Kumagoro part 2

Me: Disclaimer please….(looking at cast around her)…Uesegi you can do it!

Uesegi Family: Which one?

Me: Don't care don't mind. Just pick someone!

Tatsuha: Would you give me a round with Sakuma-sama if I do it?

Me: Hmmm…No!

Tatsuha: Awww why…!

Me: I might give you one with Shuichi though.

Tatsuha:…yeah (shrugging) okay…errrr what do I do again?

Mika: Oh for the love of… Disclaimer: This authoress does not own us or the rest of Gravitation, just this plot.

Eiri: Wait, wait. Plot? There isn't any plot! It is just a pile load of sh…

Me: Hey! None of that Mr. I'm-about-to-lose-my-Shu-to-idiot-child-Ryuichi!

Eiri & Tatsuha: (Death glare) Don't you dare…

Tohma: May we get on with it please. I am truly worried for CosE…

Me: Ah really! XD er...why…?

Tohma: Because you're talking to yourself!


"Sakuma-sannnn…but why!"

"Because I want you to!"

"I don't know…What if I don't want to suck it?"

"Ah pwease Shu-chan. Just do it." Sakuma pleaded holding him out.

"Okay okay." Shuichi promptly leaned forward to take the unusually hard strip into his soft mouth and took a quick suck, like he would to a normal lollipop, then without removing himself spoke around the pinkish object. "Eh? What!"

"See! Does it taste good?"

"Yeah tastes like…strawberry!"

Suddenly comprehending what tasted like strawberry Shuichi worriedly began to wonder what his idol had done to it to make it taste that way – it did not look to be covered in anything. Keen to know the answer the Bad Luck singer took his mouth away and asked uncertainly "Anou…Sakuma-san what did you do?"

"It's a secret na no da!" like he would give up the surprise so easily. Ha!

"No seriously Sa…"

"Ryuichi." The other name was for OLD people!

"D-Demo…" though before he could protest his objections the green-haired jpop superstar barely filled his lungs before yelling out his name loud enough to wake the dead and cause temporary deafness to his rival opposite.


Palms reaching ears just a little too late Shuichi quickly made up lest he incur any more pain "Ah! Okay!...Really….Ryuichi…what did you do to make a strawberry flavoured…"

Once again he was interrupted; maybe Sakuma-san was losing his patience, as he yanked Shuichi closer to himself with a "Come here." before whispering feverishly over his weird but ingenious idea. Shuichi's reaction certainly matched them as he gasped and sounded in amazement.

"Oh that makes sense" strangely relieved his idol had not done anything really silly as he had thought "For a moment there Ryu I thought you had done something crazy to your precious…" And again interrupted though he was sure he was not babbling very much today at all.

"Shuichi thinks Ryu's crazy?"

Though okay maybe he should not have said exactly what was on his mind just then, he was not wanting to insult the thirty odd year old child with mood swings to match that was for sure "Ummm…maybe a little…Sorry."

"Hai that's okay! We think Shu-chan's crazy too!" smiled the older singer who pounced with enough force onto his younger knocking them both off the table-top they had jumped onto earlier "WOAH", before landing with a loud thud, a shout of Ryuichi's usual spirited phrase and a groan from where the older's elbow dug discreetly into the younger's stomach.

Spiritedly blushing from their position the pink-headed singer shifted them both into a better more upright sitting swiftly able to breathe more easily from the lack of lung-crushing elbow-prodding heavier being above him, although that was quite surprising given Ryuichi's size.

Comfortable again Ryuichi continued on with his wonderful idea and presented his prize to Shuichi "Lookie Shu…I got you one too!"

"You didn't have…" Shuichi wondered if he could get out of here sooner and find his lover, soon.

"Yes I did!" shoving his prize right into the boy's face almost insisting that this was a needed gift for him. "If you suck off that one like you did before…then I can do the same to yours."

"Uh…uh-huh" maybe he could wait.

"Then Shu and Ryu will be even and we can swap over again!"

But listening to his idol squeal so happily over his idea Shuichi knew Yuki would just have to wait "Okay!" Besides Shuichi had to admit it did taste very good!

So wrapping his hand on another section of Ryuichi's proffered item he said, just to be sure, "So you want me to suck off to the base. Right." Before placing his mouth completely engulfing the protruding piece and sucking as planned. Shuichi vaguely registered as the green-haired Nittle Grasper singer placed his own mouth on Shuichi's own piece and exclaiming full-mouthed and practically drooling "Mmmm…that's good na no da!"

Right at that moment the pair was interrupted by two angry blondes stampeding through the door that flew off its hinges. The sight of them, and for fear they had done something wrong, both singers froze and watched as the taller blonde's expressions changed from anger to shock to some odd mixture of befuddlement and surprise.

Tohma and Eiri had been so sure despite their resilience to believe otherwise that their little bundles were being naughty. Or more specifically that the older genius Ryuichi had persuaded the sometimes extremely idiotic pink singer, Shuichi to orally please him. Well that would explain there conversation…somewhat…even if it did not bare thinking about why Ryuichi's…thing tasted like strawberry.

Instead the scene before them did not match that estimate one bit. For one thing both singers had their mouths full and both were sitting straight up…NOT bent over each other. It took a moment to realise but between the pair were two pink objects…two kumagoro's!

Ryuichi had his left hand on one directed towards Shuichi and his right on one directed towards him and they were both, apparently eating one ear off of each!

"Huh!" Tohma and Eiri exclaimed.

A funny high pitch 'hmmm' question sounded from both boys in response. 'Why did Yuki burst through the door like that' thought Shuichi as silence reigned…

A loud slurping pop and crunch followed as Ryuichi's bunny ear came off completely into his mouth "Did I make it too hard that it won't come off Shu?"


"You're taking a long time" whined Ryuichi

"Oh sorry" said Shuichi, biting down and popping off 'Kuma's' right ear in a very similar fashion to his idol. Now both boys looked as though they had tongue transplants what with this long very pink long-ear sticking just a ways out of their mouths almost like a thick serpent tongue. The older singer pulled his cheeks in sliding the object further into his mouth and chewed half-heartedly on the edge nearer his throat before swallowing said piece. He noticed that his darling Shuichi (1) was still sucking on his piece with one edge hanging out of his mouth still and…

…he had a spark of inspiration!

He had been having a lot of them lately and with no one to hinder him the sexy child-star got to entertain them all. Unfortunately this idea was not a particular sensible one…pft…like persuading a candy factory to create two hard strawberry candy renditions of his favourite bear was a great idea in the long run…especially with one rather volatile golden-eyed haired novelist in the room who had just been caught doing something embarrassing…or would be if Shuichi, Ryuichi or anyone other than already secretive Tohma found out.

Unable to help himself…and Kumagoro even told him it would be fun…green-haired singer bounced forward mouth and teeth gripping on the end of Shuichi's bunny ear causing a full on blush on the latter as his childhood god-idol slammed onto his partially open lips in a near full on smooch…


Kumagoro was right it was fun fun! And even better he had managed to get Shu-chan's meanie boyfriend to play tag with him through NG's halls, with a unusually slightly less calm Seguchi shouting something about "Not meaning it like that" and "Eiri-san you cannot…too many rabid fans!" So Ryuichi figured he had managed to do the impossible and get Tohma to play too.

Not that they would ever catch him of course….he was too smart for that! XD


(1)In Manga Volume 10 (I think) Ryuichi says to Rage "I thought K was my darling Shuichi's manager?" I got it from that...

Ah I am so sorry this took so long. It's been like ¾ done for over a week only I was trying to decide how I wanted to end it and couldn't, too many rushes of ideas!

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