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It still feels weird not having nightmares.

Ever since Catherine started to hold me in her arms while I sleep, the nightmares have stopped.

We're only good friends, but her touch is still comforting. Admittedly, it would be a million times better if she touched me as a lover, but still.

I like waking up not thinking about my parents or my brother. I really like waking up in her arms.

I don't think Lindsey understands our relationship- she keeps on asking why I don't take her mother out on dates more often. I tried to explain that we're just friends, but she doesn't believe me.

I hope she doesn't ask her mother the same questions- her reasoning for questioning me is that I "Stare at mom all the time." Not something I really want Catherine to know.

This all started a few months ago, when she asked me again what my problem with abuse cases was. I told her it was personal.

"Yeah, Sara, that's sort of obvious."

We were in the locker room when she asked. I slammed my locker shut, walked out of the lab, and drove home.

An hour later I was just getting good and drunk when my doorbell rang.

Lo and behold, there was Catherine. She looked exasperated. I'd never seen her exasperated for more than a few seconds before- usually it dissolves into anger in a heartbeat. At least, it does when she's around me.

The look works for her.

I ended up telling her everything. The abuse, my brother abandoning me, and my mother killing my father.

And she stayed. After I told her about my wonderful life, she stayed, and held me in her arms while I slept.

That first night, I didn't understand what was going on. I woke up feeling… comfortable. That had never happened before. Usually I woke up because of my own screams or tears.

After that, she offered to hold me while I slept every night. Her offer probably had something to do with my stunned expression when I realized I hadn't had a single nightmare.

I'm sitting here now in her kitchen, and all I can think about is that Lindsey's right. I do stare at Catherine all of the time.

She looks over at me and raises an eyebrow. "What?"

I feel myself smile and walk over to her. I wrap my arms around her and hug her to my chest. "Nothing." It's nice that we're close enough to exchange hugs.

She pulls away slightly and smirks. "Right. So… you spent the last five minutes staring at me for no reason?"


I really have no idea what to say. Everything I can think of would probably get me in even more trouble.

My mouth doesn't seem to care.

"No, I was staring at you because you're beautiful."

Her eyes widen, and her jaw drops for a second before curving back into a smirk. I think my expression is pretty much the same- minus the smooth smirk recovery.

Then her mouth is on mine, and the last thing I care about is facial expressions.

I love sleeping in her arms. The fact that the nightmares have gone away is just an added bonus.