Chapter 1

"Jonny Quest you are so dead!" Jessie hollered. Race and Benton just looked at each other when Jonny came running through the living room followed closely by a very wet, very angry Jessie.

"It was just some snow!" He said defensively.

"Some snow? Try a pile of snow!" Jessie yelled.

"Jonny." Benton said with warning.

"She started it. If she would have just left me alone I wouldn't have had to push her in the snow." Jonny said pointing at Jessie.

"How mature." She said just before sneezing.

"Ponchita go dry off before you get sick."

"I will after I kill Jonny." She stated. She looked at her father who in return gave her a stern look. "Fine you win I'm going. But I didn't do anything to him." She said her voice fading as she walked up the stairs.

"What happened Jonny?" Benton asked.


"Ponchita? Time for dinner." Race said lightly tapping on her bedroom door. When he got no answer he peeked in her room only to find her asleep on her bed. He walked over to her and gently woke her up. "Jessie. Time to eat Ponchita." He said.

"I'm too tired to eat. I have a headache." She said before burring her head in her pillow. Race felt her forehead.

"You don't have a fever. Come on you need to eat."

Jessie sat up in bed, "Fine." Race laughed at his daughter's stubbornness. The two walked down to the kitchen to join Jonny and Benton at the table.

"How do you feel Jessie?" Benton asked noticing her pale complexion.

"Just tired." She said giving everyone a small smile.


Jessie awoke to footsteps on the stairs. Slowly she got out of bed and followed the sound till she found her father loading up the jeep. "Where are you going dad?" She asked.

"Well do to the storm that's coming in we have to leave tonight for Benton's conference instead of tomorrow. "I've got to finish loading the jeep. You go back to sleep. I love you." He said kissing the top of her head.

"I love you too." She replied before heading upstairs to bed.

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