Okay...many people didn't get what Gaara asked Sakura when i "kinda revealed it" at the end. So here I'm just gonna plain tell you instead of keeping you in the dark. Sakura actually said it but some of you didn't get what she said. If you want to check, check the end of the last chappie where Sakura and Gaara are talking.

He asked Hinata to ask Sakura for him:

If it was his fault she had jumped off the building/tried to commit suicide.

There, that took some weight off of my shoulders. Now I'm going to start a new story. It's going to be up next year since my teachers are playing "Who can give their students the most homework" game. It just something horrible but they find it fun throwing out that stuff they call garbage at us poor students TT. I am going to make it the best story I ever wrote. I'm still trying to think of a plot though p. It's going to be another multi chapter story but longer and written better. I will try to put it up on the first of Janurary (New Years, whatever you call it) because that would be...


Oh well...Ciao for now!