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Lilly searched the party looking for Jesse; a couple of people told her that he went upstairs. Lilly went upstairs looking for him; the first two rooms were empty the third one was full of gossiping girls, and Jesse was in the last room sitting in the dark. "Why are you sitting here in the dark Jesse?" Lilly asked.

"Lilly? How'd you find me?" Jesse asked.

"I just looked in all the rooms."

"Oh, that makes sense," He replied. "Come sit down, I was just trying to get away from all of that madness downstairs" Lilly sat down next to Jesse which was hard to do in the dark.

"Can you turn the lights on?" Lilly asked.

"I like the dark"

"Oh" They sat there for a minute in the silence and dark.

"So, were you having fun down there?" Jesse asked.

"I guess" she answered flatly "Nothing special, except that Zac Efron kissed me on the cheek." Lilly told him.


"Yep" Lilly said "So who was it that you wanted us to meet?"

"They are not important right now," Jessie said "Anyway, we haven't really had a chance to talk, you know, one on one."

"Oh, well what did you wanna talk about?" Lilly asked.

"I don't know, how's school?"

"Well, it's summer" Lilly replied.

"Oh right," Jesse said. "Well, there's something I wanna give you."

"Really what is it?"

"This" Jesse said then kissed Lilly on the cheek. "What do you think I could let Zac Efron get to be the only one to kiss you, now could I?"

"Well, it's not like I have a problem with it" She said.

"Well then you probably wouldn't have a problem with this" Jesse said then kissed Lilly again, only this time it was on the lips and it was long and hard. And as much as Lilly was enjoying it she wanted to push him away. When Jesse finally did pull back "Um, this isn't right, Miley was right, you are 5 years older than me. So I'm just gonna go downstairs and enjoy the rest of the party."

"You are not going anywhere," Jesse said as he pulled Lilly down onto the bed, Jesse got on top of Lilly and straddles her so she couldn't get up.

"What are you doing?" Lilly said but Jesse ignored her he then tried to take off her shirt but Lilly started squirming making the task hard for him. He pulled his own shirt off then started at Lilly's belt. Once he had it unbuckled Jesse pulled her bra off and started massaging her breast. Lilly wanted to cry but she couldn't, she couldn't shed a single tear nor could she utter a sound. Jesse pulled off her pants and underwear then his own, Lilly sat up, "Can, you stop this?" She asked finally being able to say something, but Jesse just pushed her down on the bed and she just cried as Jesse penetrated her for the first time, she was no longer clean, no longer pure. All the thought that were running through her mind she knew it wasn't right and she expected Jesse to know that but either he didn't know or he didn't care. Jesse moaned as he climaxed, then he just laid there for a minute or two before getting up and putting his clothes back on. He walked to the door and when he got there he looked back at Lilly "That was great." He said then left. Great? How was that great? He just violated her personal space, her own personal space, which belonged to her. And then said it was great? Lilly got off the bed and put her clothes back on; she left the room and walked back downstairs. Lilly looked around the party for a familiar face and the first one she saw was Jackson's. She walked up to him shaking from what happened. "Jackson, where is everyone? Because I'm ready to go."

"Are you okay Lilly? You're shaking." Jackson asked.

"I'm fine, I just don't feel good." She lied, well it wasn't really a lie she didn't feel good she felt betrayed she thought that she could trust Jesse but she was wrong.

"Okay, well let's go find Miley, Oliver, and Jesse." Jackson said. Lilly didn't want to hear his name but it isn't like she can tell Jackson what happened it would be too weird. "Come on." Jackson said. He grabbed her hand to lead her to find everyone, but she immediately pulled her hand back. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, come on." She said. It took them a whole 15 minutes to find Miley, Oliver, and Jesse. They all walked outside and that's when Lilly realized that she would have to ride home in the same car as Jesse, they got to Jesse's car Jesse and Jackson got in the front and she, Miley, and Oliver got into the back. It was an awkward car ride, because everyone was talking and laughing like Jesse didn't just violate her a half hour ago. They pulled up at the Stewart's house and Miley and Jackson got out and said good bye. Jesse asked whose house was closer and Oliver's was which means that she'd be left alone with Jesse again. Jesse got to Oliver's house "Bye Lilly"

"Bye, Oliver" she said even though she didn't want him to leave she wanted him to stay she didn't want to be left alone with Jesse she wanted to be with everyone she wanted everyone to be back in the car, she's wishing that she could have gotten out at Miley's house but she didn't she is there in the car with the person that committed that horrible offence. "Come on Lilly get in the front" Jesse said. She didn't know what to do should she get into the front or should she stay there everything has just been so confusing for her. "Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you." Lilly finally got out the car and walked around to the front seat. "So, did you have fun at the party?" Jesse asked her.

"Not really." She replied.

"Oh. Why not?" Jesse asked.

"Are you just going to act like tonight didn't happen like you didn't take advantage of me?" Lilly asked.

"I really don't know what you are talking about."

"Oh, so you are stupid now?"

"No, I just don't know what you are talking about"

"Whatever, but my house is right there." Lilly said.

"Okay" Jesse pulled up to her house and let her out. She walked into her house and looked around her mom was asleep, so she walked upstairs and got into her bed. She just laid there until she cried herself to sleep.

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