I Need To Scratch My Head


Okay, my first romance so plz no flames!

"Morning class," said a very cheerful man who had just walked into the classroom right after the bell rang. It was the beginning of another school year, another class and another day.

"OK class, I am your new teacher this year, Umino Iruka but you can all call me Iruka-sensei. I am your core teacher for this year and i hope that i will actually be able to like this class this year!"

The class grumbled, Iruka frowned at this reaction, at least all the other classes tried to be cheerful.

When he finished taking the attendance and learned everyone's name he gave out everyone's schedule.

"Okay since it took me so long to learn all of your names since you switched yourselves around," the class snickered loudly. "Ahem. Class, I know I'm handsome but please, do settle down," He chuckled quietly at his own joke but all he got were 20 pairs of eyes giving him blank stares. OK, so this year the joke didn't work so he had to think of a new one later he told himself. But at least every one quieted down.

"This period is almost over so please get ready your things to leave in 10 minutes," he said weakly. Man, this class was sure hard to crack. "You can chat with your friends about what you did over the summer or chit chat about something but keep it down because i'm having a major right now," a major headache indeed he was having, this class was so much more harder to handle. Each class just gets more and more chaotic each year.

After they heard what he had said, the class started talking about summer makeovers and who they wished were in the same class as. They also talked about the people that they didn't want in their class and who they wantedas as a teacher but didn't get. All except for one person, who stood with the "popular guys" but was quiet while all the others talked about their romantic getaways with their girlfriends during the summer.

His name was Gaara. His nickname was Subaku no Gaara, a.k.a. Gaara of the Desert. They said he never did anything weird around sand, he was just like everyone else when he was around sand. Thats probably how he earned his nickname. Iruka had heard about him a few times, he didn't stand out very much, but wasn't unnoticed either. He didn't have any girlfriends either. But teachers claimed that he had mental trauma evey since he started school. Nobody knew why, no one, not even his own parents could relate to him.

But all the guys liked him because they all thought his attitude was cool. The girls liked him too, because they thought he was hot and cool.

Gaara was deep in a thought when the leader of all the popular guys Sasuke Uchiha interupted his thoughts.

"Yo Gaara, what did you do over the summer man?" he asked in his cool tone of voice, which made Ino Yamanaka, leader of the popular girls, squeal at how cute it sounded.

"The usual," he replied briefly. This answer didn't satisfy Sasuke so he tried again to start another conversation with Gaara.

"Hey, we all are going to the beach this weekend to chill out because we heard that some hot girls are going to be there. Swimming, suntanning and everything else you can think of about what a girl does at a beach."

he wasn't interested in the girlsand what they were gonna do, but hearing the word "beach", Gaara got interersted because the word "beach" was related to the word "sand."

"I can drive there myself, does anyone else need a ride?" he said, with a little emotion in his voice.

A chorus of voices started yelling out yes and he chose four other people. He went back to his thoughts hoping that no one else would bother him again that day.

Then the bell rang fo their next class. He had physics with a teacher named Jiraiya, he had heard that this teacher wasn't suppose to hang around the female students. His classroom was at a seperate building where all the female students weren't allowed to go to.

He sighed. He thought maybe he will use physics as a period to get away from his bothersome, squealy and girly fangirls. So he headed off in the direction of the other building at the campus.

When he arrived at the classroom, he saw that all the others were there already and a very big, white-haired man at the front of the room taking the period attendance. It was a good thing his name was one of the last so that wouldn't have to be marked late. The teacher didn't even notice him come into the classroom! He took his seat before Jiraiya looked up.

"OK class! My name is Jiraiya and i am your physics teacher this year as you know, it will take a long time for me to learn your names so to make it easier for me, so i want you to make some name tags for me," was the first thing he said when he was finally done with the period attendance.

All the boys started to giggle like little girls in kindegarten because they were given such a silly activity to do.

"Um...sensei? Do you provide the markers or coloured pencils because it would be too troublesome for me to go get mine," asked one of Sasuke's friends, Shikamaru Nara.


"Can I go get mine?"


"So your name tags are just black and white?"

"You got it."


"Because it would be too trouble some for me to provide the markers or colored pencils for you," Jiraiya grinned.

"Stupid teacher" muttered Shikamaru under his breath. But he decided it was too bothersome to think of a good come back to get him so he just started on his name tag.

"I heard that."

So what do you all think? Sakura isn't going to come in just yet so wait till the second chapter somes out!