Two Hunters and a Baby.

Disclaimer: Sigh no matter how hard I try I just don't own anything to do with Supernatural or the characters of the show. Although anything that comes from my fevered imagination is ... kind of ... that's my excuse anyway!

Author's Note: Well this is it, finally finished a story that was very close to my heart while writing it, thanks to everyone who has reviewed it and stuck with me right through the story, a sequel will be coming in the not so distant future, Two hunters and a little girl is the working title.

Thanks again, BIG HUGS TO ALL!!!!




'You're in a good mood, our destination wouldn't have anything to do with it?' Sam teased unconsciously fingering the scar on his throat.

'Gee I dunno Sammy you tell me.'

'Yeah, yeah I know I can't wait either.' Sam grinned, 'you sure that the present will be fine?'

'Hey remember who you're talking to Dude.' Dean laughed, 'so how much further have we got to go?'

'Bout another hour.'

'Hour hey?'

'Dean we do want to get there in one piece.'

The impala roared up the dirt driveway and came to a stop outside the now familiar house, 'honey we're home.' Dean quipped.

'Dadda,' a little girl's voice came from just outside the car, Dean got out and held out his arms, watching the fair haired little girl toddle towards him, 'Dadda.'

'Where's my birthday girl?' Dean said gathering the little girl in his arms.

'Uncsammee?' she held her hands out for a cuddle from Sam squeezing his nose with her fingers she giggled and smothered him in kisses.

'Hey Sam, Dean how's it going?' Rachel greeted them breathlessly, 'I swear Dean your daughter is hyperactive, she can't sit still for a moment.'

'That's my girl,' Dean beamed, 'nice to see her wearing jeans and T-shirt for a change,' he quipped and then he sobered slightly and stared down at Rachel, 'how is she doing Rachel? Honestly.'

'Honestly, the first few weeks were hard on her, it's kinda weird, coz I could swear that she understood why she has to stay here, but then again she is only a baby.'

'Yeah I know, I swear Rachel one day I'm gonna have a home for her but for now, she has to stay safe and off the radar.'

'We understand and we love her as much as we do our other kids, you've got no worries here.'

'Thanks Rachel I mean it, it's a lot easier doing what we do knowing that Mickie's safe.'

'Umm I can't say the same for Sam.' Rachel broke out laughing as she turned their attentions to Dean's hapless younger brother. Dean's mouth dropped open and then he started laughing until his sides ached.

Sam was under siege from children, from Mickie still chewing on his fingers through to Em staring at him with wide awe struck eyes.

'Hey Dean some help please?' He managed to get out as more children wanted to hang from his long legs.

'That's my boy!' Dean grinned as he followed Rachel inside leaving Sam alone with the kids.

'Dean!' Sam bellowed angrily hearing Dean's deep laughter, 'honestly Mickie your father may be here for your first birthday but he may not make it for your second.' He said to his niece 'come on kids let's go get some birthday cake, and remember to jump all over Uncle Dean before you get cleaned up, make sure that you get really sticky.'