AU The rich Sora has helped Riku's family in the past, and Riku would do anything for his best friend. But is cross-dressing and acting like a girl too much to ask…? RxS, AxR shounen ai, Yaoi

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-The things we do for Love-

-Chapter 1: That's what friends are for… right?-

"Bye byee!! 'Hic' baaiby deeearest!!" The old, overweighed man waved stupidly as he went trough the door, almost hitting his face against the door, and stumbling along the steps.

"Uh… Yeah bye… come around again sometimes… when I'm not around, that is." I waved back awkwardly after I showed another drunk out of 'The shiny Moogle', a cafe that I and my mum owned. I sighed. Another day, and another night filled with drunks… it made me so sick and tired sometimes…

When nighttime would fall, and all the youngsters would go away, this place always turned into a drunken invested place, and there was nothing you could do about it, than just smile and stay the friendly and patient bartender… at least, that's what my mum said…

Working at the night shifts sucked. The drunks would always try to flirt with me, and sometimes, when I came too close to one of them, they would grope my ass. It was always like that, and tonight was no different.

But I didn't have to think about it right now. It was closing time, finally. It just had to be the best time of my day! It always gave me some sort of odd delight, to hang the 'We are closed now, fuck of!' sign after a hard day of work.

The only things I needed to do right now, was clean the place and get out of here. I moaned softly to myself, as I got up from my chair. Cleaning. Yuck! Another thing I hated about this job. I sighed, as I grabbed the empty beer mugs from the now empty tables. The sooner I was done with cleaning, the faster I could go home.

Oh well… at least I was alone now… I can rest…



The doorbell rang silently, as I heard the door of the café opening slowly. I turned around, putting away the beer glasses to wash them later. "Hey you! Didn't you read the sign?" I yelled angrily as I ditched the dirty glasses in the sink. Ew, I don't want to think what happened to that mug.

I groaned mentally as the person did not respond. These things always happen to me when I'm ready to go home. Last time, a drunk forgot his coat, and immediately ordered another beer. It took me an hour to convince the dumbass that we were closed, meaning that he should go home. Or another time, a dad had to take his 5-year-old daughter to the bathroom, and she puked on the men's bathroom floor… ::shudder::

"You blind or something? We are closed now" I inform this very brave person. I'm not in the mood for more stupid people right now. My head can only take this much a day.

"I'm sorry Riku… I know you probably wanted to go home early… b-but I really need to talk to you right now" The person behind me stated softly, but yet his tone of voice was demanding my attention.

Hey wait a second… I know that voice!

"Sora?" I turned around, to greet the familiar face of my best friend, and I immediately felt my anger die. His cheerful moods always managed to lift my own, and I just liked to be in his presence, but when I faced his helpless pleading look, I felt my own body freeze.

His normally unruly cinnamon colored hair, seemed more tousled that normal, and his crystal blue eyes looked dark and uncertainly at me, as if silently asking me if it was okay to be here. "R-Riku…" He muttered softly, and it was the only warning I got, as he hugged me firmly, pressing his head hard against my chest.

I stiffened and looked uncertainly at the brown mob of spiky hair under my chin. Even tough Sora and I were almost the same age (he was twenty-three and I was one year older) he still was almost two heads smaller than me. I frowned at the clinging adolescent. This was weird. Sora hadn't hugged me so desperately sine our childhood…

Sora Strife… Sora and I had been friends for ages. It is one of the things in my life that I wouldn't want to loose to the world.

When we were younger, Sora always visited the café daily, and we quickly became good friends with each other, which was strange to most people. Sora was always friendly and cheerful, while I was a total bastard to everyone. He came from a filthy rich family and lived in a huge mansion, while I lived alone with my mother in an apartment, and had to survive with the little money we earned from the café.

Back then, my father had left us a few months ago, and my mother didn't have much time for me. The café was the only thing we lived for, but it was barely enough. The café wasn't even half as popular as it was now, and the times were sometimes hard. Still, we managed to live quite happily, and Sora was awed by that.

He was always fascinated with poor people, and always asked questions about my life, and how it was to be poor. I answered al his questions truthfully, because there was nothing to hide anyways. The whole neighborhood knew we were poor, and I used to think that some people only came to our café, because they pitied us. Stories like those seemed to fascinate Sora even more, and I suspected that Sora wanted to be a normal boy, just as much I wanted to be a rich kid.

Even if we were each other's opposites, we still were the best of friends, and he was the only bright light I had in my life. I stood up every morning early, just to see his smiling face. And as cheesy as it may sound, he was the one who kept me going. Without him, I probably would have gone mad some day…

I smiled at the memories, as I rubbed Sora's back soothingly. He relaxed into my touch, and we stayed like that for a couple of minutes. Later I ordered him to sit down, as I handed him a (clean) mug of hot chocolate.

Sora smiled shyly, and blushed a little bit. "Thank you Riku… I already feel a ten times better than I did a few minutes ago…"

I grinned. He looked so cute when he blushed, and I wasn't one to say the cute-word very often, so that had to say something. "Hey… that's what friends are for, right?" I asked him, as I drank some of my own hot chocolate. "Now are you going to tell me what has been eating at your heart?"

He looked distressed for a moment, until he calmed himself down again. I looked into his eyes, and I saw the same helplessness from before.

I knew what that look meant. He wanted to ask me an important question, or maybe ask me a favor. I could read him as an open book, and I knew that look from the same times when he broke his mother's expensive china, or that one time he confessed to me that he was being bullied by some other rich brats (not that Sora was a brat)… or that time he told me he was gay… tough that doesn't bother me. I'm bi myself.

Sora looked uncertainly at his hands. "I wanted to ask you a favor… a very big one…"


"You know I'd do anything for you, don't you Sora?" I asked him smirking.

He frowned. "Well… yeah… but-!"

"Well then! Spill it out!"

"Okay…" He rubbed his hands in a nervous manner. A nasty habit he used to have when he told about something that frightened him, or exited him. He looked at me again. "You know how I once told you that I have to get a fiancée, and have to marry her before I turn twenty-five…?"

I blinked. I guess he told me once before, but I don't remember much of it… I only knew that The Strife family was very strict when it came to marriage, nothing more… So I just nodded.

"Well…" He began softly "Mom still doesn't know that I'm gay… and I don't have a fiancée yet…" He wrinkled his nose cutely. "…nor do I actually want one… But…" He paused, and shuddered as if he was just remembering something awful. "She called me four days ago…"

My eyebrows rose. "So?"

"She said she already found a fiancée for me to marry… a-and I don't even like girls!" He practically yelled. "She told me that I have to go to her mansion in England in a few days, so that she can arrange the marriage for me! A marriage, Riku!"

Sora was slowly flipping, and I shook his shoulders slightly, to calm him down again. "Okay, okay! I get your point! Now relax, sit down, and tell me how I can help you with your problems!"

Sora relaxed again, but the tone of his voice had gone dead serious. "I want you to be my fiancée" He stated simply.


I blinked, and blinked some more again. "Um… Sora… remember that time when I told you about the birds and the bees, when your parents were too lame-assed to teach you yourself?" He nodded. "Well I thought it was clear enough that I'm a boy!"

"I know Riku" Sora answered. "But you are the only one who can help me!"

"So okay then… what's your plan?" I asked, sipping the coco from my mug. Ick, the hot chocolate had gone cold now…

"Well… you remembered how mom always reacted when I broke up with somebody?" I nodded. Sora used to have other boyfriends, and somehow he could always convince his mother that they were… um… very buff girls… A little bit of make-up here and there, and his mother would be totally convinced.

How it worked every time? It beats me. From what I had heard of her, I always believed that Sora's mother was not that very bright. That, or she was naïve, very very naïve.

Anyways, when Sora broke up with someone, I believed his mother always suffered more than Sora usually did. Sora would be over the guy in a week or two, while his mother could cry for years. However, this came as good news for Sora. It would take another few months before his mother would even hint her son about marriage, and Sora only had to fake heartbreak for a few moments, and his mother would be all over him again, apologizing for even requesting it.

"If I take somebody with me to England to play fiancée, I will convince my mom that I love 'her' very much, so that she won't be coupling me to that other girl. And after a week or two, me and my 'fiancée' will break up." He said, frowning in deep thoughts. He had all thought about this very well.

"And then?" I croaked out. I did not like were this was going… no, not at all.

He smiled at me shyly, as his hands fiddled with is mug. "Then, mom will be all over me again, and she will give me another few months of time…"

"But what if it happens again?" I asked.

Sora blushed. "No, it wont happen again, because after that, I'm going to tell my mother that I'm gay… and who knows, maybe I'll have a boyfriend later on!" He winked at me shyly. He looked totally convinced of his little plan.

I, on the other hand was not. "Won't your mom think it's suspicious, that you suddenly have a girlfriend, just at the same time she found a fiancée for you?"

He shook his head. "No. I will just act like I already had a fiancée, and I will tell her that I didn't tell about 'her', because I wanted to surprise her" He grinned. "Good plan huh? She will only like me more if I make it a surprise!"

I looked at him closely. Although, he was still grinning, I could see that from the inside he was shaking with nerves. Sora would always be a little afraid to displease his mother. She was a nice friendly lady, and Sora just couldn't say 'no' to her. It would break her heart, and he knew it.

But right now, I did not want to think about that. I wanted to know more of his little fiancée-plan.

"But why did you choose me to play your fiancée?" I asked him sourly. "Why me? Why not Kairi, or Selphie, Leon, Yuffie or maybe even Tidus?" All of the five persons I just named, were almost as filthy rich as Sora was. I'm sure they would make a better impression on his mother too. They all had something to gloat about.

Kairi and Selphie Tilmitt had been good friends with the Strife Family, and their parents were the owners of a famous make-up factory called "The fancy Lipstick", surely Sora's mother would defiantly approve of both of them. Leon, on the other hand, was a very wanted male model. You had to be really rich to have him on your show! And even though he was a stoic bastard most of the time, his heart always warmed itself for Sora.

Yuffie's parents were just really rich. They owned a company that sold weapons. Yuffie herself always carried around some of that ninja-like stars (don't know what they are called), and was known for her happy smiles. Sora's mother would adore her! And Tidus was known to be the best Blitzball-player in the universe. He too was good friends with Sora.

Sora groaned, while thwacking his head. "I knew you would say this…" He muttered softly. "Look. Mom knows Selphie, Kairi and Yuffie, and she knows that I don't feel anything for them at all. We're just friends. She wouldn't believe me" He paused to think. "She would defiantly recognize Leon… I mean, he is one of the most famous models! And Tidus… she always calls Tidus her Tidy-poo…"

He suddenly stared directly at me again, a completely serious look on his face. "But you… she doesn't know a thing about you… I bet she doesn't even know that you are my best friend! If you… if you cross-dressed for me, she wouldn't even recognize you! Please consider helping me Riku… you… you are the only one who can help me out of this!"

"………" I frowned, not sure of what to say or do.

"Please Riku…" Sora started pleading now, his beautiful blue eyes just bore holes into my soul and I could feel my resistance crumbling. I didn't want to cross-dress, hell! Even I have my dignity! …but how will I say no to him, without hurting him?

"Well… I…" I directed my gaze from him, and for the first time noticed that he was holding my larger hands in his own. He was literally shaking with nervousness right now.

Not meeting those pleading eyes, I looked around the café to think strait… I looked at the shiny silverware, that I had washed when lunch was over… I looked at the brand new tables and chairs that we just ordered some months ago… And I looked at the posters of famous bands and Blitzball tournaments that I hung up every last Saturday of the month…

I stared at them. It used to be so different… We normally had plastic plates and utensils, before we had the silverware. And we didn't have new tables and chairs. We always used old furniture that didn't fit into the apartment me and my mum shared… And we only had cheep paintings, instead of cool posters… No… it used to be much more different… and that one time it came almost to an end…

In winter, we rarely got any costumers at all, and things were going so bad that the café was almost done for. We didn't have enough money to pay the rent of our apartment, and we had to close the café, meaning that we couldn't get any money out of it… well… that was until Sora came along.

Sora didn't exactly pity us, but he said he really wanted to help us. So he did. He gave us a huge amount of money, and never wanted something back for it. We always tried politely to give him his money back, but he just wouldn't accept it. He said "Money never made me happy, until now, because you get happy from it. I want to keep it Riku, and I won't take a 'no' for an answer"

After that, we could afford many things for our café. More and more people came to visit us, and after a while, we were the hottest in town. I will never forget that. Thanks to Sora, my life had gone for the better, and I will always be thankful for that.

I looked at said boy, who was still looking at me hopefully. What did I ever do for him to repay him? Nothing. He asked nothing in return of me, yet he had done so much more for me than I could ever wish for…

"Please help me Riku…?" He was shaking uncontrollably now…

My mind was made up. Now would be the time I would help him out!

"I'll do it" I said, as I gave his hands a comforting squeeze.

He looked up at me. First shocked and then happly, his eyes shining as if he just couldn't believe what I had just said. "Y-you would?! I-I mean, you really want to help me?"

I nodded, and his grin was the only warning I got before he glomped me again. "Oh ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!!" I petted his hair softly, as I let him sob into my chest. His nerves had finally got the best of them, and I could only rub his back soothingly to calm him down…

We stayed like that for another fifteen minutes, until he finally calmed down completely. After a while, he looked up at me and said "I still can hardly believe that you agreed to do it… You still want to do this… right?"

I smirked. "Of course. That's were friends are for… right?"

"…right…" He nodded slowly, and a surprisingly cute yawn followed after that. I guess crying, and soaking my favorite yellow shirt really made someone tired here…

He fell asleep in a few minutes, and after laying him down in one of the soft plush seats, I quickly finished the rest of my chores. After that, I picked him up and locked the door to the café (which was actually quite hard to do all at the same time, without waking Sora up).

Sora had been in my apartment many times, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I took him with me. My mom wouldn't mind either, for Sora was a very welcomed guest, especially after helping us.

I sighed as I walked home with a sleeping Sora in my arms. Today had been an eventful day, and I was tired. I wondered what I had gotten myself in to, but right now I couldn't find myself to be bothered with it…

When I came home, I laid Sora on my bed, and tiredly fell beside him. I could not be bothered to change ourselves into our pajamas, so I just stripped me and Sora of our clothes, and our boxers stayed as the only remaining articles of clothing.

I closed my eyes, and snuggled Sora's body closer to me… and later, I fell to sleep quickly…

'No worries till tomorrow…'

To be continued…


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