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Kakashi can feel Anko's laughter from where their backs touching, standing back to back on a rampart of the dead. A rampart made of enemies and friends alike.

They are outmatched him and snake girl, the enemy nin circling them hopelessly outnumber them. Only the sound of her laughter detours them, the high lilting melody that hasn't wavered all night. They are wary of that laughter, already having lost so many this night.

Reaching deep inside himself, Kakashi scrapes up the last dregs of his chakra as his hands fly through seals, igniting a fistful of lightning in his hand.

"Come and get some you sons of bitches." The words are snake girl's, but they might as well have been his for all the Rock nin care.

Raikiri serve's him well, slicing through three Shinobi before sizzling out. He can feel Anko spring into movement as she in turn slice's into the first wave of Shinobi.

Lunging forward his blade becomes a blur as he slices the next enemy nin into six pieces. Turning, he can see Anko's summoned snake wrapped around her, striking the Rock nin that don't fall prey to her sword. She strikes in perfect tandem with the snake, as if they were partners in some kind of macabre dance, shinobi giving way before the whirlwind of death that she has become, her laughter mocking them even as they fall.

He has no time to watch, as Obito's sharingan informs him of imminent attack, his katana coming around to slice through bone, cartilage, fat, and muscle, in a backhand that cleaves an opponent in two.

The melody of combat consumes him as he dodge's and strikes, decapitates and disembowels, stabs and hacks, parries and slices, all to the merciless tune of her laughter.

And then it's over. No more enemies to kill, no more attacks to dodge.

He falls to his knee's, feeling the deep ache in his chest that speaks of using far to much chakra, the myriad other parts of his body that have been hacked away by the current of battle throbbing in tune to that ache.

Anko's laughter has subsided into childish giggles now, the only dirge the fallen will ever hear.

He finds himself chuckling, a deep and throaty noise, that rise's to meet the cadence of her renewed laughter.

Because in a way, it is funny.