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-The things we do for Love-

-Chapter 3: Playing House-

When Sora and me had greeted everyone who came to greet us, Sonja had ushered us all inside to eat lunch. The family mansion was from the inside was as spacious and luxurious as it looked from the outside, and as we walked past the living room, I was greeted with the sight of soft plush couches, a fireplace, a beautiful marble coffee table and a piano. Not to mention, the room was almost as big as my whole apartment, and maybe even bigger. It was decorated with expensive wallpaper that had soft light tones of yellow, brown and green. But the fireplace was what gave it a warm earthy glow, as well as the wonderful warmth…

…It was what made it a home.

I smiled as I decided that the living room was going to be my favourite room for now on. As my mum always quoted: "A house with a fireplace, is a house were people lived" And with that she meant that the people who lived in houses with a fireplace, were friendly and kind people who liked the warmth of a family. I remember the fireplace we have at our café at home. Me, my mum and Sora would always celebrate Christmas at 'The Shiny Moogle' and we always sat down at the fireplace, with hot coco after we had a snowball fight outside…

Aaahhh… good times…

Sora's family had that kind of warmth too, but as we walked to the dining room, I wondered idly if Hidaki would take that warmth away for the week…

My eye twitched as I felt her glare on me the whole time. I could feel her glaring at me when I walked past her to enter Sora's family mansion, and right now she still fixed her glare on me as we sat at the long king-sized dinner table.

She was a frail small girl, with almost Sora's height, and short auburn hair -that went little past her delicate shoulders- framed her face like a halo. She would have almost looked angelic too, if it weren't for her sharp eyes. They had the colour of a fierce orange mixed with brown, and I'm sure that if her eyes had lasers, my hair would start to frizzle and I'd be bald.

Sora told me once that she was the only daughter of a man named Ansem Heromi, who was known for his munny, his white silver hair (Sora told me it resembled mine) and the same fierce eye colour as Hidaki's. He was a tall proud man, and married to and equally rich woman, who Hidaki looked more alike to, than her father.

She was quiet for most of the time, just barely interfering with the conversation that was held at the table, but when she talked, she answered with a sharp and irritated tone. Sora's mother, on the other hand, was constantly at the word, talking to Sora, Axel, and almost everyone. Even with me.

"So Rikuella… what does your family do for a living?"

I was shaken from my thoughts, as Sonja turned her full attention to me, honesty interested over my life story. Even worse, the whole table was listening right now. "M-my family…?" I gulped nervously, as the family looked at me strangely. I hadn't thought about this yet! What story would I make up to impress Sora's family?

I yelped as I suddenly got a kick to my ankle from Axel, who sat across of me, next to Sora's (by three year younger) brother, Roxas. "Don't lower your voice you dumbass, or do you want to be found out?" He hissed to me softly.

My eyes widened, and I quickly faked a chough.

"Oh my, you are not getting sick are you dear?" Sora's mother asked concerned as she patted my back softly. "It's this blasted weather… in this time of the year everyone catches a cold at least once! Don't worry dear, we have cough syrup if you need it"

"T-thank you… don't worry, I'm fine" I faked as smile, as I mustered up the most high-pitched noise I could make. Axel snorted, and nearly choked on his drink, and I suddenly had the urge to kick him under the table. What exactly was so funny about my voice?!

"So tell us about you, dear" Sonja exclaimed happily, as if the incident a few seconds ago never happened. No wonder the family looked at me so strangely…

"Well she-"Sora wanted to butt in and talk for me, only to be shut up again by his mother. "Don't talk now Sora. Rikuella has a wonderful voice…" Axel gave a low chuckle. "…And I'm sure she can talk for herself!"

I gulped. I could better be honest, now that I thought about it… because truthfully, I sucked at lying, and I didn't want to loose the trust the family had put in me in this short time. …Besides there was a big chance that I would never see any of these people (except for Sora) again after the week was over. So I better leave an right impression, before I go. I sighed. Well… here goes nothing…

"Well… we live of the munny me and my mother own of our café…" I frowned as I looked at their horrified faces. "…And even though it's sometimes tight, we still handle… so… umm…"

I stopped quickly, because the whole family stared at me with surprised/horrified looks on their faces. Sora and Axel probably because I hadn't made up a good, wonderful story for myself. And the rest probably because they didn't know how somebody could survive without having millions of munny.

Sora's mother frowned. "That's… very interesting dear!" She said worriedly and looked as if I was about to break down and sob. As if I was made of expensive porcelain, about to shatter in her hands. She seemed uncertain to answer for a moment, but quickly added. "Please know we could lent you munny if you need it, dear. We wouldn't want you to…"

My eyes widened for the second time. "Oh no no, Miss Strife! That wont be needing at all!" I said as I waved my hands franticly to prove my point. "I mean, it's very nice you offer it to me but…" Sonja frowned, but said nothing after that.

Understanding that this was not the best subject to talk about, she got hint that this conversation was over, and idly picked at her food. A pout was on her face, and I recognised Sora's cute and likeable characteristics in her. No wonder nobody could say not to her! If Sora had been a blonde, and his mother had spiky hair, they would almost look like each other's clones. Creepy…

Now that the what-does-your-family-do-for-living conversation was closed, the silence that hung around that was thick…

But luckily, Aerith decided to break it.

"So, Rikuella. Were did you get that lovely pink dress from?" She smiled gently as her eyes fell on the frilly pink dress that I still secretly hated… wait why did I hate it again? "It looks so cute on you!" Oh yeah… now I know again…

Roxas, who had been eavesdropping on our conversation agreed. "Yeah, the one who made that dress must have been a professional!" The owner of the super blue eyes (that reminded me of Sora's), said as he looked at the dress in awe. "That looks like very expensive silk…" He inspected me closer. "…And the colour really matches your skin."

I stared at the hateful dress… Actually, the dress itself was not that bad. I mean, it would have looked great on a girl, and maybe it actually looked great on me… but why did the colour have to be pink? Why the hell did Axel choose the most girlish colour in the world? I think he hates me for some reason…

"Oh, I must have one too!" I chewed on my bottom lip gently, as Aerith was swooning all over my dress. This wasn't surprising, because Aerith was dressed in pink most of the time… Sora told me it was her obsession. Her pink dress, and the equally coloured ribbon in her hair said it all… so did her shoes, and her fingernails… and her bracelets with matching earrings…

I think I'm going to call her miss Pink from now on.

Meanwhile, Axel leaned back in his chair, and smirked at the compliments the dress got. "Why thank you for calling me a professional, Blondie. I worked hard on that dress" He winked mischievously at me as his smirk got wider. "After all, nothing is better enough for my little princess…"

I growled at the nickname. I suddenly felt the huge urge to hit him, but I was surprised when someone beat me to it. (A/N: Heh… you get it… beat me to it… -cough- moving on.)

"Owww…" Axel moaned while rubbing his head.

Roxas looked irritated. "Don't you call me a Blondie. Ever"

Axel just laughed. He muttered something like "Right, whatever Blondie" but this time Roxas stayed wise, and just ignored it. That, or he didn't hear.

"So who made the dress?" He asked me with much curiosity, and it seemed that Sora was right. He was obsessed with designing clothes, and not just a little bit. In fact, it slightly freaked me out when he bent over the table again to get a better look again. I shifted nervously in my seat. I didn't want to be found out already!

The redhead next to Roxas looked annoyed as he pulled the blonde adolescent away from me. "Yo, Blondie! Didn't you just hear me? I said that I made it, are you deaf or something?"

"Sure" Roxas looked unconvinced, as he glared at him.

This time, Axel ignored the blonde, and talked to Aerith. "So as I was saying, I made the dress for my little lovely daughter…" He pointed at me. "But if you are really intend on buying it, you have to wait till 6 November. Me and Reno are planning to have a model-show somewhere in France that day, so you can order our copies if you want to"

Aerith squealed, and hurried over to Cloud to tell him the news. Sonja, who had been listening to our conversation, cocked her head in curiosity. "Daughter…?" She asked Axel as she nodded her head to me. "Do you mean as in playing house, Axel?" (1)

Axel grinned. "Yup! I just have to look out for my little daughter" He nodded at me. "I'm here to make sure that she wears the right dresses, and that Sora takes good care of my little princess "

Sora blushed, and muttered something like "Of course I do", and held on to my arm gently. Sonja, on the other hand, seemed utterly inspired. "Oh wow! It's been such a long time sine I've played House!" With her sulky-pout totally non-existent now, she answered him thoughtfully "In fact, I haven't done that ever since I moved here to live in England! …Okay! I have decided… I'm going to be the Mommy!"

Sora and I paled. "Oh dear Lord… I've always hated that game…" Sora muttered as he tried to hide himself in my arms. Oh god… could Axel ridicule me any more?

Said redhead grinned to Sora's mother, his new partner-in-crime. "Yeah, you will be the mommy, Riku will be my daughter and Roxas as… Hmmm…" He seemed to think for a few moments, as he stared at the blonde.

Said blonde had a look on his face that clearly said 'If you like your teeth, it better be good' and waited for Axel's reply expectantly. "…You can be the little sister!"

Roxas left eye twitched. "What? Why do I have to be the little sister!?" He frowned murderously at the redhead. "No scrap that, why do I even have to join you with your stupid childish games?"

Axel smirked evilly. "Cause you would make a cute girl…"

I sighed to myself. Axel was hopeless. To think I've never seen him run so fast… Heh serves him right, that bastard. At least I could be happy that I wasn't the only one who had to deal with Axel's irritating behaviour. Roxas really did seem pissed off this time…

And… were that Axel's shins getting kicked? Ouch… heh!


After a long hour of sitting in the dining room, Axel and Sonja had decided that playing house was the best thing that happened to them in a long time. Right now, the whole group of me, Sora's family and their friends were sitting in the living room that I already liked, comfortably seated close to the warm fireplace. It was four o'clock, and as Sonja dubbed it, it was Teatime now…

"Rikuella! Oh honey, could you please pass the sugar lumps to 'Mommy'?"

"Yeah, sure" I sighed as I handed Sora's mother (and now my 'Mommy' too) the sugar lumps.

While rubbing his painful bruise, and after having escaped the wrath of Roxas, Axel had happily continued his discussion with Sora's mother. Right now, almost everybody had a role and I can't say that everybody liked it.

After the long discussion, Sonja and Axel still stayed my 'Mommy and Daddy', and (to his great anger and irritation) Roxas was still my "Younger sister". The others, however, had gotten different roles too.

Sora's older brother Cloud, had now become my 'Older brother' too, and because his friend, Leon, was so quiet for most of the time, he turned out to be my new 'Grandpa'. (Leon: "……")

Aerith had become my 'Older sister-figure' (Aerith: "Yay, now we can go shopping"), and under a loud strings of cursing (another thing, he, after building Gummi ships, was famous for), Cid turned out to be my new 'Grandma' (Cid: "WHAT! I'm not a goddamn woman, and I'm certainly not dement, you fucker!")

Aerith squealed. "Oh Roxas, now we can really act like a family!" She sighed happily as she whipped a tear away. "Now we can do stuff together for real like… um… …shopping!"

Roxas raised his eyebrows. "Uh-huh, cause twenty-year-old guys totally go shopping with twenty-seven-year-old woman" He added dryly. "No way"

Yep… some 'Family' I have…

The only two people who stayed spared from humiliation were Sora and Hidaki. Hidaki had instantly been disqualified because she wasn't 'warm' enough for our humble little 'Family', though she didn't seem concerned about it… in fact, she seemed as happy as her stern little face aloud her to. Lucky her…

And Sora? Sora and I had already been practically married to each other in their eyes. Everybody (without Cid, Leon Cloud and Hidaki) would go 'aaawww…' if they saw us doing something that they considered cute. And because Sora and me had to make sure that we looked enough like a couple, we had planned before we left to England, to act like one to convince his family.

Truthfully, I had to admit that I wasn't used to it. I mean, Sora and me were probably more affectionate than most of the other guy-friends ever would, but it still didn't mean that we were over each other. However, right now, when we were cuddled on the couch under a warm blanket, close to the fireplace… Or at dinner, when he tried to feed me strawberry pie with whipped cream…

It felt odd… but nice in some kind of way… as if Sora didn't really act it. As we really were a couple…

I felt a small blush creep over my face, and quickly willed it away. Sora doesn't like me like that, and he would never do too.

But still… I couldn't stop smiling as he cuddled himself closer to me, wrapping his thin arms around my waist. He made my heart flutter oddly when he gave me soft kisses on the cheek, and gave a sigh of content when he buried his face in my neck. His face resembled the colour of a ripe tomato, and I knew that my face must have had the same colour, only less intense.

"Aaaaaawww!" Sonja squealed happily. "You two are just so cute… Let me get my camera!"


She was about to run of a different direction of the room, when one (of the four) living rooms doors slammed closed loudly. Everyone was shaken from the dreamlike happiness that hung around the room, to look at the suddenly closed door.

I frowned as I missed the everlasting glare on my back, and looked around the room to find Hidaki missing. Was she…?


"Jesus…" Cid grumbled loudly as well breaking the silence. "I'm glad she isn't in our fuckin' queer-assed 'Family'" He added some pressure on the word, probably still irritated at being the 'Grandma' "…cause if she was I'd teach the wench some lessons on her fuckin' manners…"


Cloud laughed, and the mood in the room lifted greatly. "Yeah, cause when you teach her manners, she would be the politest Madam in the world!"

The group laughed and Sonja went to get her camera, but somehow I couldn't help but feel guilty… what if Hidaki really loved Sora…?


After the day was over, Sora and I walked to our room we would stay. Because we were a (very cute) couple in the mischievous blue eyes of Sora's mum, we had to share the room as well as the bed ("And don't be too loud" she had winked when she left…). I sighed as I fell to the bed.

If this was just the first day, then how would I come through the rest of the whole week, or maybe even longer?

I sighed in relief as I pulled of the killer shoes I had to wear the whole day, and my feet had never been this happy.

The room we had to sleep in, was one of Sora's own rooms, and was spacious and full of luxury. It only kind of missed its Sora-ness… But room kind of reminded me of my shared apartment, only more beautifully decorated and bigger. Luckily, it had it's own bathroom, and I was happy for that. It had been one of my doom-scenarios to wake up sleep-drunkenly, and have my secret found out while I was at my most vulnerable state.

I looked trough the room curiously, as Sora walked to the bathroom to change himself. My eyes landed on a photograph that was seated quietly on the very corner of Sora's desk. Walking over it, I saw a younger version of a smiling Sora and Cloud, both in the arms of a man I not recognised. The man had brown spiky hair, and soft grey eyes that matched his equally grey suit.

"That's a picture of my father"

I nearly shrieked, as I found Sora suddenly standing behind me. Very closely, and in his very cute Clouds-and-blue-sky pyjama's.

Sora smiled apolitically. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you"

I smiled. "That's okay… but…" I mentioned to the photograph. "What ever happened to your father?" He never told me much about him anyways…

Sora sighed. "When I was just an eleven-year-old, he left with half of our munny, and never came back to us" Round blue eyes frowned as he checked the picture. " This photo was made just some time before he left… I think mum still has contact with him though… but she never tells us why he left, or why he doesn't come back"

I frowned. "I'm sorry"

"Don't be. I didn't miss him anyway… he was never home… always at work… and certainly not the sociable person my mother is…"

The conversation quickly ended after that, and I decided that this was a rather privet subject for Sora. Said boy walked back to the bathroom again to brush his teeth.

When I made sure the room was locked, I pulled on my pyjamas, quite happy to be out of the pink frilly dress, and the stuffed bra. "Aaahh… finally a men again…" I sighed happily as I tangled myself through the sheets, now probably looking like some messed up cocoon.

Sora giggled. "Tired?"

I nodded sleepily. "Very…"

The brunet smiled happily as he lay next to me. "I liked today very much Riku…" He said as he crawled closer to me… "…but… I think we have to work on our cuddle moments…" His face hovering just a few inches above mine… "…It might not be convincing enough… so I thought…" Just an inch now… Sora blushed a bright red. "Well… um… maybe we should kiss each other next time… if you like"

I looked at Sora and frowned. "E-eh… we don't really have to if your not comfortable with it…!" He said nervously.

I shook my head. "No that's not it…" I answered, and he looked relieved. That however did not stop me from talking, so I continued. "…but what does bother me, is that I have your jealous ex-fiancée glaring at me with every step I take" I looked him in the eyes. "It's makes me kind of guilty to walk with you, if you still likes you…"

The brunet frowned, and gave an unhappy murmur. "Oh lord, you don't actually believe that she loves me do you?"

I nodded weakly, already feeling like I was a stupid fool to think so. But still, it could be a possibility… Sora was pretty dense when it came to love. One guy had been over him for two years, and he still never noticed anything.

He stuck out his bottom lip in irritation, and it was one of his most cute pouts the adolescent could produce . "Okay Riku, listen to me… When I was nine, my mother had just befriended herself with Ansem, and because of their friendship, they thought it was fun for me to play and be friends with Hidaki…"

I nodded again, as I reached out to put of the light. It was dark now, and the only light that illuminated the room, was the pale full moon outside. I could still see Sora's silhouette for a little bit though.

Said boy, began talking again. "The first time I played with her, I went to the city with her. We wanted to look at a circus parade, however, she said she wanted to go shopping first" Sora looked horrified at the memory, but quickly began talking again. "But then, I suddenly had to buy EVERYTHING for her, every munny until I was broke! Everything Riku! And I had like ten thousand on my bank! …Now you know that I'm not a greedy person but… that munny was just wasted on stupid girly things…"

He sighed as he cuddled himself closer to me. "Later, Ansem made more and more visits, and every time he took Hidaki with him… and the irritating thing was that it happened again and again" Sora looked horrified. "Every penny I had was quickly wasted one her, and she would get angry if I told her I was broke!" He sighed. "And when we got older, Hidaki started talking about marriage, and how I was going to buy her a castles with ponies when we got older…"

The brunet looked thoughtfully out of the window, the pale moon softly shining on his frowning face. "I'm actually glad that my father left us much later after that…" He suddenly said softly. "I always had the suspicious feeling that Ansem was after my mothers munny… I heard that the relationship he had with his own wife was pretty bad, and he flirted with our mother the whole time" He sighed again, this discussion was something he probably hated talking about. "The only reason why I'm probably not Sora Heromi, instead of Strife, was that my dad was still there… Ansem didn't have the guts to flirt with mom when he was around… not that I still saw much of dad though…"

Sora shook himself of that train of thoughts. "So to make a long story short: Hidaki only wants to marry me for one, my munny and two, because her dad wants to be close to my mum again…"

I nodded for the final time, but he probably couldn't see it. "Yeah… I understand now… Sorry for making you talk about it… I know you don't like to…" The feeling of guild was now quickly washed away with irritation. So that was Hidaki's little plan… Get Sora and be rich? I thought not! Not if I could help Sora, he deserved to be happy!

Sora smiled sheepishly. "Nah, it's alright! Talking about it with somebody really helps y'know!" he giggled as he poked my 'blanket -cocoon'. "Now how about I get some sheets too?"

I quickly untangled myself, and threw the blankets over us. I was about to close my eyes, when I felt Sora wrap his arms around me.

I blinked. "What's wrong?"

He giggled softly. "Goodnight kiss?" He asked shyly, and without waiting for an answer, he suddenly pulled forward and pecked me on the lips.

I blinked again, as he giggled and hid his beet-red face in my neck. He gave a soft sigh of content, as he let is eyes fall closed. He fell asleep in just a few seconds.

I felt a smile form at my face. He was so innocent when he did that, even though he was already twenty-three… "Sora you goofball, you are the strangest, yet cutest person I know…" Sora smiled in his sleep cutely.

With that said, I cuddled him closer and let sleep overcome me too…

Tomorrow is another day…

…but it's alright when I spend it with you…

To be continued…


Notes: (1) Okay… for those who have watched the anime 'Ouran High School Host Club' might understand what I mean. But for those who don't. Okay, so I've understood that sometimes in Japan, when a person takes such good care/feel the need to care for another person, they tend to call each other their mother or father or sister est. and I've decided to do that too. In the anime it was meant to be playful, and in this fic too.


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