O.K., Guys, I usually never do this stuff, but I'm going to post something that I know I shouldn't. I wanted to put this one up. Why? I like it. It's a terrible Mary-Sue, so don't attack me, I'm owning up to it. And I DO NOT own Jack's son, Jess - he was created by my friend and her entire POTC saga is here http/ Anyway, don't be too harsh - this is not my usual writing. It is very relaxed and the language isn't always at it should be for the time period - I really just wrote this one for funsies. Oh, and nothing from Dead Man's Chest means anything to this fic - it was written quite some time ago - even before spoilers leaked.

Chapter 1
"The Arrival"

Jack Sparrow smiled as Port Royal came into view. He couldn't believe how much his life had changed since learning that he had a son. No wonder Giselle slapped me more than anyone else… It had been a year since Will saved Captain Jack Sparrow from the noose in front of all of Port Royal. A year of having his beloved Black Pearl back, a year of treasure, adventure…and getting to know his son.

An hour later, the pirate captain and his son docked a small boat, keeping the Pearl far from Norrington's view. They strolled along the pier, Jack more than eager to see "the eunuch" as he so loved so call Will.

"So, Dad," the younger Sparrow said, "ye knew 'is dad?"

Jack nodded. "Aye, a good man. S'pose that's why Will is the way he is."

"So, aside from seein' 'im, what else are we goin' t' do 'ere? Ye say tha' Norrington 'as it out for ye, so…"

"Makes things more interesting, lad," Jack said, smiling. "I saved his bloody arse. I don' think he'll be too bothered by my bein' here."

"Doesn' really answer my question, Dad. What else are we goin' t' do? Ye told the crew that we'd be a few days."

Jack's smile widened. "Think it's about time we found you a girl."

His son looked confused. "Dad, all I wanted t' do in Tortuga was find a girl, but ye said…"

Jack waved one of his ring-adorned fingers. "No son o' mine's goin' t' bed the first wench paid t'…"

"Hate t' tell ye this, Dad, but ye've been with plenty o'…"

Jack's finger made a second appearance. "Ah, ah. I clearly said 'no son o' mine' – I didn' say a bloody thing about meself." He stopped walking to look up at a sign. What was once Mr. Brown's smithy, now belonged, and was named for, Mr. William Turner. "We're here." Jack opened the wooden door before him and simply shouted, "Eunuch!"

Will Turner spun on his heel and a smile shined brightly from his ashen face. "Jack! My God, what are you doing here?"

"Came for a bit o' a visit. Wanted t' see how you and the…misses, I presume…were doin'."

"Elizabeth and I are wonderful. We were wed shortly after you left and," he paused, his smile only becoming more brilliant, "we're expecting."

Jack laughed. "Bringing more eunuchs into the world, eh?"

Will chuckled, but didn't comment. "Who's with you, Jack?"

The pirate smiled proudly. "S' been quite a year, Will. Turns out that I had a runt of me own, but his mum didn't want me to know. Thinks I'm a bad influence or something like that. This is Jess."

Will extended his hand. "Nice to meet you."

Jess cocked his head to the side for a moment. "Ye saved me Dad's life?"

Will shrugged. "In some versions of the story."

Jess smiled, finally extending his own hand. "S' nice t' meet ye too."

Will turned back to Jack. "So, you're really here to?"

"Visit, mate."

"No other reasons?"

"Well," Jack smiled, "I wanted my boy t' meet the famous eunuch that…"

Will shook his head. "All right, you're here to visit, I believe you. You and Jess are welcome to stay at my home."

"Very hospitable of you, Will…but how will Elizabeth feel about that?"

"You saved both of us Jack, I don't think she'll mind."