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Trees were rushing past me, the sky was overcast, but every so often there was a hole in the clouds that allowed in sunlight, and whenever Edward passed through those spots, his skin glistened like the sea. And so did mine.

"Bella," he laughed, and it sounded like chimes, tinkling in the wind, "Bella come on! There's something up ahead I want to show you."

"I'm running as fast as I can!" I replied, already feeling like I needed to rest, but knowing that was a human feeling, and I was no longer human.

Just as the words exited my mouth, a tree root appeared in front of my feet, trying its hardest to make me fall, but I would not. With my fine-tuned reflexes, I saw the root before I approached it and swiftly jumped over the root, landing perfectly on my feet and continuing to try and keep up with Edward. Damn his fine tuned Vampire muscles.

It was only a few days after I was first in Edward's mind, and I found that it was the most comfortable place ever. He welcomed me into his mind whenever I felt I needed to escape my own.

"Edward, where are we?" I questioned, our surroundings were so blurred and un-familiar looking that I was lost.

"You'll see." he replied, excitement in his beautiful voice.

I sighed inwardly, ever since Edward and I found out what I could do, I became a tool for everyone to use. Alice would ask me to look into Jasper's mind to see where he was, Emmet would occasionally ask me to look into his mind, just to see if I could do it. And Esme, poor Esme, would ask me every so often, if I could sense Rosalie, if I could find out where she went. This made me both uncomfortable and sad because I couldn't. Even though Rosalie and I weren't on such wonderful terms with each other, if I could only sense her, or even talk with her in some deceased person mind-invading way, it would be closure on our relationship with each other.

On top of all that, Charlie was getting more and more annoying with every passing day. He wanted to know where I was going, who was going with me, when I was going to get home, and I had had enough. This morning, before mine and Edward's outing, he was asking me thousands of questions about where Edward and I go, what we do when we're there, and he was demanding answers. I was just about to snap. Then, when Edward arrived, he didn't let up. As a matter of fact, he started talking about Jacob, saying that I should go see him before I go away to college and that I never talk to him anymore and that I should spend more time with him.

That was when it happened. Charlie knew that talking about Jacob hurt me. I pushed my chair back with little force, but it still went skidding a few more inches than it should have. I turned to Charlie, and I knew my eyes were engulfed with flames; I screamed at him and told him that the very next time he so much as breathed the name Black, I would be out of the house in the blink of an eye. Both of them had stared at me in shock Charlie, because I had never threatened to leave the house with so much intensity, and Edward because he had never seen me so enraged and hurt before. After they both got over their initial shock, Edward and I left, Charlie didn't say a word.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked, sounding concerned as he slowed to my pace.

"No, I'm not. But I will be once we get out of here." I responded, still mulling over my thoughts of leaving, not looking at his reaction.

If I left Charlie now, right now, I wouldn't have to go through the fake painful goodbyes that accompanied my recently acquired ill feelings towards him. However, if I did that, I would hurt Charlie tremendously. I didn't want to hurt him again, even though he'd hurt me, but I was tired of him demanding things of me all of a sudden. If I didn't know any better, I'd think something was making him worry about me.

And then it hit me, "Maria." I halted, now understanding why Charlie was worried, and why Edward was taking me far away.

Edward gracefully slowed to a stop, "What?"

"Maria, she's after me. Isn't she?" I demanded, "She and Victoria teamed up, didn't they? And now that Victoria is dead she knows that I'm here, and that you're protecting me."


"No. No! You lied to me! LIED!" I backed away from Edward as he advanced towards me, "Why would you lie? Why?! This is serious!"

"Bella, everything's fine. Calm down, you're overreacti— "

I was rabid, shaking, and overexcited, "Why?" I interrupted, a crazed tone in my voice, "Why should I calm down when you're the one lying to me and leaving me and saying you don't want me?!"

Edward slightly cringed at my words. All of the sudden the world went black, and not a moment later, I was awake again.

Edward was crouched over me, "Are you okay now?" he asked, concern lacing his musical voice.

"I think so." I replied, my head pounding, "I'm sorry about that last thing I said. I didn't mean it."

He moved towards me and pulled me to his body, his forgiving arms wrapping around my waist, "It was just an outburst from the change. You went through the blood change, but now you have to go through the physical and mental change. It will be difficult, but I'll be here to help you the whole way." he gently kissed me on the forehead and then said, "I promise."

He backed away from me, staring at something behind me. Before I could turn, he rushed behind me, "Bella, could you please tell me where Alice is?" He asked, standing in front of my five-foot-four stature, blocking my view.

Obviously it was something he didn't want me to see, "Okay." I replied.

I concentrated on Alice, wondering where she was, and also wondering what Edward had seen that he didn't want me to see. All of the sudden, I saw two places at once in my mind. One was of the Cullen's house, more specifically, Alice's room. The other place was the forest. A tall, pale girl was on the ground amongst the leaves and roots. She had blonde-ish brown hair and looked to be about 5'7". She looked almost like she could have been fifteen years old. There was something wrong about her though. My vision went black and I opened my eyes to a scowling Edward.

"Who is it?" I asked him, not even bothering to pretend I didn't see the girl.

"I don't know. She looks familiar but I don't remember. She looks like one of us though. I'll carry her, you tell Alice and the others." he requested, sounding puzzled.

"Is she okay?" I asked, my sense of hearing beginning to fade as I concentrated on Alice.

As if through a tunnel I heard Edward's confused reply, "I'm not sure."

'Alice. Edward and I found someone in the forest near the border; we'll bring her back as soon as we can get her there. Make sure Carlisle is there.' I told her, my 'mind-voice' shaking with nervousness.

'I know. I've already called, watch out for wolves. You're too close to the border, move.' she warned, her pixie-like voice laden with seriousness.

'Do you know who she is yet?' I questioned, wondering who this unknown stranger was.

'No. But she does look familiar.' she responded, 'See you soon'

I came out of Alice's mind and settled back into my own.

"She said to watch for wolves, we aren't that close, are we?" I asked Edward, wondering why she would say that because we weren't across the line, just near it.

He was quiet for a moment, then, "its Jacob. He caught scent of your clothes and Vampire scent. He doesn't know you've been changed, and I don't think he should know. He'd think we broke the treaty." he paused, concentrating; "He's upset with you. We should go." I could see the anxiousness evident on his dazzling features.

"But we can just explain it all to him—" I started, my heart aching to see Jacob. I missed him so much. My personal sun, my own best friend.

"Bella, I know this hurts you, but we have to leave. I don't have time right now to explain, he's closing in on us." he said, his topaz eyes showing a glimmer of pain for me.

Without giving me a chance to question, he dashed off, the girl draped over his shoulder, army style.

I looked over my shoulder, sure enough, the ferns were beginning to tremble some ways off. Dejectedly, I turned and flitted away. I hadn't spoken to Jacob since I turned, and I suspected that he would be furious to know that I was now his enemy. I wish it didn't have to be like this, if each side would only give up their stupid old-world beliefs and prejudices against each other, they could learn to live together in peace.

My thoughts were promptly interrupted by a familiar sensual, musical voice, "Bella, see if you can get into the girl's mind, we need to find out as much information as we can before we get to the house. I tried, but couldn't get anything."

I sighed, concentrating on the girl. All of the sudden, there was a familiar voice in the girl's head.

'Bella' it said.

'Who are you? And why were you so close to the border? Are you hurt?' I asked, trying to place the voice.

'The girl isn't hurt Bella, she's just knocked out. She'll come around in a while.' the voice replied, ignoring my first question.

'Who are you, if not the girl?' I asked, unsure of the voice and whether it was good or bad that the girl was seemingly possessed.

'Tell Esme that I'm fine, and tell Emmet that I love him. Tell everyone else that I miss them. And I'm sorry I was so indifferent towards you Bella, my brother loves you and some part of him is happy that you'll be with him for forever now. I miss you too Bella.' the voice confessed, slowly fading to silence.

'Rosalie?' I asked, skeptical.

I heard the voice giggle, and then there was silence.

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