Lily sat up straight at her desk in the headmaster's office. Yes, it felt good to be in charge. She deserved it. And surprisingly the day has started off alright. She had successfully gotten breakfast out and made sure all the students had headed for their lessons. Now she just had to figure out what to do next. She decided to roam the halls and observe the other teachers. She grabbed her wand from the desk and headed for the halls.

She stopped outside the Transfiguration room and listened. She could hear James talking. He appeared to have a class of fourth years.

"And then I said 'But Professor McGonagall, I did Transfigure the rat!'" he said.

The class burst into laughter. "Boy James that was a good one!" a student hollered. Lily angrily walked into the classroom.


James eyes got wide. "Lily, dear. Nothing. Nothing at all."

"You shall refer to me as Headmistress." She said coldly. She turned to the students. "And you all will refer to him" she jerked a thumb at James "A Professor Potter" she glared at James. "Now I will not have this nonsense going on in my school. This is a place to learn, not a comedy club. If I find out that there was anymore funny business in here I will give you all a months worth of detention. Am I clear? AM I CLEAR?" she barked when no one responded.

The classroom was filled with "Yes, Headmistress." Lily turned to James once again.

"You will be punished for this later." She said quietly. James blinked as she walked off.

"Well, um, right then. Open your books to page, um, 100 and read silently." He said to the class.


Lily headed for the Potions corridor next. She gasped when she entered. Pandemonium. Pure pandemonium. Children were running everywhere, throwing things and running. Caldrons filled with who knows what were overflowing everywhere. And Sirius was on top of the teacher's desk beating his hands on his chest and yelling.

"I am the conqueror!!!" he called. "Ahoooo!"

This was Lily's last straw. She tapped her throat with her wand and muttered "Sonorous".

"EVERYONE SIT DOWN THIS INSTANT!" she said, her voice magnified as if in a megaphone. "NOW!!!!" She reversed the spell and walked up to Sirius, who looked quite scared. "Sirius Black!" she said through gritted teeth. "What in the hell do you think you are doing?"

Sirius answered slowly, scared about his answer. "Teaching?" he suggested.


"Um, different methods?" Sirius supplied.

Lily glared at him and turned to the class. "A month's detention, all of you. I hope it was worth it." The room was filled with protests. "I'll make it two months then!" she yelled. "Every night! You will each be assigned various tasks. Want to go for three?" The room went silent. "I'm going to go get something." She said walking towards the door. "If I come back and don't find every single thing in the exact place it is now…..there will be trouble." She shot Sirius one more look and walked off.

She passed the History of Magic room on the way down the hallway and saw Remus teaching a class of second years. He was walking around the room talking and using his hands a lot when he talked. The second years seemed to be hanging on his every word. Remus looked up from talking at saw Lily.

"Ah, it is the Headmistress!" he said happily. "Please join us, Headmistress Evans." Lily smiled and shook her head.

"I'm afraid I can't Professor Lupin." She said sadly. "I'm in quite a hurry. Professor Black is in some trouble and I'm off to try and fix it."

Remus shook his head. He walked up to Lily and leaned close to her. "What did he do?" he whispered.

"He wrecked the potions room and sent the class wild." She whispered back. "James isn't much better. Anyway." She turned to the class. "Carry on." She walked off again.


"Students this is Professor Emerson. I expect top notch behavior and hard studies. And I assure you Professor Emerson will make sure to report any wrong doers." Lily said a few minutes later in the potions room. She nodded at her friend at the front of the class. "Thank you for filling in."

Cassidy Emerson nodded from the front of the room. "I'm glad to help."

"Black, follow me." Lily said.

A few minutes later they were in her office.

"Lily why did you stick that hog in for me?" Sirius asked rudely.

"That 'hog' is my friend." Lily said coldly. "And she will be the Potions teacher for the rest of this project."

"WHAT! Lily! You can't do that!" Sirius bellowed.

"Oh I assure you I can. I've checked with Dumbledore and he told me that what I'm doing is very within the guidelines." Lily said calmly.

"But that's not fair!"

"Oh and ruining a classroom is?" she challenged. "I'm sorry, Sirius. But I'm afraid your job here is finished. You will be re-starting your normal routine again tomorrow. I expect you to be present in all of your classes. Now I really need you to leave me to my work. I have some forms to fill out."

"But- but- Lily!" Sirius said desperately. "Lily, please!"

"Good-bye Sirius."

Sirius had no choice, but to leave.