Two Hunters and a Baby.

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Author's note: This story came to me after wrapping up my other stories TICK TOCK Grandfather's clock and Alternate Life, Real Life? I reread them and my other two current stories Oh where, Oh where has your big brother gone? And Cursed are the Peacemakers (lovely shameless self-promotion here mmmwhahahaha) and realised that I have been pretty umm mean to the boys so I thought that I would try something a little less heavy for now anyway ... So enjoy and let me know whatcha think.


'So where next Sammy boy?'

'Your funeral if you keep calling me Sammy.' Sam grinned tossing the empty cardboard cup at his brother's head. Laughing they eventually made their way to the impala parked just down the street.

'Dean do you realise that we don't actually have any hunts?' Sam asked as he put his hand on the door handle, 'Ah Dean what's on the back seat?'

'What ... where did that come from?' Dean frowned as he unlocked the door and peered in at the basket on his back seat. 'Holy fuck.' He gasped as he paled and looked up at Sam. 'Ah Sammy this is a joke isn't it. Tell me it's a joke please!'

'What are you on about? Whoa Dean ahh I didn't have anything to do with that.' Sam's eyes widened in shock.

A pair of bright green eyes watched them carefully, tiny pink lips pouted but no sound came out. Tiny fists flailed in the air wanting to be picked up, someone to hug and cuddle and give protection.

'Dean Dude is there something you want to tell me?' Sam laughed at the incredulous look on Dean's face.

'How do we know its not yours?' Dean snarled as he stared down at the bundle all in pink.

'Dean she's a baby not an it.' Sam chided him, reaching in he picked the infant up and cradled her close to his chest. 'She is cute.'

'She is not staying Sam!' Dean growled as he searched the basket, standing up he waved a note in front of Sam, 'so okay here's something.' With a shaking voice Dean read out the contents of the note.

'Dear Dean,

Please forgive me for doing this to you but I don't know what else to do or who else to turn to. Take care of our daughter please, her name is Isabelle Marie, she is five months old. I am so sorry I have to go, it's not safe for her with me she will be better off with you.


'Dude who's Merci?' Sam asked as he smiled tenderly at the little girl, she gripped his finger tightly and tried to chew on it. 'Ow I have a feeling that your daughter is teething.'

'Daughter? But ... fuck Sam I have no idea who Merci is.' Dean stared at the baby in Sam's arms, 'I can't have a daughter Dude.'

'Ah Dean meet Isabelle your daughter.' Sam laughed even harder when he saw the look of horror on his brother's face. 'And quit the profanity in front of her.'

'Suck it up Mother Superior, coz we are not...' Dean stumbled over his words as Sam passed the baby over to him making sure that he cradled her head properly. 'She is a cutie but we are not keeping her Sam.'

'I think we have a new hunt Dean, we have to find Merci and...'

'And what?'

'Dude, in the note how old is Isabelle?'

'Five months ... why?'

'Think about it Dean, she is six months old soon, Merci is scared for her and says it's dangerous and to top it off she names you Daddy ... think about it.'

'No ... no she is not anything to do with demons and what we do. This is just some sick joke that's all.'

'Well it's not funny, Dean and like it or not she's your responsibility now.'

'Well gee that's where you are wrong Sammy my boy, coz you are now Uncle Sammy.' Dean handed the baby back to Sam, 'and oh by the way I think she needs changing.'

'Dean!' Sam growled and then caught himself when a little whimper came from Isabelle and he gazed down at the large green eyes. 'Hey there Isabelle, guess I'm you Uncle Sammy.'

'Now this is getting downright annoying.' Dean muttered as he checked out what else had been put in his car. There was a safety capsule, bottles already made up with formula, cans of food suitable for a baby her age, two full bags of disposable nappies and two bags of clothes and bedding and finally a couple of very soft pink teddy bears. 'Got the whole fu ... fudging nursery here.'

'Dean we – ah – need to find somewhere to stay and fix Isabelle up I have a feeling she's hungry as well.' Sam said nudging his brother's arm, 'you right to fix the capsule?'

They drove to a small motel just on the outskirts of Sandy Creek the town they were supposedly just passing through, and decided it looked quiet enough.

Dean glared at his brother as he got the baby out of her capsule, he seemed so natural with her, they would have made great parents, the thought crossed his mind as images of Sam and Jess cradling a baby crept into his consciousness. 'I'm gonna book us in.'

'Ask for a cot.' Sam stared not taking his eyes off the baby.

'Yeah, ah right.' Dean stalked off to the office, and then slipping into his natural easygoing persona to charm the elderly couple behind the counter.

'Hi could I get a room for a couple of days, ahh two single beds and umm a cot.'

'Two beds and a cot?' the man echoed Dean as he stared out the window at Sam who juggled a baby and her nappy bag.

'He's my brother and she's ... she's my daughter.' Dean admitted grudgingly.

'Oh how cute, where's her Mama?' the lady asked her eyes already brightening at the glimpse of the baby.

'Ah no Mum, just me.' Dean said milking the look of sympathy he received from the woman, 'Sam's travelling with me to help with Isabelle.'

'Oh isn't that just gorgeous, such a good brother ... how old is she?'

'five months.' Dean grinned at least Merci left the pertinent details for him.

'Well my dear boy you just stay as long as you like and if you need anyone to keep an eye on the little angel just let me know, I'm Rosa and this is my husband Ted.'

'Thanks so much Ma'am, ah how much?'

'Oh now, let's see it's off season here and we only have one other guest, I tell you what just pay the flat rate of seventy dollars and you can stay as long as you need.'

'Thank you so much Ma'am, I ... we appreciate it.'

'Dean we need to get her changed.' Sam said as he eased himself into the office, Isabelle fussing softly in his arms, 'and fed.'

'Oh let me see the little angel.' Rosa cooed rushing around the reception counter and skidding to a stop next to Sam. 'Oh she even looks like her Daddy.'

Dean threw a filthy look at the amusement written all over Sam's face and went to take the baby from him, 'thanks Rosa, but I think she's more like Merci her Mum.'

'Poor wee tyke only a babe in arms and no Mama. You boys just call me anytime if you need anything.'

'Thanks again Rosa.'

'No problems, now let me get the names right, you're Dean and you are Sam ... my you are tall and this little doll is Isabelle?'

'That's it in one Rosa.' Dean grinned backing out of the office, 'Mathison, Dean, Sam and Isabelle Mathison.'

'Dude what was that about?' Sam asked as they let themselves into the neat room. Painted a soft apricot and cream, the room looked and smelt clean. The furnishings simple with twin beds at one end of the room, a small table under the window and behind it the door to the bathroom and a small kitchenette just on the other side of the door.

Soft white curtains rustled in the afternoon breeze, 'well at least it is not green.' Sam sighed as he dropped the baby's things on the bed.

A soft tapping on the door startling them both, cautiously Sam opened the door as Dean kept out of sight cradling Isabelle close to his chest. 'Yeah?' Sam called out in a low voice.

'It's Ted from the office I got the cot for ya'll.'

Relaxing Sam hid his gun once more tucking it under his shirt in the middle of his back and opened the door. The older man rolled in the travelling cot and set it up for the brothers, satisfied with his handiwork he grinned at them and went to let himself out, 'now don't mind Rosa too much boys, she just loves younguns, ours are all growed up and moved away. Only see the grandbabies at Christmas.'

'No probs Ted, and thanks for the cot.'

'You boys take care of the little one won'tcha.' Ted said with a sad smile before shutting the door behind him.

A loud wail made Dean stiffen slightly and look up at Sam, 'so what you want? Nappy patrol or bottle patrol?'

'Ah I have a feeling I should do the ... changing you do the bottle.'

'So what do I ... oh there's instructions. Fu ... Shi ... gee she's organised if anything.' Dean grumbled as he waited for the water to boil, then he poured it into the jug and carefully placed the bottle in the water to heat up.

Sam laid the baby down on a soft blanket on the table and set the clean nappy and other sundries next to her so he didn't have to leave her unattended. Grinning widely he undid her all-in-one suit and slipped her long legs out of it, stopping in surprise as he took the wet nappy off her.

'Ah Dean check this out.' He called over in a soft voice so he didn't startle her again.

'What?' Dean scowled as he tested the warmth of the milky formula on his wrist. Going over he followed Sam's gaze and looked down at the baby. Just above her right hip was a tiny birthmark the shape of a butterfly. 'What the?'

'do you still have yours?' Sam asked feigning innocence.

'Dude!' Dean snapped, his hand hovered over his birthmark high on his thigh just below his right hip.

'Dean this is really strange.' Sam said as he finished changing Isabelle and handed her to his brother, 'your turn.' He grinned.

Dean sat down on the bed and propped himself up on the bedhead, resting Isabelle in the crook of his arm he hesitantly put the bottle's nipple at her mouth. Within seconds she suckled on it happily, without realising it Dean found himself smiling down at the infant as she caught his finger while she fed and held on tight, her large green eyes fixed on his face, soft downy blond fuzz covered her hair. His gaze roamed over her tiny body, checking to make sure she was alright, well as much as he could tell anyway.

Sam glanced over at the big tough hunter feeding the tiny baby and melting each moment longer he looked at her. Under that tough exterior he is just a big softy. Sam grinned at the thought.

'Dude I heard that.' Dean said as he tried to glare up at Sam, but his eyes were soft and misted over. Isabelle was already winning his heart.