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Random Organization XIII Stories!!!!!

by FF15

i don't own kh or any character.

Demyx had never been so unhappy in his life.

Well, acctually, after getting mauled, mugged, destroyed, wrecked, doomed, broken, beaten,(etc.) by Zexion, he was knocked out cold and would've been reduced to nothing instead of a nobody, so technically, he couldn't feel anything. Not that he could feel any emotion anyway. Ack, someone hit me for this endless drabble.

Anyway, after Zexion ate his new-found jello with glee, he gagged up the uncontious Demyx and put him in a sack. Then, he started dragging the singer to...well, you'll see.

This is when Demyx wakes up. Now.

Demyx's muffled voice came from the sack he was tied in."Uh...Zexion...Axel...Roxas...Larxene...fat-free yogurt...jello...Reno..."

Zexion answered Demyx's moaning. "Who's Reno?"

"Axel,no duh."


"No kidding." Demyx twisted around in the bag. "Hey, I've read a lot of Zexion/Demyx parrings, but just 'cause you're dragging me around in a sack doesn't mean you're gay, right?"

"Wrong." Zexion turned towards the sack Demyx was trapped in. The sack started shaking and trembling. "There's been something I wanted to tell you for a long time." He leaned closer to Demyx, and drew out each word slowly, with deliberation. His voice softened to a whisper. "Demyx...I love you.."

"OH MY G-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Demyx screamed and fainted inside the bag again with a loud thump.

Zexion chuckled and continued walking to Vexen's lab with Demyx.

"I always wanted to see what would happen if I said that."

Author's note: Zexion was just joking when he said that to Demyx.

Yes, i know that was a short chapter. I've been wanting to write a little yaoi. It's my first time, so it's just a small chap. the next chap is gonna be continuing with Zexion and Demyx. Remember- Read and Review!!!!!!!!!!