You Could Have Caught Me, Take Two


LiL Pippin Padfoot

Disclaimer: IT'S A SEQUAL!

Anna is SO back! I couldn't bury her forever, I knew I couldn't. She's my new favorite character, and Trisher, you know how much I hate character death!

So I am writing a sequel.

I sighed.

It felt so long ago that I had been one of the Fellowship. Killing Orcs, meeting all those Middle Earthen hotties, The Battle of the Black Gate, Aragorn's wedding...all those times were embedded in my memory, but I wanted to be back there. I wondered if Aracaran was still there, in Rohan. Or in Gondor? I hoped in Rohan.

I remembered Théoden catching me running off to the stables, he had been a nice guy, and I remembered Helm's Deep, totally fooling the guys.

I sighed again. I missed the old days.

Trisher insisted that I sounded even more like an old soldier after that, going on and on about my old war stories, I rarely talked about my Basketball career after that.

I couldn't sing any of the old songs without getting sad.

Should've been a Cowboy, Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirate's Life for Me, 1985, all of them. Couldn't sing 'um. They made me sad.

It got so I couldn't even watch the movies or books without bursting into tears (more so than usual, that is.)

I needed to get back, if only for a little while. Just for a little while.

I decided it was like in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe; I could never go to Middle Earth again, unless I wasn't looking for it. Such as Lucy, Peter, Susan, and that other one couldn't get back into Narnia through the Wardrobe again.

It won't work. So, I had to find a different way.

I flopped on my bed. I put the little Swiss Army knife in my pocket, pulled on my MSU hoodie, Hartley Nerds T-Shirt, my jeans, and finally my white and green sneakers.

I was ready.

Oh wait, I ran into the bathroom, and pulled my hair into a ponytail. I would not make the mistake of going into M.E. without a pony-tail holder again.

Now I was ready.

I flopped on my bed. Reaching for my headboard, I pulled out Return of the King.

I turned my DVD player on, so it was at the very end, well, Aragorn's coronation.

I wasn't looking for going to Middle Earth. No way! Though, if it happened, I was ready.

I pressed play, opened the book, and began reading.

All of a sudden, I felt really sleepy, I had been leaning my head against my hand, but it kept sliding off. My eyes kept closing. Finally, I gave into the sleep, thinking I would try again tomorrow. Tomorrow...

Tomorrow's another day!