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::;Seeing the Truth;::

Chapter 1: Takamaru Akina


The crowd parted as a young girl walked through, followed by, interestingly enough, a large black wolf. Whispers started as she trudged slowly towards the Academy for the team assignments.

"Is that...?"

"It's the wolf girl!"

"The orphan."

They stared after the girl, their gazes filled with pity, sadness, and slight fear. But she paid no heed to them.


Because Takamaru Akina was blind.

And by some odd turn of events, was graduating one year early, with the upperclassmen. Most thought of it as a fluke, but the Hokage knew it wasn't. By all means, she should have become a genin long ago, but lacked the drive, the motivation.

Takamaru Akina had no dream to follow, and no will to succeed. All she had was Kouseki, the black she-wolf that had taken care of her for as long as she could remember, which wasn't too far back, considering that she can only remember back to when she was six.

Kouseki cast a golden-eyed glare to all the villagers surrounding them as she followed her 'pup' diligently. She snorted internally. The ningen don't change do they...

Sensing her caretaker's thoughts, Akina stopped in front of the Academy and tilted her head slightly at the canine.

Akina was a petite girl with ebony hair in two low ponytails that reached the middle of her back. Long bangs framed her pale face, her eyes hidden underneath her black hitai-ate. She had capris and the standard shinobi sandals, zori. She wore a fishnet shirt over a right t-shirt that loosened as it went down, showing some of her stomach from her open jacket.

Her entire outfit was black except for the dark blue jacket, and her torso was covered in bandages. Black half gloves with metal plates were on her hands.

Kouseki shook these thoughts from her head and nudged Akina's hand, signaling her to move on. The girl nodded in response and walked into the loudest classroom as if she could see perfectly fine.

Akina slid open the door, and all noise instantly stopped at their arrival.

Ino had stopped arguing with Ami, another fan of Sasuke's ((AN: The purple-haired bully from the flower class...)) and instantly became uncomfortable now that Akina had arrived. She knew it was a fact that Akina was blind, but she couldn't help but feel her gaze penetrating her soul as the younger girl's head turned in her direction.

She gulped and tried to cover up her unease. "Hey blind girl! Did you bump into anyone on your way here?"

Some of the class snickered quietly, but Akina ignored them in favor of sitting down in her seat next to Sasuke, who acknowledged her with a barely audible murmur of greeting.

He didn't mind Akina, as she wasn't one of his fan girls and didn't bother him.

Shikamaru stirred from his slumber at the sudden rise in noise. Right when it got quiet enough for me to sleep too... He turned his head slightly and saw Akina. Half-shrugging, he fell asleep again, not in the least bit concerned. Chouji felt the same way.

They knew how being picked on felt like and sympathized.

Akamaru jumped off of Kiba's head and headed over to Kouseki (who had lay down in the back of the classroom) to greet her. Kiba looked down from his seat and grinned at the girl.

"Yo, Akina-chan!"

Kiba was the closest to Akina, since she had a wolf partner. He treated her like a little sister since she was younger, and was the only one who could get more than a couple sentences out of her at a time.

She nodded and quietly replied, "Ohayo, Kiba, Akamaru."

The door slammed open again and revealed a panting Naruto, who looked like he had just woken up. He was proudly displaying his headband and looked for a place to sit. He saw an empty seat next to Akina (she was sitting where Sakura would be sitting) and bounded over, yelling his "GOOD MORNING!"

Sasuke suppressed a cringe, and Akina nodded at Naruto in greeting.


Both Sasuke and Akina inwardly winced at the shrill voice, especially Akina since she was blind, and had her other senses heightened. Ino was in front of Akina, glaring at her after finally getting the nerve to come over and demand her seat.

Akina faced her calmly and frowned ever so slightly. They stayed that way while Naruto hopped up onto the desk in front of Sasuke, glaring at him for being he center of attention. Sasuke glared back, creating sparks.

The boy in front of Naruto leaned back in his chair, hitting Naruto in the process. He began to topple towards Sasuke, who started to shrink back in apprehension. Akina quickly stood up and placed her hand between their mouths right before the inevitable 'kiss'.

The class grew quiet again as the boys stared at each other in shock. Shrieks erupted from all the girls in the classroom (excluding Hinata and Akina).




Unfortunately Naruto had not noticed the screaming and was crouching down and trying to get the image of the two rivals kissing out of his mind. He failed to sense the doom that was about to fall upon him.

Akina frowned again in annoyance. Kouseki chuckled in the background. She loved trouble. Akamaru heard his companion's sadistic laughs and lay down with his paws over his ears. Kiba grinned in anticipation of the fight that was to come.

Sighing silently, she stood next to Naruto and nudged him with her foot. He looked up and saw her facing the growing mob of angry fan girls. He gulped and sweat nervously.

Ino took the lead.


All of the girls jumped them at the same time and created a dust cloud of flailing arms and legs next to Sasuke's desk. His eye twitched slightly. Damn fan girls...

He then noticed Akina and Naruto sitting next to him again without a scratch, and glanced back at the mob of fan girls. They didn't look like they had noticed.

He looked back at the two survivors. Naruto looked slightly confused as to how he go back to safety. Akina was sitting as calmly as ever. He narrowed his eyes a little.

Up until now, Akina had shown nothing but average skills in both academics and physical training. She was hiding something...

Iruka came into his classroom to find the still fighting group of girls and whistled. They stopped and looked around to see everybody staring at them. They saw Akina and Naruto safe from harm. Glaring (and covered in bruises and cuts), they all sat down.

The chuunin smiled proudly at all of his students, his gaze lingering on Naruto for a moment longer, remembering the night before when he had learned the truth about himself and saved his sensei's life.

"Today, you will all take the first step into the ninja life and serve this village. Congratulations on graduating the Konohagakure Ninja Academy!"

The class cheered, whether at the mention of "graduating" and getting out of the school, or actually becoming ninja.

"Today, I will be assigning you to three-man teams under a jounin sensei."

Sasuke grimaced. Three-man teams? All of them will weigh me down...

Akina showed no reaction, having already known this.

"Team 1..."

Akina kept one ear on Iruka's voice and listened to all the prayers for certain team mates going around the room with slight interest.

Naruto: Not Sasuke. Not Sasuke. Not Sasuke.

Hinata (in a tiny mumble): Please let me be on Naruto-kun's team…

Ino and various other fan girls: Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke.

"Team Seven! Uchiha Sasuke…"

All the fan girls tensed and doubled their efforts.

"Uzumaki Naruto..."

Said ninja groaned and slammed his head on his desk. The girls' whispers could now be heard in the background.

Iruka smiled teasingly at his students as he saw most of the girls on the edge of their seats. They held their breaths.

"Takamaru Akina."


Naruto stopped his head banging and sighed in slight relief. Being on Akina's team was okay, since she didn't treat him any different from others. Sasuke was his problem. He then growled and jumped onto his desk, pointing at his male team mate angrily.

"Hey Iruka-sensei! Why does a great ninja like me have to be on that teme's team?! Switch him out!"

Iruka sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Naruto. The teams were made to be balanced. You are the dead-last. Sasuke is the Rookie of the Year. Akina is there to balance you both out since she's in the middle.

Naruto looked like he was about to yell again.

"And besides, Hokage-sama himself decided these teams. If you have a problem, take it up with him."

He groaned and slumped in his desk. Sasuke smirked at his despair.

"Just don't slow me down...dobe."

Naruto shot him a death glare.

"Naruto. Sasuke."

Immediately she had their attention, whether they wanted to give it or not. Akina didn't speak that often, and when she did it was usually important.

"We are team mates, stop arguing."

Kouseki snickered behind her paw in the back of the class. Straight and to the point. Nice job, pup.

Both boys hmmphed and turned away from each other, leaving Akina to contemplate rubbing her temples to abate the coming head ache like Iruka was currently doing.

"Team 8!" Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, Aburame Shino."

Hinata frowned at not being put on Naruto's team. But at least she was with her childhood friends.

"Team 10. Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chouji, Yamanaka Ino."

The bell ran, signaling that it was time for lunch.

"Please get to know your team mates over lunch and go to your assigned classrooms after to meet your new sensei! Remember, I'm proud of you all!"

Naruto's stomach gurgled and he held it in pain. Akina tilted her head slightly. She took in his scent and smelled expired milk.

Kouseki was nearly in tears from laughter after the various scenes in the classroom. Akamaru sighed slightly and waited for his master to leave.

The genin that would in the future be called the Rookie Nine stayed back to keep out of the mob that was pushing its way out of the small doorway. Most were looking at Naruto in amusement or interest.


He looked up from his pain.

"Try not to drink expired milk from now on..."

Kiba burst into laughter, grinning. Chouji smiled slightly and nudged Shikamaru awake (he grumbled in protest) so that they could leave. Ino was still frozen in shock and anger at the team arrangements. She shook it off and trudged up in front of Akina, glaring. She pointed at her angrily.

"No-Eyes...why the hell do you get to be with Sasuke-kun? It should be me!" She clenched her hands into fists. Akina seemed to take no notice and calmly 'stared' back at her. The rest of their classmates looked on in interest or concern.

Ino snarled and cocked her fist back, throwing it at Akina's face. She stopped herself an inch from her nose, but Akina hadn't moved or reacted at all.

The blond smirked mockingly. "Heh...I knew it. The blind girl can't even sense a punch being thrown at her. Loser. Sasuke-kun will never fall for you. I'm sure of it."

Everyone else in the room frowned, Sasuke especially, since he was sitting right there and was being treated like some trophy to be won.

With that last statement, she left, but not without being growled at by Akamaru and Kouseki.

Shikamaru rolled his neck and sighed. "How troublesome..." he mumbled, "...We have to put up with that until we're chuunin...I'm gonna die."

Naruto brought the attention back to himself after he groaned in pain again. He got up hurriedly to go to the bathroom and would have fallen flat on his face after tripping if not for Akina grasping the back of his jacket to keep him balanced.

He smiled thankfully at Akina.

"Arigatou Akina-chan! That's twice!"

She shrugged lightly. "We're team mates now."

He grinned, nodded, and hurried towards the bathroom to relieve himself.

The rest of Teams 7, 8, and 10 started to leave, but not without casting Akina looks of earned respect or acknowledgment for not responding to Ino even if she could have.

((AN: Err...Ino is really a bitch at this time...she'll improve eventually, I promise!))


Akina exited with Kiba, Akamaru, and Kouseki towards the shade of a tree outside to eat lunch. Kiba talked animatedly as always about being a ninja and about the teams. He grinned at the thought of Akina's little performances in the class room and asked why she didn't try harder if she was able to do that stuff. She just shrugged.

"I didn't feel like it until now."

The bell rang after they finished eating, and they walked back together. Kouseki padded beside Akina, coming up to her shoulders. She looks big enough to be ridden by a small person like the Takamaru.

The two canine-users parted ways to meet up with their respective teams.

3 hours later, Sasuke, Naruto, Akina, and Kouseki were still waiting for their sensei. Naruto was getting extremely agitated, and was showing it by ranting.

"ARGH! That's it!"

He set a trap in the shouji door, grinning in anticipation. Sasuke frowned.

"Our sensei is a jounin. An elite ninja. There's no way that he'll fall for a simple trick like that."

Not a second later, a hand opened the door and a shower of chalk fell upon a silver head.

Hatake Kakashi had finally arrived.

His bored eye scanned the room.

He saw a hyperactive (and laughing) blond. The whisker marks marked him as the demon container.

A brooding ebony-haired boy. The Uchiha for sure.

And a black-haired girl that was blind folded with her headband siting next to a very large black wolf that looked to be laughing just as much as the blond.

"My first impression of you is..."

All four focused their attention on him.

"I hate you."


Out on the roof of the school, Team 7 gathered. Kakashi stood in front of the two 12 year olds and 11 year old.

They were in the following order: Sasuke, Naruto, Akina, Kouseki.

"All right. Let's introduce ourselves."

Naruto cocked his head. "Why don't you go first, sensei? We don't even know you!"

Kakashi smiled...or at least that's what they thought he was doing, seeing as his face was almost entirely covered.

"Okay. I'm Hatake Kakashi. I have a lot of likes and dislikes, but you don't need to know any of them. As for dreams for the future? I won't tell you, but...I do have a lot of hobbies."

Kouseki cocked her head to the side in amusement. This ningen smelled of nin-dogs and had an...interesting personality. Naruto grumbled about not learning anything except his name.

He pointed to Naruto. "You first, blondie."

Naruto shot him a glare before starting. "Well my name is Uzumaki Naruto, I love ramen. I love every type of ramen, beef ramen, shrimp ramen, fish ramen, and pork ramen. I hate the three-minutes you have to wait for ramen to cook. My dream in life is become the future Hokage and surpass all previous Hokage's so people will acknowledge me!"

Kakashi showed no reaction, but inside he was impressed at how he grew up. He looked at Sasuke. "The brooding one. You next."

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I don't like much, and I dislike a lot. My dream...no, more like my ambition...is to kill a certain man, and resurrect my clan."

Naruto and Kouseki both froze at these words, for different reasons.

Does he mean me? Naruto thought nervously.

I didn't expect him to become so dark this quickly... Kouseki sighed inwardly, not really looking forward to putting up with the boy.

Kakashi and Akina didn't expect anything else.

"And...the young lady."

"Takamaru Akina. Training and Kouseki (here, she gestured towards the wolf, who grinned, showing her inch-long fangs). People who judge without reason. None."

A sweat drop appeared on the back of Kakashi's head at the lack of response. Naruto and Sasuke were quite the opposite. They hadn't heard Akina talk so much at one time in months. It was amazing, but she actually talked less than Shino.

"Well, you're an interesting group..." Great. I'm stuck with a blind girl who might as well be a mute, too, a sadistic looking wolf that looks like she likes seeing others in pain, a brooding Uchiha that wants to kill his brother, and a ramen-loving, hyperactive blondie. Just...great...

"Meet me tomorrow at Training Area 7 at 7 am for our first mission."

Naruto jumped up and began frantically guessing what they were going to do. He was stopped by a raised hand from Kakashi. "This is a mission between the four of us...survival training."

Both boys snorted, thinking nothing of it. Kakashi just smiled again and started laughing like a maniac. Three pairs of eyes stared at him.

"What? Why are you laughing?" asked Naruto cautiously.

The jounin stopped laughing long enough to speak. "You're not gonna like it if I tell you..."

"What? What is it?"

"Out of the 27 graduates, only 9 will be accepted as genin. The graduation test was just to weed out the weak. This is the true test."

"66 percent fail rate," murmured the small girl. The boys stiffened.

"I suggest you don't eat anything tomorrow...or you'll throw up." With that, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. All three got up to leave. Sasuke was about to turn away when Akina spoke up again.

"Eat breakfast, you'll need the energy."

He paused, before walked off again. Naruto, Akina, and Kouseki walked together, since Akina was an orphan and lived in the same apartment building.

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