Chapter 3

Jonny and Jessie sat watching a movie. Just as Meg Ryan started to discuss cheese Jessie's phone rang.

"Hello….hi dad….yea….ok… you too….bye." Jessie turned to Jonny. "That was my dad. They will be home in about an hour they just landed at the airport." She said. Jonny pulled Jessie into a hug.

"What are we going to tell our dads?" He asked.

"I don't know." She said tilting her head to meet his. "We only have less than an hour. We can't start this again." She said as Jonny's hand caressed her chest.

"I love you." He said.

"I love you." She said taking his mouth again. Jonny pressed himself against Jessie getting her to moan. "Come on." She said taking his hand and pulling him behind her. They made it all the way to the top of the stairs when the front door swung open and Race and Benton walked in.

"Kids! We're back." Race called.

"I wonder where they are at." Benton said. "Probably in Questworld."

Jonny and Jessie stood at the top of the stairs kissing each other.

"Jonny our dad's could walk up these steps any minute." Jessie said.

"Come on." He said pulling her into his room and locking the door. Jessie lay on his bed. "I love you." He said climbing on top of her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss when they heard someone knock at the door.

"Jonny? Why is your door locked?" Benton asked. Jonny and Jessie looked at each other in fright. Jessie hid in the corner while Jonny opened his bedroom door.

"Hey pop what's up?"


"Jonny." Jessie whispered shaking his shoulder.

"What?" He asked sounding irritated.

"Can I sleep in here with you?" She asked. Jonny rolled over to let Jessie in his bed. "I love you." She said kissing him lightly.

"I love you." He said taking her in his arms. Jessie laid her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. The two stayed like that for the whole night and that was the same position their fathers found them in the next morning.

Fade to Black

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