Watari walked in slowly and found the judgement Bureau's secretary staring at Hisoka's old desk. It was neat, always clean... But there were now two things layed gently upon it... Matching lockets. One silver, one gold. Both in the shape of hearts.

"They were really in love..." The scientist stated, walking past Tatsumi and to the desk, fingering the chain of the gold locket gently.

Tatsumi shook his head, trying to hide his sorrow. "Everything has fallen apart..." He whispered, placing a hand over his mouth. Trying to hide his shuddering breaths.

"Where is he! Tell me! Right now!" Tsuzuki growled, having a grip of Oriya's yukata, pressing him against the wooden wall of Kokakuro.

Oriya glared, getting frustrated. "I TOLD you! He's not here! He hasn't been here for quite some time!"

Light footsteps headed in their direction. Both of them knew who it was. "My my, Tsuzuki-san. That's not very polite to be doing to a host... Won't you let him kindly seat you at a proper table? Or maybe you have come for somthing else, hmmm?"

Tsuzuki imeadeatly dropped Oriya and spun around to be face to face with Muraki. "You!" He reached inside of his long black coat and pulled out Hisoka's old gun, pointing it right at Muraki's chest. His hands were shaking terribly.

"Do you think a mere bullet wound could kill me? Tsuzuki-san, I may be human, but I am no ordinary human. I did survive the flames of Touda after all." Muraki smirked as he took hold of the barrel and pushed it down.

After hesitating for a moment, Tsuzuki let go of the gun and threw a punch at the doctor. "Why! You could've killed ME!... But.. no... You destroyed the most important thing to me..."

Muraki chuckled, pulling off his glasses and inspecting the new crack that had been made in them from the punch. "You're much more beautiful whilst angsting Tsuzuki-san... Besides, that boy deserved it. Getting in my way. You know Tsuzuki-san, his death... Before I had left him like that he was writhing in pain. You found him unconcieous correct? I believe you would've enjoyed it, seeing the boy covered in crimson gasping in pain.. Wanting to end it all, the pain... It was just like that lovely night when me and him had our little... meeting."

"Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP!" Tsuzuki covered his ears, trying to block the sound of Muraki's voice telling him of what had happen to his young love.

"I am quite busy today, Tsuzuki-san. I will see you at a later date." The doctor announced and went inside, leaving Tsuzuki...

Tsuzuki regained his composure and went after Muraki but was stopped by a barrier that had been put up. "I'LL KILL YOU MURAKI! I WILL MAKE IT THE MOST PAINFUL THING ANYONE HAS EVER EXPERIENCED! I GURANTEE THAT!" He yelled.

"Meet me some other time Tsuzuki-san. Good day." Muraki's voice stated.

Looking down at the gun, Tsuzuki opted ending everything... But it would take more than a few mere gunshot wounds.


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