Chapter 2: A New Kid

My mother once told me not to take anything for granted. I try my best not to, especially after everything we've been through. Every morning as I walk to school, before I reach Kari and Tai's apartment, I stare up at the sky. Every morning, weather it's sunny or not, I'm glad that it's there. This might seem like a strange thing to find happiness in, but I can still remember looking up and seeing not the sky, but another world, the digital world. After we defeated Myotismon, seeing that world instead of the sky meant that we weren't done yet, that there were still trials to face. And so, now that it's all over, I am thankful that every morning I can look up and still see the sky stretching out high above me.

"TK! What took you so long? I was about to leave without you." Kari smiled as I approached.

"Sorry, I was just a little slow getting out of bed."

"That's okay. But we'd better hurry. We don't want to be late for class."

"Of course not, let's go." And we set off for school, walking quickly to make up for lost time. Kari is a little older than me, but only a few weeks. Ever since she came back to the digital world with us all those years ago I've really learned a lot about her. She's as nice as they come, and she never worries about herself. She always puts everyone else first, and that's not always a good thing. She got sick once in the digital world because she didn't say that she was tired so as not to slow everyone down. That got Tai pretty mad, but everything turned out okay in the end. She would do anything to help a friend, no matter what.

We slowed down as we approached the school. My watch is always fast, so we actually had more time than we thought. We walked past Davis and Ken, who were playing soccer in the school yard. We both yelled hello to them, but they were concentrating too hard on the game and didn't hear us. We eventually met up with Cody on the way to our first class.

"Kari! TK! How was your weekend?" Cody asked cheerfully.

"It was alright I guess." I said. "Matt's band was playing at a small party in the park, and that was fun."

"Tai and I went to see Japan play China last night. It was a blast."

"I wish I could've been there." I said. "I had too much homework."

"Yeah, me too." Cody said. "But I'm going to try to be at the next game."

"You guys should have done your homework before the game like me and Kari." Davis said as he finally got into the classroom.

"You two did your homework together?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"Davis needed help in math." Kari said with a chuckle.

"I did not! I was just confused by the wording of the problem, that's all." Davis yelled.

"Class, settle down and take your seats." The teacher said as he walked in. We all sat down and looked up at the teacher. "Now, there will be a new student joining us today. His family just moved here from America, and for those of you who have neglected your geography lessons, that's almost on the other side of the world." The class made a feeble attempt to laugh at the joke.

Standing next to the teacher was a boy who seemed to be our age. He had short black spiked hair and deep green eyes. He wore a hooded sweatshirt with the orange insignia of some American football team, but I don't know enough English to be able to read the name. His jeans were torn at the knees and had small tears elsewhere. Around his neck he wore a cross pendant, and some other pendant that was tucked into his shirt. He had a distinctly American look, and his posture suggested a confidence that he would succeed regardless of what setting he was in. He carried a guitar in a case along with his backpack.

"Hi everyone, my name is Will. As Mr. Kaiyama said, I just moved here from America. I look forward to learning with you, and I hope my Japanese isn't too bad." Actually, his Japanese was very good, and it surprised me, because he didn't look like the type who would learn Japanese.

"Thank you Will. Please take that seat in the front." The teacher said, indicating the desk across the aisle from me. "Now class if you'd please take out your text books, we were reading about . . ." And the teacher began the lesson.

Will seemed to be able to keep up fairly easily. He was writing notes the entire class, as everyone else except Davis and a few other kids were. I didn't get a chance to talk to him until lunchtime. He seemed a little lost as he went through the line. He obviously didn't know what any of the food was.

"Hey Will, you should try this stuff." I said, indicating a tray. "It's sushi. It's really good."

"Thanks kid," he said as he added some to his plate. "You obviously know my name, so what's yours?"

"TK," I said with a smile. "You should come sit with us. After class we can show you around the school."

"Thanks TK. And tell me if I do anything that's, uh, unorthodox. I don't want to make a big mistake on my first day in Japan."

"No problem. Everybody will help you out." I said with a smile as I led him to our table.

"Alright Will, this is Cody, Davis, Yolei, Kari, and Ken." I said as I introduced him to everyone.

"Nice to meet you," He said to everyone in turn, shaking their hands. It was more than obvious that he was American.

"So, are you from New York City? We've got a friend that moved there a few years ago," Kari asked.

"No, I'm from a city called Buffalo. It's in the same state as New York City, but on the other side," Will explained. "It's very close to Niagra Falls."

"That's the biggest waterfall in the world, right?" Davis asked.

"Actually, it's not the tallest," Cody explained. "It is the largest in terms of volume, that is to say, it has the most water falling off of a cliff of anywhere in the world."

"Whatever," Davis said, rolling his eyes." So what's that on your shirt?"

"This is the logo for the Cincinnati Bengals. It's a football team in America," Will explained.

"But I thought you were from Buffalo," Yolei said.

"I am mostly. I was born in Cincinnati, but my family moved to Buffalo when I was little. Buffalo does have their own football team, but they're really bad so I just stick to cheering for the Bengals," Will explained with a smile.

"Do you play football?" Davis asked. "Cause I'm really good, and I could teach ya some stuff."

"No, I don't. I swim and I play volleyball," Will said. "But I'm pretty sure I could beat you at football anyways."

"Oh yeah? Then after school we should have a game. I'll bet you can't score against me," Davis said.

"Well, it is a team sport, but I'd love to play. I'll see you guys there."

"We had better finish up everyone. Class is about to start again," Kari said.

"Oh yeah, we'd better hurry," Davis quickly agreed. A small laugh went around the group. "What's so funny?" Davis demanded, but nobody could answer because the bell rang just as he asked. We all rushed off to class.

The schoolyard was full of kids after we got out, so we decided to head to the park to play instead. Our digimon stayed at the school, promising not to get into trouble, with the exception of Gatomon, who we could pass off as Kari's cat.

"That is the weirdest looking cat I think I've ever seen." Will commented as we walked down the street.

"She's kind of a rare breed." Kari said with a laugh which only Will failed to understand, but for obvious reasons.

"Why'd you have her tail pierced?" Will asked, noting Gatomon's tail ring.

"Well, I, uh, thought it looked cute," Kari said. Gatomon smiled at Kari, but was careful to hide the expression from Will. We had decided shortly after our last adventure that we should try to keep the digital world a secret for as long as we could.

"It looks nice. I'm just not sure that it's so nice for the cat." Will said.

"I think Gatomon likes it," Kari replied, again looking at Gatomon, who rolled her eyes at Will's apparent ignorance.

"Guys, does it really matter? We're here and I want to start playing before the end of the century." Davis complained as he set down his bag and pulled the round, black and white ball out of it.

"How do you fit that in your bag with all of your books?" Cody asked.

"What books?" Davis said.

"Your schoolbooks," Cody explained.


"C'mon Cody, when was the last time Davis read anything but a comic book?" Yolei asked rhetorically.

"Can we stop discussing this and play already?" Davis screamed. "Alright Will, let's see . . . what are you staring at? Hey, what's so funny?"

Will was staring at Davis's ball with an amused and understanding smile on his face. "I just realized that we're not going to be throwing touchdowns with your ball," Will said.

"What does that mean?" Davis asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Ken started, "Will thought that you meant the American version of football. He would call this game soccer."

"Sorry, it was my mistake," Will said with a big grin. "I guess you could say it was lost in translation. Probably won't be the last time either."

"Oh, does this mean you're not gonna play?" Davis complained.

"I'll try to play, but don't be surprised if I'm not very good." Will said.

"No problem! Let's just get going already." Davis said as he dropped the ball to the ground and prepared to kick it.