By Superpower37

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Chapter 2: A HUGE Surprise

2 months later:

Conner held a picture of the team in his hand. He looked at Kira. He admired he beauty and fierceness. He remembered the day that he was told that she died.

Conner was kicking back on his few days off from crime fighting. Just then, the phone rang. He picked it up.


"Conner, it's Trent. Kira's mom called Ethan, who called me and told me that Kira had been in a car crash. When they'd found her, she had been gone for nearly a half hour"

"Oh god no". Conner dropped the phone.

"You need to call Dr. O" Trent said before he hung up. Conner did.

"'ello" Tommy answered. Conner couldn't keep himself from crying.

"D-Dr. O" was all Conner said before he dissolved into tears. Tommy got concerned.

"Conner? What's wrong" he asked unaware of what happened.

"Kira, Kira died in a car crash" he replied between sobs. Tommy gasped. The teens were like sons and daughter to him. They hung up. A couple days later, her funeral was performed.

Oh how he yearned for her, her sweet smell, her beautiful voice, and that sweet smile of hers. Conner felt tears roll down his cheeks. Then, Eric, his twin brother popped in.

"Hey bro" he said. Then, he noticed his brother crying. He sat next to him and hugged him. Conner didn't fight, he just hugged back. The phone rang and Conner picked it up.

"Conner, there's something you might want to see. Meet us at the park" Ethan said. Conner hurried to the park. Meanwhile, Kira had been walking in the park when she spotted her teammates. She tried to hide behind the tree, but they saw her.

"Kira" Conner's voice asked curiously. Oh how she missed him. The thing that made hiding hard was her stomach. Before she left, she found out she was pregnant with Conner's child. At the time, she was six months pregnant, but not showing it. She began showing in the seventh month. She decided that it was safe to tell them. She stepped out.

"I'm sorry, I had to protect you all from worse danger than you could realize. Now it's safe to tell you all. I also have to say that I'm eight months pregnant with Conner's kid" she said. They gasped as she explained. Conner stepped forward and took Kira's hands in his own.

"I love you Kira Ford and I'm ready to be father, but there's only one question. I know that it's not safe to have a relationship with a person while being a ranger, but we can handle it. I've been planning this for six months. Kira Ford, will you marry me" Conner asked. Kira smiled. She'd been waiting for the day when her boyfriend would ask her that.

"Of course Conner" she said. He placed the ring on her finger and swung around in a circle. They were going to be a couple.

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