Cataracta's Notes: Hello all! This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while now, I was just too lazy to sit down and write it. Anyway, tell me what you think, and I'm sorry if Kazuma/Kanami seem OOC, but I think that this lines up with their personalities for the most part. XD Enjoy!

Pocket Dictionary

"The things we say and the things we mean, and some of the things that we don't. Kanami X Kazuma"

Kanami thinks it's funny, really, that she's learning to translate Kazuma. He is not used to showing things, to showing his feelings, and so instead he says things that are not-quite-meant but are almost-meant, and some things that go without saying. Others don't understand this, but Kanami thinks she does.

When Kazuma shakes his head at the behavior of a child playing in the street, Kanami somehow knows he's thinking of the child he may one day have. And when he frowns slightly at couples and their open affection, Kanami is almost sure that he is thinking about the relationships he's had and the one's that he hasn't. But her favorite, Kanami thinks, is when he slowly, carefully, puts his arms around her and hugs her to his chest. Kanami is positive that he is saying 'I love you'.

Kazuma and his words sometimes stumble over each other, no matter how self-assured he may seem. When he tries to tell her those three elusive words, the catch in is throat and he looks away, frustrated. When he tries to show her his affection, the movements seem somewhat stiff and jerky, almost like he's afraid of doing it wrong.

So when that happens, when Kazuma trips over his own words and stumbles through the actions of the hug, and the kiss, Kanami places her hands on his and puts them where they should be, whispers the words that he's trying to say. She kisses him, wrapping her arms around him as he wraps his arms around her, and she holds him. And when it's over, she smiles her own special smile that tells him that he did things right.

Kanami is learning to translate Kazuma.

.:I'll keep my own special dictionary with me to help me understand you:.

Cataracta's Notes: So, let me know what you think!