Ah…yes Ahh!!"


Who ever that was…well, it was the complete opposite of pain…that's for sure…

"Ah, Iruka! I'm…I'm…!!"

Then there was a sudden scream.

And it was quiet again.

"And I thought the guy was half dead…" Sasuke muttered. "He seems fine, by the sounds of it…"

'Lucky Bastard...'


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