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AN: When is anything 'usual' or 'normal' about Sam and Jack? Rarely, so I thought this little detail would be no different! Just a little giggle to pass the day…enjoy! 

The Object

Sam paced around the table and glared at the object currently sitting on it. Nope, it still wouldn't give. She just didn't get it; No way was this possible. Science had been, and always would be Sam's life. Science was logic; it followed a pattern. There was always an equation, an answer and a way to solve everything. Why did it abandon her now? The colour didn't even make sense, if the offending item had of been purple, well it would have made sense.

Sam liked blue jello. Jack liked red. So how they managed to raise a daughter who liked green, she'd no idea!

AN: Come on it was good! A classic. Well I thought it was funny mumbles RR!