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Chapter 19:

"I can't believe you want to do this to your hair." Candice said as Lindsey looked through different hair styling books.

"I'm sick of being labels ditsy blonde." Lindsey said flipping the pages of the magazine. Candice was about to yell at her more but Brittany cut her off.

"Hey, Lindsey. What's it going to be today?"

"Umm…a cut and dyed."

"What!"" Brittany almost yelled as Lindsey sat in the barber chair.

"Yup. Cut a little pass shoulders and dye a dark brown."

It took Brittany about 20 minutes to cut and style Lindsey's hair.

"Okay. You sure you want to dye it?"


40 minutes later, Lindsey's hair was cut to about her chest, layered and dyed a dark chocolate brown color.

"Everybody is going to flip."

"I know. Especially my family."

"They don't know?" Lindsey shook her head.

Lindsey was driving back to Candice's house.

"Mark gave me the money and I left."

"Well, call me later about the party."

"Kay. See you later."


"I'm back!" Lindsey yelled as she walked through the front door.

"Kitchen!" Mark yelled.

"Okay. Something happened. You promise not to freak?"

"What is it?" John yelled sounding concerned.


"What the hell Girly? Wow!" Dean said coming down the stairs.

"What is going on?" John asked sounding a little frustrated.

"Umm…I dyed my hair." She said walking into the kitchen.

Mark, John and Sam's jaws literally dropped when they saw her.

Dean walked into the kitchen after Lindsey and saw their faces and Lindsey, who looked nervous.

"Well, I like it." He said putting his arm around her shoulders, supporting her decision.

"Yea…it looks great…just…" Sam said, trying to find the words.

"Different." John finished Sam's sentence.

"Well, I didn't want to be labeled the ditsy blonde anymore."


Day Before Party

Lindsey was figuring out what kinds of snacks she should get for her party when Dean walked into the kitchen.

"Hey De, whatcha up to?"

"Nothing." He said sitting down across from Lindsey, watching her. Lindsey looked up from her list then put her pencil down.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothings wro…" Lindsey cut him off.

"Dean…just talk to me."

"Dean sighed and itched the back of his head.

"Well, you know Dad said you could come on the road with us…hunting…when you graduated…I was wondering if you made up your mind yet." Lindsey blew her cheeks full of air. "I mean if you wanted to go to college or something I won't be mad."

"College? Oh no, I hate school."

"Really?" He asked surprised.

"Yea, I got the good grades and everything…but I got detentions and suspensions every week."

"Why?" Dean asked confused.

"Detention for being late and mouthing off and suspensions for fights."

"You got into fights?" Lindsey nodded.

"When I first came to school here I was quiet because I was still mad at you guys. I got picked on a lot. I finally fought back. I became known as Badass Winchester. I meet Nicole, who wasn't scared of me, and she introduced me to all the friends I have now. After a while everyone knew who I was, and not to mess with me."

"We've been her over 2 weeks, you haven't been in any fights."

"Well, I couldn't get into a fight for the last month of school or something would have happened."


"So…to make Sammy happy, I'll pretend I'm thinking it over. But I'll probably go on the road with you guys."

"Okay." Dean said smiling happily. "I'll leave you to planning." He stood up, lent over the table and gave her a kiss on top of the head and left.



Everyone Lindsey invited showed, except Kevin and Jake, who called and said he was going to be late.

"Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday to You…Happy Birthday to Lindsey…Happy Birthday to You!" Everyone sang before Lindsey blew out the candles.

"YEEEEAAAA!" Everyone clapped and cheered.

Mark cut the cake and Lindsey gave everyone a piece.

"PRESENTS!" Brittany yelled after everyone finished their cake and cleaned up. Everyone headed to the living room where Sam, Dean and John were sitting. Lindsey sat between Sam and Dean on the couch.

Candice was the first to hand Lindsey her present.

"It's a scrap book of all the years we've been friends."

"Uhhh." Lindsey said before standing up and giving Candice a hug. Next was Brittany's present. It was a hair straightened. Nicole got her an iTunes card and a covering case for her iPod. Lydia got her a Best of Blue Oyster Cult CD. Jessica got her, her favorite movie, Texas Chainsaw Massacre plus a huge bag of regular M&Ms. Lindsey opened all her presents except from Mark and her family.

"Okay, start the party I'll be back in a minute." Lindsey said following her family outside.

"You decide about college or hunting?" Sam asked.

"Ummm…I'm really not cut out for college. So…"

"You're not going to college, but coming on the road with us." Sam concluded.

"Me and Sammy got you this…" Dean said handing her, her present.

"It's like your guys' bags."



"Me and Mark got you this." John said handing her a pocket knife with Winchester carved into the handle.

"Guys this is amazing."

"Happy Birthday Baby Doll." John said hugging her.

"Okay. Since this is your party and you don't want a bunch of old men hanging around, we'll be at the motel for the night…"

"Did you hear that Sammy, Mark called you an old man."

"Yea, I heard."

"Call if you need anything."

"Okay, bye."

All four got in their vehicles and drove toward the motel. After they were out of sight Lindsey saw another truck pull into the driveway.

"Hey there, Birthday Girl." Jake said stepping down from his truck.

"Hey. You just missed cake and presents."

"Oh well." He shrugged. "Happy Birthday." He said handing her a palm sized box, wrapped with a bow on it.

"Jake you didn't have to."

"Yea, but I wanted to." He said smiling.

Lindsey sighed before neatly pulling the paper off and opening the box. Once she saw what was in it, her breath caught in her throat.

"Oh Jake. It's amazing." She said looking at him with a huge smile. In the box was a small necklace charm of 2 interlocking hearts, one facing up the other upside down. In the middle was a red glass ball held there by the heart's points.

She reached up and gave Jake a hug. When they pulled away their faces were inches away from each other. Jake was leaning in when they were interrupted by Candice.

"Lins you coming in or what?" Lindsey and Jake jumped away from each other as if struck by lightning. Candice say them jumped. "Sorry." She said before going back inside.

"Umm…we should go in." Lindsey said turning the house.

"Actually Luke gave me a break to give you your present. I actually have to be back in…" he paused as he looked at his watch. "About two minutes. So…I just wanted to say happy birthday and give you your present."

"Oh…okay." Lindsey said looking down, hiding the disappointment in her eyes. What surprised her was Jake giving her a kiss on the cheek before heading toward his truck.


"See ya around." Jake said before getting in his truck and driving away.

She watched him leave then went in the house smiling.


The Next Morning

"Hello! Lindsey you up?" Dean yelled as he walked into the house. He was he first one up and he wanted to see how the party went.

"Kitchen!" An answer came back. Dean walked into the kitchen to see Lindsey, Nicole and Candice drinking coffee.

"Good morning Big Bro. Where's everyone else?"

"Sleeping." Dean said before pouring himself a cup of coffee. "So how was the party?"

"Well, someone found the alcohol. So some people were passed out."


"Kevin showed…" Dean looked at Lindsey with anger in his eyes. "Don't worry I told him to leave and if he didn't I would call you guys…"

"At first he was like whatever." Candice put in.

"Yea, then I told him you were a hit man." Dean smiled. "He gathered all his friends and left."

"Oh my God. Did you see his face?" Nicole laughed.

"He looked like he was going to shit himself." Candice added. "It was funny."

After about 10 minutes of talking the phone rung.

"Bet you five bucks it's Sam, Dad, or Mark." Dean said pulling out a five.

"Okay." Lindsey said before answering the phone. "Hello...just a minute…Nicole it's your mom…" Lindsey said handing the phone to Nicole, who walked into the living room.

"Give me my money bi…"

"Don't even finish." Dean warned, handing her the money.

"My Mom's coming to pick me and Candice up."


5 minutes later Nicole and Candice were about to leave.

"Okay. You better call us every chance you get." Candice said hugging Lindsey.

"Yea. Don't get hurt either." Nicole warned hugging her, too.

"I'll call, visit and won't get hurt. I promise." Lindsey said before Nicole and Candice left.

"You told them?"

"The secret? Yea. We had this class I knew everything about."

"What class?"

"Paranormal and Supernatural Phenomenon. PSP."


"Yup. Mark flipped pout when I told him."


"I guess he figured I would just forget about that stuff."

"How could you forget?"

"I don't know. But I aced everything…well…except the teacher said some of the things were wrong."

"Like what?" by now they were back in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking.

"Umm…shapeshifter…you kill them silver bullet to the heart right?" Dean nodded. "Well she said it was to the head. I kept correcting her, there I got a detention. Werewolf…again silver bullet to the heart, she said head." Lindsey paused as she thought of other things. "Vampires. Man she was all wrong on that lore and everything."

"Really?" Lindsey nodded.

"Stake to the heart will kill it. Cross will repeal. The sun scares it…all the movie junk. I swear half the stuff she got was from the movies. Wendigos don't exist."

"Does she even know what one is?"

"No. But when she said they don't exist I pointed out that the class was about nonexistent creatures…yes I know they exist…but I got another detention."

"Hello!?" they heard somebody yell.

"Kitchen!" Dean and Lindsey yelled back. Sam, John and Mark walked in.

"Okay. When are we leaving?" Dean and Sam looked at each other.

"Tomorrow?" Sam suggested.

"Okay. Got to go pack."


Next Morning

Lindsey was finishing up packing things when John walked into her room.

"Hey Lindsey Marie."


"Listen I got a call from Pastor Jim. There's a hunt…"

"I understand. You don't have to check with me every time now."

"Just wanted to say goodbye." Lindsey and John hugged for a minute before backing up. John gave her a kiss on the cheek before walking toward the door.

"See you around Baby Doll."

"Bye Daddy."

Lindsey brought her bag downstairs and dropped it on the floor by the couch.

"I have to go do something before we go. I'll be back soon." Lindsey said before walking out and heading toward the garage.

"Hey Luke. Is Jake around?"


"What do you want Winchester?!" Came a voice from somewhere.

Lindsey looked at Luke. "I'll find him."

It took Lindsey 5 minutes to find Jake, under a car.
"Hey, there grease monkey."
"What's up Badass?" Jake asked rolling out from under the car.
"Just wanted to tell you something. You left the party before I could the other day."
"I'm leaving." Jake looked at her with sad eyes before turning around.
"Sometime today or tomorrow."
"Can you answer me one question?" Jake asked turning back around to look Lindsey in the eyes.
"When we were dating, why'd you break up with me? And I want the truth."
"Umm...I didn't want to fall in love." Lindsey said honestly. Jake looked at her with a stunned expression. "I was already falling, I just caught myself before I got too far."
"So you dumped me?"
"You think it was easy?! Do you think I really wanted to?!"
"Why'd you do it then?"
"Because Jake I..." She was cut off by Jake kissing her. At first Lindsey was resistant, but then melted into the kiss. Jake pushed Lindsey up against the wall. Lindsey's hands were running through Jake's hair while Jake's one hand cupped her cheek and the other was on her hip. Jake moved his lips to her neck and his hand on her cheek moved through her hair.
Lindsey's soft moan turned into a groan when her phone started ringing. Jake reached into her back pocket and pulled out her phone.
"She's busy right now." he said before hanging up and throwing it on the bench and went back to leaving his mark on her neck.

"Jake you got that car done!" Luke yelled coming closer.

Instantly Jake pulled away from Lindsey.

"Yea. Almost." Jake popped the hood just as Luke walked in.

Luke looked at Lindsey, who was trying to control her breathing.

"What's going on?"

"Nothing." Both Lindsey and Jake said at the same time.

"Uh-hu." Luke said walking away.

"Hello?" Lindsey said answering her phone. "Yea. Dean you think we could stay another night or something...Okay. Be there in a minute." Lindsey turned back around to Jake capturing her lips again.

"Jake. I got to go." Lindsey said pulling away but keeping there foreheads together.


"Because I have other friends to say goodbye to."

"Fine. But you have to promise to camo back and visit offend. That's the only way you can leave."

"I'll try. Seeing as I'm leaving my baby here." She said smiling. "If I don't visit I'll write or call. Anyway to talk to you."

Jake smiled. "You promise?"

"I promise." Lindsey said before backing a little. Jake pulled her back and gave her a sweet soft kiss, but passionate none the less.

When they parted Lindsey said "That felt like a goodbye kiss."

"No it's a see you soon and know what you're missing kiss." Jake said smiling. "Good bye beautiful. By the way…I your hair."

"Thought you didn't notice." She said smiling and backing away.

"Bye Jake Ely."

"Bye Lindsey Winchester, I'll be seeing you soon."


"Why do you want to stay longer?" Dean asked as Lindsey made her way back to the house.

"To say goodbye to my friends." She answered.

Dean looked at Sam who shrugged.

"Fine. We leave tomorrow morning." He said firmly.


Next Morning

Lindsey woke up to her alarm clock at about 7. She rolled over and turned it off. She got out of bed and pulled on her favorite jeans and a shirt, pulled her hair in a ponytail and walked downstairs after grabbing some last minute stuff to pack. Her bag was still sitting in the living room so she stuffed the stuff in, before heading into the kitchen.

"You ready to leave?" Dean asked.

"Yup." She said smiling.

"Good. Me and Sam will be in the car."

"Kay. Don't forget to grab my bag." After the boys left Lindsey turned to Mark.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye."

"You know, most goodbyes aren't really good." Mark stated. Lindsey smiled.

"Thanks for everything Mark."

"No problem kid." Mark said before hugging Lindsey.

"I'm going to miss you." She said as they parted.

"Me too."

"Okay, so I'm leaving the Chevelle. Don't hurt her. I'll be back for her sometime."

"Won't touch her."

"Thanks Mark."

"Bye Lindsey."

Lindsey headed outside after saying goodbye to Mark. Sam and Dean were waiting in the impala, gunning to go. Lindsey opened the door and got in.

"So what's the next hunt?" Lindsey asked.

"We think vampires." Sam said as Dean pulled out of the driveway.

"Fun." Lindsey muttered sarcastically. She looked out of the back window as they left the town she called home. She was going to miss this place. She turned back around getting ready for what the future head with her brothers. This was going to be one interesting road trip.