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"So," surmised General Hammond. "It was a successful mission."

"Yes, sir," quipped O'Neill. "Once old Thrymie was dead, the Yotuns were more than ready to believe that he wasn't a god. Daniel, of course, took great pains explaining their own history to them, and, thanks to Sif's rock, he had no problems communicating with them this time. They've decided to bury their stargate for the time being, and, though, they aren't interested in renewing a friendship with the Asgard, Sif has assured me that the moon with continue to be under their surveillance."

Hammond looked worried. "Do you think that any of the other Go'auld will suspect that the Asgard broke their agreement and interfered?"

The Colonel just shrugged his shoulders, so it was Daniel who answered. "I don't think so, General. After all, this isn't the first time that SG-1 has led a planet in a rebellion against a Go'auld. The only witnesses to Sif's involvement are in this room."

General Hammond turned to Doctor Frasier who was seated beside him at the briefing table. "And how is Major Carter?" Hammond's tone revealed his genuine concern.

"Considering the circumstances, she's doing remarkably well, General. Judging from the lacerations and bruises, it's safe to assume that she was severely tortured. Her body needs sleep to heal, so I've got her sedated at the moment.. She is recovering from the physical strain of her ordeal, though." Janet paused, reining in her emotions which had barely been under control from the moment she saw her friends injuries. Then, she added, "As to the emotional damage she's suffered, it's hard to say. You remember how using the hand device to kill Seth affected her?" The General nodded, and Janet continued, "But, Sam is one of the strongest women I know... I am going to recommend that she be cleared by the base psychologist, but, all things considered, I imagine that she'll be ready to go back to work in a week or two."

Hammond accepted this information calmly, internally relieved by the report--he had feared worse. "Very well. SG-1, you're on stand down until Major Carter is ready for active duty. Dismissed."

The men of SG-1 stood up and left the briefing room. Hammond didn't have to ask to know that they were headed towards the infirmary to sit with their teammate.


Daniel studied the serene look on Sam's face while she slept. He held one of her hands, and Jack held the other. Teal'c sat at the foot of the bed, observing the full picture that was his team.

Daniel shook his head, his mind still full of questions and speculations "It's amazing! She's amazing!" Jack and Teal'c both raised solitary eyebrows at him, so he continued, "Don't you find it incredible that Sam had the strength, after hours of torture, to use the Go'auld's hand device against it? I mean, what an insane plan! Who would have ever considered the possibility of using a hand device that someone else was wearing?"

Jack smiled at Daniel's comments. Crazy, brilliant–was there a difference? "That's our girl," he said, pride evident in his voice.

"Indeed." Teal'c added.

Daniel shook his head at his teammate's willingness to accept the situation without question. But, after regarding Sam again and reviewing all of the spectacular feats that she'd accomplished in his presence, he had to concede and simply echo his friends, "Indeed, that's our girl."

The End

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