"I will Follow you into the Dark"

Tsuzuki slammed the door to the dark and cold chapel, panting as he ran past the pews, up to the alter. He fell to his knee's as he reached the small body that lay, covered with crimson liquid. Mixed in with the crimson were roses, white and red. But one particular rose stood out. Black... He was too late.

A wheeze, followed by a cough and emerald eyes opened, meeting with amethysts. "You came..." The feminine voice gasped out as he lightly lifted his frail, blood coated wrist and gripped Tsuzuki's sleeve. A smile passed the boys petals of lips.

"Of course... You're so stupid Hisoka! I told you to wait for me! And... and now you're-" The older shinigami stopped himself, he couldn't let those words pass his lips. It would be all to real.

Hisoka burst into a fit of coughing, blood. It was coming. The end. It was soon. "I'm dying" He finished for his partner "... Ironic, isn't it? The... same man... Remember... What I told you... About how I-" He stopped abruptly, gasping for breath. It hurt. Oh, did it hurt... Then... nothing.

Amethyst eyes widened and brimmed with tears. "Hisoka? Hisoka! Hisoka!"

"Tsuzuki... We've buried Hisoka under the Sakura trees as you've requested... Won't you visit his grave?" Tatsumi stood in front of his former partner in the office room.

Dull eyes stared into space. "...No... I'm not going to. Not until I've got his and my revenge... On the man who has ruined both of our lives. Before and after." A scratchy voice said. The man stood up, heading for the door.

Tatsumi followed quickly. "Where are you going! You can't follow after Muraki! Look at what he's done to Hisoka! That can't happen to you as well!" He tried to reason, nervous.

Tsuzuki stopped. "I'm going to be with Hisoka.. I will kill Muraki and then I will be with Hisoka." He then continued out of the door.


Song to listen to while reading: How to Save a Life by The Fray

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