Seven Days : Author's Note

Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews.

To some reviewers… do you read my AN on the bottom? In the last chapter, I said it was the end. No more, so please, don't ask me to update for this story anymore, it's over. No more. I have never truly intended to let the story go beyond the eight day but I did.

No sequel, I don't see any possible way for me to write a sequel for this story. I won't be able to. I have few other stories to finish and I'd like to finish them as well. I don't like to leave my stories hanging without an end unlike some authors who do that, which is very annoying. I am sure some of you agree.

I know many of you want more of SesshoMaru/Kagome from me. I assure you, I will be writing some in the future, there are a new one coming up, please, do look for it in Feb.2007, it will be called 'A Night with Daiyoukai'. I also have an InuYasha/Kagome coming in May, called "The Heir" this one is quiet different from all the other stories about InuYasha and Kagome, I'll give you a hint here, InuYasha becomes a taiyoukai… I can't say any more.

I do have few other stories that you may want to read, 'Road to Damascus', as I am not quiet finish with that one, I've been told it's pretty good, it's pretty a long story. It's Final Fantasy VII, about female Cloud, obviously a Cloud/Seph pairing.

There are also few others on my website that I do have which is not on anymore, please feel free to go and check it out.

As for fan arts, I might have one or two for Seven Days on my website someday soon. I'd like to draw all the children of Kagome and SesshoMaru. Heh.

Thank you once again for your wonderful support, I love you all and you've all been wonderful readers.

Ja Ne,

L.K. Yashodoa