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Epilogue: With Every Ending Comes a New Beginning.

(Naruto POV)

"Ring, ring"


"Ring, RING!"

"Huh... what? What time... is... OH SHIT!" I yelled.

I got up as fast as I can while trying the unscramble my thoughts.

"Oh my god. The wedding is in twenty minutes! Sakura-chan's going to KILL me!!" I mentally slapped myself.

I ran into the bathroom and tried to make myself look the best I could. After just two minutes of running my hand through my hair, I went into my closet and pulled out a black tuxedo. I shoved it on and ran out of the door, not even caring I didn't have my daily breakfast ramen.

I ran down Konoha like a bullet. I HAD to be there now! I had just five minutes until Sakura-chan walked down the aisle. I kept on running faster and faster.

"Come on! Just a little bit more and I'll... aha! I'm here!" I cheered to myself.

I slammed the doors open and saw many pairs of eyes widen at me. I made my way down the aisle, right next to Sasuke-teme.

"You're late, dobe." Sasuke slightly glared.

"I know, teme!" I smirked back at Sasuke-teme.

Just then, the doors flew open once again... and what I saw was an angel. An angel sent from above. Sakura-chan... was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen at that point. My jaws literally dropped and Sakura walked down the aisle way with her father at hand. Her hair was put up loosely in a bun and two strands of hair fell to her angelic face on each side. Her dress was breathtaking as well. It was strapless and was long. She looked so classy and beautiful... I was stunned. As a child she was really cute, and as a teenager she was pretty and hot. But now, she is beautiful and mature.

However, I knew she could never be mine. Even though this reality hurt me a bit... I was happy for teme and Sakura-chan. Sakura loved him, and he loved her. I could never break apart two of my best friends' hearts...

(A few days later)

Teme and Sakura-chan now live together... Maybe I should leave them a surprise in their house before they get back from their honeymoon. Haha that'll be funny... but then... Sakura would punch the life out of me... She's so strong now.

I sighed as I sat down at my desk. My new life as hokage is tough, but I guess it's worth it. I shouldn't complain for Kakashi-sensei's sake.. I hope you're resting in peace, Kakashi-sensei.

A lot has happened since the day I found out about Sasuke and Sakura dating... A lot of sadness. Ero sannin and Tsunade baa-chan passed away. It turned out there was one other remaining Akatsuki member other than Itachi and Kisame and it was Pein. Pein had seven bodies to defeat... it took us six bodies to realize that the real one was hidden away. At the cost of their lives, they defeated Pein once and for all. Kakashi sensei passed away just a month ago, the cause of his death was unknown. Even though his reign was short, Kakashi-sensei was a good hokage.

As the seventh hokage, I have a lot of respect now. I love being Hokage but it brings ups and downs. I have the power to protect the ones I care about now... now, I'll be careful and make sure no harm comes to my friends' way. It's a promise of my lifetime.








( the land of waves)

"Sasuke-kun! While we're here... don't you think we should visit Inari and Kazuna and Tsunami... and Sai... and Narihime... an-" Sakura said in sing song voice

"Sakura. We are here right now for us, we'll see them later," Sasuke stated with his eyes shut.

"Oh some things never change... Sasuke-kun, it's our honeymoon! Lighten up! When we return to Konoha, we'll be swamped with missions!" Sakura huffed.

"Okay... Fine..." Sasuke slightly pouted.

"You make me want to be a better person, Sakura." Sasuke said as he looked straight into Sakura's eyes.

"...That's too clique Sasuke-kun! Haha I don't believe you for one second!" Sakura chuckled.

"But I'm serious."

"You're a bad liar Sasuke, believe it or not," Sakura teased.

"...Fine. I like you, really really like you. Happy?"

"Hehe That's my boy!" Sakura happily said.

It's been three years since they last saw Itachi. It was untrue to say that Sasuke didn't care, oh he did. It's rumored that Itachi died at some point, in an abandoned place... by himself. Although, Kisame is spotted here and there. He doesn't do anything bad.. except kill people who bug him. So it is speculated that no one is ever going to be able to figure out exactly what happened to Itachi. Sasuke and Sakura went steady for about two years when chicke- I mean Sasuke FINALLY decided to propose to her. For those two years, nothing teared them apart. They were almost always together, it was a wonder why Sasuke didn't propose just a month after dating. But Sakura knew the real reason... Sasuke wanted her to enjoy her years as a teenager without having the burden of being married to someone, even if it was to someone she loved.








(One month later)

"S-Sasuke-kun! Come here.!" Sakura called.

"...What's wrong Sakura?" Sasuke asked as he ran in the bathroom.

"um... I have something to tell you..." Sakura said while shifting her eyes.

"...? Yeah, what's that?" Sasuke blinked.

"I-I'm... pregnant!" Sakura shouted ecstatically while jumping onto Sasuke.

"Seriously?" Sasuke blinked once more.


"That's... great!!" Sasuke celebrated.

"Wait, let me go call Ino! She'll be so excited! Now our babies can play with each other!" Sakura said.

"You're going to let our kid play with Shikamaru's son? She or he might pick up bad habits..." Sasuke said while eying Sakura.

"Don't be silly! (Gasp). What if our child is a girl? THEN! Ino's son and my daughter might like each other... then they might get married someday! It's that great?!" Sakura said with stars in her eyes.

"...(Sigh) you're annoying..." Sasuke said bluntly.

"Not that again, Sasuke-kun!"

"... but you're mine." Sasuke said with a smirk. With that, Sasuke grabbed Sakura's waist and pulled her close.

"So... after this kid.. how many more do you want?" Sasuke smirked.

"Oh... just about three more," Sakura deviously smiled.

"I think I can arrange that..."

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