A/N: Hey People sorry I havent written Anything in a LONG time. School and Moving took up most of my days.But Im happy to say I got this one out, Yes I know its short but it was 3 pages in my notebook! lol. Anywho the main girl in the story is Hermione, and the Guy Drace but b/c I didnt really discribe who the man was it could be anyone you like, Harry, Ron, Blaise, Dean. Any one at all I really dont care. Hope ya like it.

Hermione sat in the library with book scattered all over the table in front of her, parchment out with a quill inked and ready to write away. But there was nothing on the parchment only one booked laid open, and her attention focused else where, at the library window.

She was watching the rain fall down, stuck by its beauty. Hermione let out a soft sigh and finally turned back to her task at hand. She had an essay to write for Snape, but that rain was taking all of her attention.

After much thought and lip chewing, Hermione hurried and packed all of her stuff away, sent the books back to there rightful places, and spelled her stuff up to her room and walked out side.

And that's how he found her. He just stood there, watching her twirl around in the freezing rain, entranced in her beauty.

Her clothing clung to her body; her hair was limp and stuck to her face. Her eyes shone with excitement, her inter child sneaking out. Her sweet voice filled the air as she laugh and sung. He quietly came up behind her, grabbing her by her waste, making her gasp out.

"And what, my love, do you think you are doing? Trying to catch a cold?" She relaxed in his grasp after hearing his voice, knowing who it was.

"No I'm not trying to catch a cold, silly! I having fun, playing in the rain. You should try it some time." He spun her around quickly making her squeal and laugh.

"Oh yeah? How about you teach me how." With out waiting for a response he quickly planted his lips on her, silencing her with a kiss, while slow dancing with her in the rain.