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Return to Betwixt and Between

"We don't have a lot of time."


"But we also don't have any reason to worry."

"… With you around Sonic… there's never a reason to worry…"

"Thanks buddy… I'm cool like that after all."

"So what's the plan?"

"… Well…"

The core that floated in front of Super Sonic and Tails was fluctuating harder and faster then ever before. Electricity sparked and crackled around it. There was no stopping the giant red meteor looking crevice from eventually exploding in the middle of this vast, endless void.

But somehow, someway, Sonic and Tails were going to put a stop to it! It had to be done… otherwise all they've worked for would certainly be lost…

The core let out another loud burst of surging power. Down below the people of Station Square looked on at the scene through the opened portal with mild fear. They weren't sure how it was going to end. Was it really because of their actions that this was taking place?

Smokestack sat there on a crumbled rock thinking about how all these events transpired. His clan was coming to mind again. When didn't they throughout this whole adventure?

"We strived to bring peace to the planet as best we could… and even we couldn't go on without corruption within ourselves…" Smoke mumbled.

"You're not worried are you?" Rouge spoke up with a sly and unhindered look on her face. "That'd be a bit out of character for you wouldn't it?"

"… Not at all… it's human nature to be worried after all… it's the nature of all mortals actually… not just humans. Whether Zerokichi chose to believe it or not, in the end he was a mortal just like the rest of us… yet he let the darkness inside his heart consume his judgment and take over his place in this world…" Smoke stated.

"Really… I could've told you that." Rouge said silently.

"Yeah… defeating him shouldn't have been so quick… but it was only due to the fact that his weakness was so glaringly obvious that it couldn't have possibly ended any other way… now his power lives on inside that core…"

" … I don't think that's true… about this being his only possible end I mean. Anyone can always find there way back to the light after being so infused with darkness… and vise-versa. If Zerokichi had a deeper desire to turn to the light again… it might've saved him… just something to think about." Rouge explained as they both continued to watch the scene.

Sonic and Tails were now in the process of using their powers to contain the force that was bursting to break free. Whether it was successful or not was questionable… at least until the core's electricity struck both their hands.

"Argh! I-It's not working… T-Tails… how are you holding up!?" Sonic asked.

"I'm fine… I'm still fine…" Tails answered still a bit frazzled and in slight pain.

The power wouldn't stop trying to burst through however. The fluctuations just grew and grew. Eventually Sonic and Tails were struggling to use their own life energy to keep the core the way it was.

"I-It's not working… Zerokichi's will to make this thing burst is incredible!" Sonic said not giving up.

Tails didn't answer as he simply pushed on while thinking of how the situation was going and how it related to his own resolve.

'We've come so far… I'm so close to that wonderful life I wanted to live… soon… soon it'll be just Sonic, our friends, and me! I'll have a big brother to remind me that I'm not alone anymore!' Tails thought as he pushed on.

Their eyes were both clamped shut as the powerful electric vibes were starting to get to them. It was maddening! Were they really this helpless against his power?

"We beat him… we can beat this… I know it… come on Tails! We've got to use ALL out energy!" Sonic said as a small vein started to show itself on his head.

Tails had two veins penetrating his head by now.

"I… but I… if we draw too much we'll drain our life energy!" Tails shouts in retaliation.

The core is now a bright white color. It's about ready to burst!


"T-Tails… y-you're doubting your true power… no way this thing has more energy then us! Dig deeper! Find more! You can do it! Just let it all loose! GO WILD!" Sonic shouts back as he grunts trying to use his power to overcome the core.

His power began to flow around it completely. It was a little more then half of what he thought would be necessary. However, Tails was still holding back.

"S-Sonic… I-It hurts!" Tails said trying to draw out his power. He could barely get his vision to focus and his heart was beating a mile a minute. He had never expected to go from a worthless kid eating scraps off the street to super-powered fox trying to save the universe from an imploding energy core!

Tails was fatigued. He was scared. He was hurting so badly. He was under so much pressure. All of this was more then a kid his age would be able to handle. He felt himself beginning to pass out.

It felt like he was drifting away from the scene. All of the stuff that was happening was simply not there anymore. His current situation, his pain, his fear, and his brother… they weren't in his field of awareness anymore.

'I'm… drifting away… but I want… to stay by his side… I can't give up! NOT when we're so close!'

Tails started to force himself to come back to the scene. His power, which had started to diminish, had begun to grow again. Sonic looked on and smiled.

"You're truly a wonder Tails." Sonic smirked as the fox slowly came back to his senses.

Eventually they were both back in control of themselves and struggling harder to keep the core from bursting as best they could.

"Now then Tails… you ready to do this!" Sonic shouted pushing against it with all his might and then some.

"… Y-YEAH! BORN READY!!!" Tails shouted back sending a surge of all his power and more directly at the core.

The energy mass was but seconds from imploding when the full force of the brother's power took hold on it. The power was being forced back! It was working!

Simply 'working' wasn't enough however. It needed to 'WORK'!

"Just give it a bigger push! You can do it! I know you can!" Sonic said as they kept it up.

"N-No… WE can do it! We're going to win! I'm not gonna be beaten by a stupid core!" Tails said struggling to let his power engulf the huge mass.

The target in question acted as if it didn't know what to do with all the extra power. It flowed inward and out, back and forth, and eventually started to move all over the place.

"Good! GREAT! It's working!" Sonic said as they continued to push their power out.

The core sparked and pounded as the two continued. The energy of it started to minimize. It grew smaller and smaller until eventually…


"Almost… there…" Tails grinned and tried his hardest to keep it up. He was sweating and extraordinarily tired.

That's when a loud eruption of light jetted out at Sonic and Tails. The two were forced to squint their eyes at the outburst of power. It however was a wondrous site.

The power was being released in a deadly context however it wasn't harming anyone. The light within the core was shooting outward with a fierce motion yet the scene itself was beautiful.

The citizens of Station Square looked on with esteemed amazement. They all awed at the spectacle in unison as the light sparkled and was sent outward across the sky. The lights flew across the night sky as if they were shooting stars.

Eggman looked on in

with his robots and half-robotic messenger boy.

"WOW!" Bokkun said raising his hands up at the scene.

"It is beautiful!" Decoe said.

"It is simply glorious!" Bocoe said back.

Eggman continued to stare at it and recalled a silent memory of him as a 3-year-old watching the night sky with his late older cousin. He recalled how they acted like siblings towards each other and how they had always wanted to see shooting stars together… from the planet below…

"… I guess… I've found something I can actually sympathize with the hedgehog now… heheheh… an older sibling is it… well… you never know what surprises you might see if you live long enough eh?" Eggman mumbled to himself.

"Huh? You say something doctor?" Bokkun asked.

Eggman shook his head.

"Nope… it's nothing… just thinking about my future plans to eventually kill Sonic… AND his note-worthy little brother… Eheheheheheh!" Eggman stated.

Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun all smiled and laughed with him.


Sonic and Tails had done it. The core was nothing but a mass of harmless light now. The two brothers fell out of the void completely exhausted. Having done so caused the void to close up behind them.

Sonic and Tails fell towards the city below feeling almost nothing as they decended. Of course they weren't the ones to go out so easily.

Espio caught Tails and Sonic was caught by Vector.

Told you the fall was nothing.

"You guys are simply amazing." Vector said.

"Cool! My own ninja skills couldn't top the miracle you guys pulled off." Espio said.

Charmy and Shimon danced around with a cheer. Eventually the entire city followed their lead and cheered as well.

Cries of "You're my heroes!", "Yay Sonic!", "Tails is so Kawaii!" , and other forms of praise were blurted out.

In the confusion however, Eggman and his lackeys were able to fly off. Another day, another scheme after all.

The two exhausted heroes simply turned to each other in the Chaotix's hands and grinned. Sonic winked and gave Tails his signature thumbs up and Tails did so back.

It was indeed a miraculous success and for the first time in his life, Tails was a hero.


1 month later

Corolla Isle (Previously known as Magma Mill)

The inhabitants of the previously ruled area known as Magma Mill to the now deceased Eggman commander Combustion Fire were now making great progress in bringing their once horribly intense and deadly area back to the way it once was.

The area was given back its original name: Corolla Isle. The citizens of the area were all doing great as well, more noticeably, Citrus the Ferret and Scorch the Raccoon.

"Hey Scorch! Check this out!" Citrus shouted from the news-stand where him and Scorch were rebuilding the area.

"Hmm… what is it?" Scorch said a bit annoyed by being interrupted while he was working. The raccoon stretched a bit before approaching Citrus to see what all the fuss was about.

"This newspaper! Look who's on the front!" Citrus said holding it up. Scorch scoffed a bit as he didn't understand why he couldn't just be told but then forgot it when he realized who they were.

"… Heh… Sonic and Tails… those guys…" Scorch mumbled looking at the black and white picture of a parade in Station Square being held for the two heroes.

"I guess whatever mission they wanted to accomplish… they did it." Citrus smiled. Scorch did as well even though he had his standards when it came to heartwarming moments.

"Yeah… those two were too incredible not to have reached whatever goal they wanted… and it's thanks to them that Combustion is gone. We owe a lot to them." Scorch said.

Citrus laughed and grinned at Scorch.

"Yeah! When they decide to visit again we'll sell them you! Since they're going to be celebrities they might as well have a maid." Citrus laughed. Scorch got an anime vein to pop out on his head.

"Here!" Scorch slammed the newspaper into Citrus' face with little warning. The ferret fell over in slight surprise. "Take it and do your little hero worship dance somewhere else! I'm busy!" Scorch yelled as he trotted off.

Citrus took the paper off his face and simply sighed with a hint of glee in his expression.

"Thanks Sonic… and you too Tails." He said silently before getting up and following the annoyed raccoon.

Green Hill

Princess Patella sat out back with her head bowed to the gravesite of her companion Strobe Lightning.

She was still trying to get over his death but soon released it wasn't something that you should have to get over. It's something you'll have to face head on and hope for the best in the future.

Strobe's legacy lived on in the village despite how many people were killed on that faithful day. Nobody blamed Strobe. It was Eggman who was pulling the strings no matter how the sliced it.

She sat there and prayed and before long little Shimon came out of the home they shared together and greeted her with glee.

"Good morning Miss. Patella… Are you praying for Strobe again?" The boy asked with obvious curiosity.

Patella simply nodded and watched as the boy hurried over and sat beside the princess.

"Well then I'll do it too this time. I may not have met him but if he's a friend of yours and Sonic's then he's a friend of mine too." Shimon smiled as he and the princess continued.

Patella couldn't help but feel glad. She had offered Shimon a place to stay after Hang Nail had killed his parents. It was the least she could do after all.

They both sat there together and happily prayed for what had passed and what was to come in the future.

Christmas Island

"YEEEHAAAW!" The inhabitants of Christmas Island all shouted with excitement and merriment as the news of Sonic and Tails' triumph quickly spread around the planet.

"Can you believe that kid of yours?" Antiguan laughed as he spoke with Sonic's father and shared a drink.

"Yeah, I never would've guessed… my little Sonic." Sonic's dad started to reminisce about when Sonic was about Tails' age. He sighed a bit before Antiguan broke his train of thought.

"Yeah really! The little tike and the littler tike are celebrities now! I'm a little jealous!" Antiguan laughed with his hotel mates as they all shared drinks and partied hard.

Elsewhere, in the same party area, Yaupon was with Sonic's mom making everyone decorative party hats.

"This is exciting! I can't believe Sonic and Tails actually did it." Little Yaupon having died and come back to life due to Tails' Kitsune powers was feeling happier then ever. Karst Ice had killed his father, Todd Banks, after he betrayed the inhabitants of the island.

Yaupon didn't know whether or not it was a bad thing that he didn't miss his old father. He chose not to dwell on it however and kept making the hats for everyone.

He looked around and noticed how happy everyone looked and all the destructive party elements that were taking place. It was clearly a sight to behold. He had never seen so many people so happy before.

"I'm glad I could be apart of this…" Yaupon mumbled.

"We're glad you could too. It'd be a shame if you had to miss out due to problems at home." Sonic's mom smiled.

"… Yeah… you must be pretty proud to have a son like that." Yaupon said.

"What are you talking about? I've got two sons to be proud of now."

Big's hut

Big the Cat's life went back to the way it was quickly. He returned to his hut and continued to live his easy yet happy life with his little buddy, Froggy.

As of now him and Froggy were fishing and sleeping at the same time. The fish didn't seem to be around today for some reason but then again that's usually the case most of the time. It didn't bother him.

His G.U.N badge and communicator remained in his hut not forgotten but most likely not to be used often at all as well.

All he needed was his little friend, his fishing pole, and lazy days in the sun. That was all.

G.U.N Headquarters in Frog Forest

Smokestack was at peace.

His definition of peace was finally reinstated. Not only was he given a heavy promotion but he was given his own new fleet of men and the job of the idiot Admiral who sent the Assassination Group 7 out into Coordinates 000 and got them all killed.

His shinny new boots rested on top of his equally new and waxed desk. Not only was he at peace within G.U.N, he was at peace with himself.

His clan, the one that fought to protect the peace and never yield to corruption, lived on inside him. And it would continue to do so as long as Smokestack had the means to make sure of it. Before he could ponder any longer a soldier made his way inside.

"Sir!" He said giving a salute.

"Is something wrong?" Smokestack asked slowly taking his boots off the desk.

"Oh no sir. The party just got started! They're waiting for the guest of honor to show up!" The soldier chuckled.

Smokestack couldn't help himself and started to laugh.

"Really? Me? Guest of honor? Never thought I'd see the day… Fine then. I'll be there." Smoke motioned prompting the soldier to turn around and leave.

He sat there quietly for about 2 seconds before speaking up again.

"Okay Rouge… come out." He said a bit slyly.

Without a hitch the white bat in question fell from the ceiling and landed on Smokestack's desk. In her hands was a bouquet of flowers and a white box.

"Hi." She spoke.

"What do you want?"

"Oh! Someone's cheery today! Usually when you speak I always hear that loud sound of seriousness penetrating the air!" Rouge laughed.

"Do you want that back? Cause I can make it happen."

"Eheheh… no… thank you… I've come to drop a few things off before I get back to my thieving."


Rouge handed Smoke the flowers and put the white box on his desk. She then put two fingers on top of it and opened the small thing up revealing a beautiful white diamond.

"Tada! Isn't it gorgeous! It even matches your smoke." She said a bit jokingly.

Smoke sat back and chuckled.

"Thanks… If we ever meet again…"

"Yeah, yeah I know. Live long and prosper. Yada yada yada. That old jazz. I'll see you again somewhere in the tabloids. I've got a nice targeted area I want to get my charming butt down too. See ya!"

With that Rouge jumped up and out of the room off to do what it is she did best.

Smokestack looked up and then back down at the diamond.

"Hmm… let me guess… stolen?" He mumbled before putting it in his desk and heading off to the party with his high ranked head held high.

It was defidently a new era for him and his clan.

Chaotix Detective Agency

"Now THIS is the life!" Vector shouted lying back in his chair and wheezing out a sigh of relief.

Espio came into the agency and sighed. He looked over and saw Charmy sitting on the couch in his light blue-footed pjs and Vector lounging in a chair.

"What's wrong with the scenery here? We left for quite a while guys. Don't we have an overabundance of bills to look into?" Espio asked.

Charmy grinned and shouted.

"Cash day! Cash time! Yay!"

Espio was confused. Vector, however, not skipping out on a chance to flaunt his cash stood up and made his way over to Espio. The chameleon immediately felt uncomfortable as Vector promptly got all up in his face.

"WE HAVE MONEY!!!" He shouted making Espio jump.

"YIPPIEEE!" Charmy yelled in his childish manner.

"Wh-what?" Espio was a bit confused.

"We got a HUGE loan from the Government for helping Sonic out at Coordinates 000. Added to what we got from taking down the Mortal Slicer we now have more then enough extra money to last us months of not worrying about the rent! Maybe even a year or two!"

Espio was a bit in shock.

"So… what does this mean? What do we do with all the money?" Espio asked a bit anxious.

Vector lifted Charmy onto his shoulders and chuckled.

"We do whatever! We're going on vacation boys!" Vector smiled and Charmy cheered.

"Haha! Sounds great! Don't forget to pack the bee's pull-ups!" Espio said turning around.

Little Charmy blushed.

"Espo's just jealwus dat he can't wear pull-ups!" Charmy said. Vector laughed.

"Believe me kid. I'm not jealous of something like that." Espio remarked a bit taken a back.

"You know, we can make Espio not be jealous anymore by granting his wish." Vector said looking up at Charmy who sat snuggly over the crocodile's shoulders.

"Yeah! Espo wear a pull-up!" Charmy shouted. Espio's sweat dropped.

"H-Hey! What are you talking about!?" The chameleon backed up.

"Get over here you baby chameleon!" Vector and Charmy laughed as they advanced.

"Damnit! Everyday with this nonsense!" Espio immediately turned and ran out the agency with Vector and Charmy following close behind in pure happiness.

Angel Island

Knuckles was back where he belonged. His huge Master Emerald was back where it belonged and he was returned to peace once more.

Why he did all that for Sonic and Tails, he'll never know but then again he doesn't care. He did more good then bad after all.

"Now all I need to do is figure out a way to get cable installed up here…" He murmured.

Eggman's lab

"Doctor! Guess what! Sonic and Tails are being thrown another party next week! Can we crash this one! PLEASE!" Bokkun yelled as he Bocoe and Decoe barged in on the doctor hard at work on another one of his inventions.

"I would love nothing more then to do so guys but lately my schematics and schemes haven't been panned out as best as I would like them to be! It's simply maddening!" Eggman shouted in slight frustration.

"… We could play UNO." Bocoe suggested.

"It might help clear your mind." Decoe stated.

"… Naw… I think I'll just take a nap…" Eggman smirked.

The robots were confused a bit by his choice. Didn't he want to work nonstop to find a way to deal with Sonic?

"But doctor…" Bokkun began.

"It's final guys. Metal Sonic is gone. My commanders are destroyed. Even Hang Nail is dead now. They all got that way by hasty thinking. I need to rest. Plain and simple." Eggman explained as he yawned and stretched his way to bed.

Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun stared at each other for a second before shrugging and chuckling to themselves.

"He's finally learning how to be a better villain." Bocoe said happily.

"I'm so proud of him." Decoe remarked.

"We'd better still stay on our toes though. Who knows how long this good characterization will last." Warned Bokkun.

"SHUT UP OUT THERE! I'M TRYING TO REST!!!" Eggman yelled prompting the three lackeys to jump.

They stood in silence before giggling to themselves. It was a new start for the Eggman Empire. That was certain.

Amy's house

"Thanks for your help Bartleby." Amy said to her former fiancée as the set-up for her new house had finally been completed.

"My pleasure to help Amy. It's lucky that you were born a rich girl or else getting this house set up would've been a bigger hassle then it was." He said while wiping his forehead.

"Yeah, I'm glad the end result was so glorious though." Amy remarked getting ready to head inside the new house.

"I'm deeply sorry about your parents…"

"Hey. Forget about it. I miss them but I need to focus on the positives in this time of peace…"

"Yeah… that would be most wise… I must ask you though. We choose to relocate here?" Bartleby asked.

"Why?" Amy chuckled. "It's the only area in the fields that's the closest to the Mystic Ruins that's why. Sonic and his little brother Tails are living there you know." Amy smiled.

Bartleby quickly understood and asked nothing more of it.

"Well best of luck Amy. I shall see you again soon!" Bartleby bowed to her in which Amy curtsied back.

They waved goodbye and went their separate ways.

Amy stood in front of her new house with the sign saying "The Home of Amy Rose" in front of the lawn and the air nice and brisk. She took in a deep breath and headed on inside ready to begin her new life.

It was going to be a life that Sonic would undoubtedly play a huge role in.

Mystic Ruins- Sonic's house

Tails stood there in front of the mirror in his bedroom blushing and scanning over his appearance.

"Sonic… why do I have to wear these? These are for little kids like Charmy." Tails whined as he tugged at the pull-up around his waist.

Sonic laughed a bit.

"Tails, I told you that you don't have to wear them all the time. It's just at night." Sonic smirked while giving his embarrassed little bro a noogie.

"Hahaha! Stop it! I still don't get why!" Tails struggled. Sonic stopped and chuckled somemore.

"It's because of your bedwetting problem buddy. Living alone on that awful island barely even got you potty trained. It's going to be tough getting you up to speed with all the other four year olds. Why I bet you've never been to an amusement park yet." Sonic sighed.

Tails looked a bit confused.

"What's an amusement park?"

"… Thought so." Sonic shook his head and laughed somemore. His life was going to be a lot different now that he had a little brother to look after. It was going to be a tough job but with a little hard work and elbow grease it'll turn out great for sure.

Tails and Sonic yawned and stretched, as they got ready for bed.

"Well then, I'll see ya in the morning." Sonic said turning on Tails' night-light and getting ready to leave. "Tomorrow we're going to the biggest amusement park my awesomeness was awesome enough to locate. In other words, we'll be going to the best one." The hedgehog laughed.

Tails chuckled and gave his brother a thumbs up.

Sonic gave one back and turned to leave.

A split second later however, Tails called Sonic back into the room.

"Wait! Sonic!" The fox shouted. Sonic ran back into the room a bit worried.

"What? What happened?"

He saw Tails sitting on the bed in his pull-up blushing a bit.

"I uh… kinda want you to… I'm mean we've been away from the house for so long I thought that… the first night back we could…"

"Sleep together?"


Sonic sighed. The needs of a four-year-old were a harsh mistress. Oh well.

"Sure. I'm down with that…"

"Thanks…" Tails mumbled still a bit cross about something. Sonic quickly noticed and almost felt a bit frustrated. Not at Tails but at the fact that he wasn't fulfilling his promise to keep the fox happy.

Sonic came over and sat on the bed.

"What's the matter buddy? You can tell me all you need to." Sonic said in a comforting voice.

Tails fiddled with his fingers until he realized he was taking a while to answer.

"M-my parents… I…"

"… Yeah."

"I wonder… if they're proud of me."

"Heh Heh. Well why wouldn't they be proud? You've done so many amazing things for such a young kid."

"I know but… all those people I killed-"

Sonic stopped him there.

"That wasn't your fault. It was Zerokichi's silent manipulation… Station Square forgives you Tails. I forgive you Tails. Why can't you forgive yourself?" Sonic asked a bit concerned.

"I guess… I feel a bit like I didn't deserve all that praise I got… maybe I am overreacting though. After all, I've made so many new friends! I don't think I'm worthless anymore! I'm a member of your childhood club! Your parents accept me as their son! I've got everything now except…" Tails stopped and looked down.

"Except what?" Sonic asked feeling a bit suspenseful.

"Except…reassurance." Tails mumbled.


"How will I know that all of this will stay the way it is in the future? How do I know this won't all end when I'm grown up! It's scary Sonic…" Tails said almost ready to tear up.

The hedgehog sat there for a moment before smiling and bringing his little bro in close.

"Come on little guy. Don't be like that. I always look forward to the future because I know that whatever is out there waiting for is worth getting to." Sonic said.

"How do you know?" Tails looked up.

"I don't know for sure… it's just this feeling I get. I'm like the wind buddy. I go wherever it takes me…Just follow the path you want to take in life and you'll eventually reach a future worth reaching. That's the best I've got for you little dude." Sonic said in a comforting voice.

Tails smiled and nodded.

"I get it… is that really it?"

"I'd tell you more but I seemed to have misplaced my crystal ball." The blue hedgehog laughed in response. Tails laughed as well.

"Okay. I understand."

"Anything else before we drift off to dreamland?" Sonic asked.

Tails thought for a second.

"Well… this pull-up feels really weird wearing for the first time and I was wondering…"

"You're not getting out of that thing buddy so don't even try." Sonic remarked.

"Oh no. I don't want to get out of it. I want to feel more comfortable in it." Tails said while grinning a bit evilly at Sonic. The grin scared the hedgehog a bit.

"A-And how would I go about making you feel better wearing it?" Sonic asked almost afraid of the answer.

Tails reached into the package and pulled out another pull-up and waved it in front of Sonic's face. It took a while for the hedgehog to catch on.

"Y-You want ME too-"

"YUP! It's so I won't feel alone while wearing it. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!" Tails begged which prompted Sonic to blush. He rarely ever did that.

"Eh… okay… I guess since we're the only ones who'll know about it… I'll… I'll wear the stupid pull-up." Sonic hesitated.

"Haha! Hurray!" Tails said hugging his older brother. Sonic sighed and hugged him back.

After Sonic had put the thing on the two got into bed and sighed in unison at how comfy they both felt.

"Hehehehe. You're wearing a pull-up." Tails laughed.

"So are you squirt!" Sonic said in defense.

"Yeah whatever…" Tails said staring up at the ceiling.

"… I won't lie to you buddy… as brothers we're going to face a lot of obstacles. Sometimes there will be disagreements. Other times I'll have to punish you if you do something wrong. And other times we might get into fights and disagreements about the littlest things…" Sonic spoke.

"Really? Are you saying we're going to hate each other?" Tails asked confused.

Sonic laughed.

"No. We're just going to go through what all brothers do. No matter how good we get along there will be times where we will disagree with each other." Sonic said.

"Oh… I get it…" Tails murmured a bit sleepily.

"Yeah. But no matter what, I want you to always remember that no matter how often we may fight or disagree… we'll always be brothers and I'll always love you like one." Sonic chuckled.

"Thanks Sonic… I'll always love you like a brother too…" Tails yawned about ready to catch a few Z's.

"Heh Heh. It's okay buddy… you can sleep now. You're gonna need it for what's coming tomorrow." Sonic said patting the little fox on his fuzzy little head.

Tails nodded before he drifted off into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Sonic stayed awake for a short while longer thinking about how his life changed so quickly. It had been a long time coming and in the end he now has a little brother to look after.

It'll be a bumpy ride but Sonic's handled worse after all.

With his hope for what was to come in the future still high he lay down on his pillow and went to sleep next to his all ready sleeping little brother; Tails the fox.

*Cries* Well everyone, that's it. The final chapter of Homeless Two Tail after such a long time. I'd like to thank every last one of you who supported this story through to its completion. I hope the ending was to your liking! Look forward to more stories by me if I ever get the chance to write them. Hopefully I will. Goodbye everyone and I hope to hear from you all again soon.