Ok, so this is my first Twilight fic and I'm hoping you all like it. I know this story may not be perfect but I hope you all enjoy it.



The Final Night

Chapter One: The New Death

Graduation Day, the day I had been waiting for, for what seemed like forever. Edward had avoided me all day. He didn't want to see me on the day of my new life, or death as he considered it. It would be too much heartache, he said, to know that I wouldn't live the rest of my life as a human. Moving on, Alice had promised she would change me. Straight from the beginning she said that it might be painful. I didn't care, I wanted it, and I needed it. I wanted to be with Edward forever, or as long as he was alive. I knew it would be a while before I came back to see Charlie, my friends, Jacob, or even my mother in Florida, Renee. Jacob, He was still mad at me for choosing Edward over him. He did keep his promise though. He would occasionally call and stayed in touch, but there was always that small pang of guilt I felt for him. I knew he would have to get over me eventually and find someone else. I would get over it too, when I knew Jacob was happy. I pushed the thoughts of him from my mind so I could concentrate on the math test I was supposed to be taking. Jessica and I were on speaking terms with each other so she let me copy her test. She studied, I didn't. I had about three more questions to go and then, the bell rang.

"Pencils down, papers up!" the teacher said.

The whole class let out a collective groan of despair.

"Alright, alright… I'll let you all off with a hundred for this, your last test of senior year. I'm feeling generous today." she said, still smiling happily.

I heard someone behind me snickering, "Bet she's happy to get rid of us."

"Absolutely, next year's class actually does their homework and is livelier in class. Now, get out of here and be ready to graduate into the world, meet new friends, and live!" she said.

I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door, into the crowded hallway. The last few months of school had been so annoying. For "security purposes" we were required to wear ID's. Yeah, like we'd need ID's if a Vampire asks for a sip of blood, or a Werewolf got mad at us. I smiled at the thought.

"What are you smiling at?" Alice asked, cheerfully, as she came from behind me, silently, causing me to fall forward, startled.

Being as incredibly graceful and as skilled as I am, I fell flat on my face; my books went sprawling out all over the floor in front of me.

"Always nice to know that I'll be able to hear you sneaking up from behind me after today." I said as I gathered my books in my arms, smiling.

I was about to grab the last book when some snot nosed kid came along and kicked it right out of my hand. I looked up at him, glaring intensely.

"Oh, sorry chick didn't see you on the floor there." he said and then laughed at me, along with some others.

That's when it happened. The kid's brown, almost black, eyes went wide with fear. By the look on his face I could tell that he wasn't looking as a harmless little lamb of a person like me. He was staring at my lion of a boyfriend.

So, was it good? Please, be honest with me. I wrote this because I was bored one day in school and had previously finished reading New Moon, the new book of the series. I had been thinking about writing a twilight book and really thought I could pull it off. I'll only know if you tell me if it was good or not so please PM me if you think I need to change anything at all! I hope it was good, and I'll update whenever I get bored! Haha, JK. I might update a bit more often than that, but please remember. This will be two stories on top of homework, studying and all that jazz. So please, give me a break if I don't update as often as you'd like!